Taggies Cozy Cart Cover, Neutral

Taggies Cozy Cart Cover, Neutral

The comfort and harmony by Bright Starts Deluxe C ounce y Cart Cover creates a supremely c ounce y environment for baby while providing 360 degree of germ protection. The plush fabric is generously sized to ensure baby stays protected with full coverage of virtually all shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. The beautiful styling is sure to make a fashion statement while enjoying a day about town.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Satin tags for baby to touch and explore
  • On the go toy loops for baby’s favorite toys and essentials
  • Patented front snap buckle and t strap provides safety and comfort for baby

Verified reviews


Ridiculously Bulky

Adorably cute cover, however, it is ridiculously bulky. Love Taggies products, but this thing is SO bulky it wouldn’t even fit in the compartment under my City Mini stroller. While my son loved touching the taggies, I had to return it because it was just gigantic. I ended up getting the JJ Cole cover and am very pleased with it. It was only $25 (as opposed to $40 for the Taggies) and is compact and easy to use. Too bad on this product.

Aimee Nelson, NE

My 9 month old daughter loves it

I decided to go with this model after I saw all of the tags that stick out as my daughter (9 months old) loves tags! It fits well in all shopping carts, even the bigger Target carts. My only complaint is that I have to hold it in place over the handle to the cart, otherwise she pulls it off exposing the handle for her to chew on, yuck! Maybe tighter elastic around that part would help but its not that much of an inconvience.

Lynn Kilkenny, MN

My daughter loves the colors!

My daughter enjoys the colors and taggies on this cart cover. She is easily able to pull the corners up from the cart if not correctly distracted with a toy. Would recommend this product.

Cora Wells, VT

TAGgie, you’re it!

My daughter’s first reactions to everything is to put her mouth on it. This makes grocery carts and restaurant high chairs (both of which we know are never actually cleaned) a frightening collection of germs. As soon as she was old enough to sit up in a cart/restaurant high chair, we knew we had to get a cart cover. We decided on the Taggies cover. She plays with the tags a little, but the big benefit is that they give us something to hook the toys and pacifier clip to when we are out shopping.This cart cover is very plush. This is good in term of comfort, but not so good if you are looking for something that can be folded and made easily portable. I don’t carry this is my diaper bag; I leave it in the car so portability isn’t really a problem for me. It has held up well in the washing machine and we are overall very happy with it.

Sheri Peebles, OH

Cute bright colors

I like this and the price is right, but it seems to be the wrong size for the store carts we run into. My baby is still tiny, so I’m reserving judgement. I like the reusable bag it comes in. I store it in that, it’s high quality and has a zipper.

Meagan Blacksburg, VA

Love the cart/high chair cover!!

I love that it is soft, beautiful, and would be for both gender. Love that I can use it on shopping carts and in restaurants high chairs as they are most of the time dirty and greasy. Practical and lightweight to take with you. Machine washable. Love Taggies products in general. My daughter has fun playing with the taggies.

Aileen Atwood, KS

Great for carts or high chairs in restaurants

This works good for both carts and high chairs. It’s very soft and cushioned. One of my boys likes the little tags to play with or you can use the tags to attach other items. I find it easy to quickly roll up and shove back into the plastic carry case. The case has a nice handle making it easy to bring with.

Cleo Chepachet, RI

Great for shopping carts, easy for moms!!!

This product is wonderful, easy to put on high chairs and shopping carts! My 7 month old son is perfectly content when I bring him grocery shopping, that makes my life so much easier! I found that it fits on all shopping carts that I have tried so far! It’s cushioned just right, not too much but not too little. The decorative ribbons is a great idea it keeps the baby entertained. As a new mother I would recommend this product it’s just so much easier to keep your baby happy while u shop!!!

Candy Rosedale, WV


As most I looked, searched and reviewed the reviews, and after deciding between this and one other, I am glad I picked this. It does the job you need. It is cushy enough to protect and covers what it needs to. I have used it in carts and restaurant high chairs. I found it covered the cart for Sams club where some have said it doesn’t. It does. Now, do you have 6 inches of material left? No. But you still can cover the seat and have enough to curve around and hold. And my son enjoys it as he gets to look around instead of being stuck in the car seat. I would buy again.

