Taggies Go with Me Friends Caterpillar Carrier Toybar

Taggies Go with Me Friends Caterpillar Carrier Toybar

Your little one will have entertainment for hours with our Go With Me Friends. The plush activity spiral features hanging toys and satin tags to soothe and entertain baby. The unique spiral design allows for easy attachment to most carriers, strollers, or play gyms. The perfect portable pal.

Main features

  • 15 satin tags for baby to explore, 3 hanging plush toys featuring a squeaker, rattle and crinkle
  • Deluxe plush fabrics
  • Attaches easily to most carriers, strollers or play gyms

Verified reviews



I bought two of these so each grand-baby would have one on his car seat. The babies play with them the moment they spy them. My mistake has nothing to do with this toy, but rather with the car seats. The bar that this toy curls around must be left in an upright position when locked into the car seat base in the car, so the baby cannot play while riding in the car. You might want to check how the bar will be positioned on your baby’s car seat if you purchase this to use in the car.

Sonja Mc Grath, MN

It doesn’t work!

It is not bad quality, it is the bad idea. It doesn’t work for both stroller and car seat. Have no idea how did they take the picture, did they glue the toy on the bar?-It spreads only for about 7inch (which means it doesn’t spread at all);- it doesn’t have internal structure like a wire;- it is WAY too short for the car seat, so baby (4m old) can’t reach the toys;- toys are not interesting too, it is just a fabric;- it is not strong enough to hold other toys in place;- doesn’t make any sense for the stroller bar.

Britney Meadow Creek, WV

Very cute

Looks awesome is person! Just like the picture. It’s easy to clean. I throw it right in the washer and dryer and it holds up nicely. It always wraps around his caraway perfectly 🙂

Christine Toast, NC

SO cute.

This little guy was perfect for putting on the stroller. My daughter LOVES it. The only complaint I have is that the quality was a little lacking. I’ve had to stitch up a few things since we got it. But it’s a brilliant stroller accessory for babies who love tags.

Frankie Buffalo, NY

Wiggle and Giggle and I am a happy Dad

She loves it, I love that she loves it. She coos and talks to the big eyed plushy caterpillar and I talk to him too. We talk at night and discuss things like Politics, dirty diapers, Pizza crusts, and all sorts of cool things. Then he entertains my little girl and smiles all the time.Let your little one smile all the time. Get this curly caterpillar thing-a-ma-bobby.

Fran Windsor, MA

This toy is lovely.

I love this toy. The color and the fabric is lovely. But my boy does not like it very much. I don’t know why…

Catherine Manchester, WA