Taggies Cozy Cart Cover, Pink

Taggies Cozy Cart Cover, Pink

The comfort and harmony by Bright Starts Deluxe Cozy Cart Cover creates a supremely cozy environment for baby while providing 360 degree of germ protection. The plush fabric is generously sized to ensure baby stays protected with full coverage of virtually all shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. The beautiful styling is sure to make a fashion statement while enjoying a day about town.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Satin tags for baby to touch and explore
  • On-the-go toy loops for baby’s favorite toys and essentials
  • Patented front snap buckle and t-strap provides safety and comfort for baby

Verified reviews



Works well, but it doesn’t really fit will on the Target trolleys. I had difficulty with my daughter since she couldn’t leave the thing on…anyways

Krystal Vantage, WA

Soft and easy to use.

Washes great. I did hang to dry. Fabric is comfortable, soft, cute, and fits great in the restaurant high chairs and store shopping carts.

Jennie Old Mystic, CT

Very cute!

I love this seat cover! It is padded so it keeps my daughter comfortable as we shop. I love that I can hook toys to the tags so I don’t have to worry about her dropping toys all over the store. And to top it all off, it’s adorable!

Michele Athol, NY

Super cute and very entertaining

I checked out a lot of cart covers before purchasing this one. I am glad I chose this cart cover it is super cute, soft and very entertaining for my little one. I would recommend this cover to anyone looking for a great cart cover!!

Vera Obion, TN

Soft and Plush Cover that Fits Small and Oversized (Target and Costco) Carts

We love our Taggies cosy seat cover. It’s well made and sturdy. Goes through the wash and still looks new. Baby loves the softness and plushness of the minky material. She is just starting to play with the little sewn on tags as well. I also really like the material because it’s doesn’t slip and slide out of place or bunch up.We have used it at Target, on the big red plastic carts, and this fits perfectly. Like it was made for thos carts. Also used at Costo in the jumbo metal carts. It doesn’t fit quite as perfectly but it fits well without tugging or stretching. My baby’s skin never touches the carts. We’ve also used it in various restaurant wooden high chairs and these scrunch and fit in them perfectly. Excess material just folds over the top for more coverage. There are straps and latches to secure the seat cover to the cart/chair, which I don’t use because it is too much trouble and because I never leave my shild unattended. It also has straps to strap your child in. Works perfectly and fits everything I’ve used it on.The cover itself is quit big because it’s large and plush. So doesn’t fit into the diaper bag very well. It does fit in there, but then I have very little space for everything else. I kept the bag it came with which is zippered and has a handle and I use that to store and carry the cover around. It’s been working fabulously for my family. We love this (including baby). I’m very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend.

Rhonda Clover, SC

So cute & easy to use

I never used these with my other 4 kids because they were such a pain. This one is brilliant! It is s easy to use,mi can do it with one hand while. Hold the baby. I fits almost all shopping carts (except the whoppers like Costco, but you can still use it). It washes really well too. I like that I can use it in restaurant high hairs too. Great product!

Cynthia Adona, AR

Soft and comfy.

This is like a throne for my daughter, it fits on all shopping carts we have tried and the high chairs in most restaurants. Protects against germs and she loves to play with the taggies. Highly recommended.

Lorraine Bowie, TX


great and roomy for all carts which are NOT created equal.just plop the baby in and you are ready to go. Once my child was able to sit up on her own it was great to have her see a sitting view rather then the usual car seat view which tends to lean much further back In the carts

Bettye Challis, ID