Hannah Piermont, NY

Best cart cover

This cart cover is super soft and large. It covers all the grimy areas of a shopping cart as well as a high chair. My baby loves the tags and the colors are eye catching. I feel this cover is not too large. You can easily fold it back into the zippered pouch it came in. Very easy to clean too.

Connie Mc Bain, MI

Overall a good buy

Pros: Safe, comfortable and playful for baby. Probably more hygienic, easy to put on, remove, and fold away. Carrying case is useful.Cons: bulky, awkward to use in the rain (still haven’t figured out how to do shopping with a baby, and keep the baby dry!).Conclusion: Overall I would recommend this. We even brought it overseas on vacation, and I was very glad to have it in the airports especially.

Lindsey Liverpool, NY

Taggies Cozy Cart Cover Neutral

High quality, very colorful and my son loves the feel of it. Has a lot of tabs to connects toy to so that he can keep busy when we are shopping.

Jeanne Averill, VT

Best cart cover I’ve found.

This still isn’t perfect but we’re tried a couple, and this is the winner so far. I bought the neutral because it was on sale, and it’s just fine for my daughter, but if our next happens to be a boy, it would suit equally well. It’s bright and cheerful. She’s almost 1 and has no interest in the little taggie things and hasn’t since about six months; so be aware that they really won’t entertain an older, smarter baby. She’s pretty much outgrown all the little carseat type toys, so the loops really aren’t even that great for attaching toys, though if she’s hanging onto a stuffed animal or something, I’ll clip it to the loops if possible (we keep these on hand all the time!Baby Buddy Secure A Toy Straps Yellowto at least prevent it from ending up on the floor. This easily covers the whole basket of all the grocery carts we’ve encountered and a BIG plus is that it has the harness built in, rather than using the cart belt, because that cart buckle is always filthy. It’s a bit big for the standard wooden highchairs, but no big deal, it just dangles over the sides a good bit, which is actually probably a good thing, because it keeps her from reaching down and touching the sides.The biggest con is that it’s really really bulky and doesn’t come with any sort of carry case. There’s definitely no way to leave this in the diaper bag (heck, or even just put it in the diaper bag). It’s a bit of a pain to get the cover situated in the basket, but that’s just the downside of all cart covers; this isn’t any worse than any of the others in that respect.

Milagros Clovis, CA

Cute & comfy but hard to stay on

Got this because of the price and good reviews. The color is nice. It fits the larger costco shopping cart but I’m not sure if it’s the fit or my little one being too active, the cover constantly slide off on the edges.

Charity Arlington, NE

Baby Approved!

I am so glad I picked this cart cover. It fits every cart I’ve put it on (including Target) and keeps baby safe and entertained. My daughter is 6 months old and sits so nice in a high chair in restaurants now because she plays with all the tags. I highly recommend! It’s bright, cute design and super soft. It’s so SIMPLE to put on a cart or high chair, literally one snap onto the cart/high chair and then just snap your kid in the safety seat attached to the cover.I no longer feel like my daughter is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode crying while shopping, she is so content in this thing! I love it!

Reyna Udall, KS

Love this!!!!!!!!!!

I started using this when my daughter was 5.5 months old. I have the pink one. She is not quite sitting up on her own so I was nervous the first time I used it. The straps and everything are PERFECT. It secures very good onto the cart, very easy to do, and you thread the shopping cart straps for extra support too. The first time we used it, I had to put a roll of paper towels on each side of her because she wanted to lean over alittle bit. The next time I took her, which was one week later, she is now sitting up in cart like a big girl. It is so soft and lots of little taggies. I hook all kinds of toys to it and she LOVES going shopping now. This is a great buy! I am so happy I bought this one. This cover is great for smaller babies before they can sit up completely on their own. I can fit it into ANY shopping cart so far. I have not tried it in the high chair yet though. Buy this, you will not regret it!

Caroline Peel, AR