Taggies Grabby Elephant Toy

Taggies Grabby Elephant Toy

Our Super soft Elephant friend is so easy to grab and hold and so hard to let go of. And what’s that in his belly? It’s his little friend, the Wiggle Mouse. Pull him out and he wiggles right back into place. They’re almost as inseparable as a baby and her TAGGIE! Ages Birth and older.

Main features

  • Cute blue Taggie elephant
  • Super-soft and easy to grab and hold
  • Lots of tags to rub
  • Pull on the Wiggle Mouse and watch him crawl back into the elephant’s belly
  • Gold Oppenheim Toy Award winner

Verified reviews


Not as great at it seems

I bought this thinking that it was the greatest thing since sliced cheese. My son always loves playing with tags, and he just threw this and never looked at it again. I tried getting him to play with it and pay attention to the tags he got what it was and didn’t like it at all. The mouse inside is nearly impossible for a baby to come out and when you do pull on it, it doesn’t go back inside unless you put it back in and I think that’s just poor design. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and I am really sad that I paid for it as my sons gift.

Harriet Greenbackville, VA


This Taggies toy is not much fun for baby at all! It’s too difficult for even a year old baby too pull out the pink vibrating piece and when you pull it out for baby the cord is so short it literally moves for 3 seconds max! Lastly it does not hold it’s shape and flattens out over time even with barely any play time on it. For the price there are MUCH better toys out there!

Lidia Decatur, NE

Cute Baby Toy

This toy is cute. The little tags are silky and provide a good tactile experience for baby. It also makes a nice soft musical sound when shaken. I wish the vibrating piece was easier for babies to pull, but my baby still loves this.

Fern Okeechobee, FL

Perfect for baby

My seven month old grandson loves this toy. It is soft and colorful. His little hands can grasp it easily and he loves the rattle effect. Highly recommend.

Kimberly Dice, KY

Son loves it!

My mother-in-law got this for my 3 month old son for Christmas. He LOVES it. He spent 10 minutes “talking” to it. He also reaches for it and likes to touch it. It is a good size for a diaper bag as well.

Lessie Dewitt, KY

great for car rides!

My 9 month old son loves it for the car rides because of the tags and the chime sound it makes when you shake it. Definitely worth the price, especially as it helps soothes the little one to sleep for car rides. Another good Taggie product.

Jerry Greenwood Lake, NY

A favorite

My baby loves this toy. many different ways to grab it, and many different textures. nice rattle sound too. a little pricey but worth it.

Clarissa Minooka, IL

My infant loves this

The tabbie textures and the noises, one if her favorite toys! I lost her first one and bought this to replace. Well worth the money for the smiles she gets from this!

Camilla Bassett, NE


My son is 3 months old and smiled the moment I took the Elephant out of the box. He loves to hold and chew on it.

Elba Finland, MN

Not your every day rattle

This is a very cute and interesting toy. It is light enough for a infant to hold it over his/her head and the various tags make it a great tactile experience. This toy offers many many many places for little fingers to grab onto and it makes a melodic jingle when shaken like a rattle.

Jenifer New Raymer, CO

I LOVE this baby toy!

Aw this thing is great! So far it’s my favorite baby toy I’ve received for my little one. The textures are wonderful and varied, the sounds the toy makes are gentle and lovely and the design is perfect for babies with their grab reflex. My only regret when it comes to buying Taggies Grabby Elephant is that I only bought one! I really would love to get more for my friends’ babies, because they’re awesome. 🙂

Veronica Mulberry, TN

Great activity toy for infant

I bought this for my daughter when she was an infant. She loved that it jingled, liked the colors, could chew on the tags and nose, and liked the vibration of the toy in the middle. Overall a good product for an infant.

Lynn Haywood, WV


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this elephant! My daughter is 5 months old, and we were looking for some toys that would stimulate her interests and development. She loves this elephant. She grabs at all the tags on the outside, and with the hollow design, she can pick him up and carry him around without problem. The rattle is great, and easily grabs her attention when she’s fussing. Great toy!

Alejandra Sylvester, TX