Taggies Little Taggies Blanket, Pink Bubbles

Taggies Little Taggies Blanket, Pink Bubbles

In ultra soft boa, our portable snuggle partner is baby’s perfect soothing companion. With 20 bright, engaging and tactile tags around the border, it offers little ones hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. This classic security item nurtures with simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation.

Main features

  • 20 bright and engaging tags
  • Measures 12″ x 12″
  • Machine washable, available in multiple prints

Verified reviews


We couldn’t do without this

Our twins have been attached to these blankies since they were 7-months old. Now they are 19-months old and cannot live without their Taggies. The moment we give these to them, the twins know is sleeping time. And when we travel, we take these along and they help the twins fall asleep in unfamiliar places much more easily than if we tried without Taggies.The material is very soft and the tags are awesome.

Rena Nashville, IN

Love the taggies

My granddaughter absolutely loves this blanket. It is the perfect size for cuddling and she loves to play with the tags. Keeps her attention for a long time. Colors are beautiful.

Donna Hillsboro, MS

Perfect for our little one!

Taggies really do make super soft, and clever products. My older boys had a few toys in the past, but this blanket has been a god send for our youngest little 6 month old daughter. She cuddles up to it each nap time and its like sleep cryptonite for her many times out and about. She pulls it over her face and dozes off so easily. We ended up having to buy two just in case one was dirty or somewhere else in the house/car. I have 4 children and she is the only one who has gotten attached to anything! I am so happy it is to such a sweet, soft blanket.

Lea Stratford, NY

Cute, durable, and cuddly.

I purchased this for my then-7-month old. She played with the tags on her toys so much that I liked this idea & thought it would make a cute security item if she needs one. She loves it. She’s now 9 months old & I’ll put it in her hand while I’m rocking her to sleep & she’ll rub the soft fabric or play with the tags as she’s drifting off to sleep. Very cute! I’ve washed it a couple of times and it comes out of the washer just like it went in. It seems durable and the fabric is very soft and cuddly. I would not, however, leave this in the crib / bed with a baby under a year old while they sleep.

Augusta Eastabuchie, MS


Just as described. So cute and soft! Definitely worth the buy. Feels like it will hold up for years to come!

Malinda Park City, KY

Every Baby Needs One

A friend bought our baby a similar product and said she would love it. I wasn’t totally sold, but about the time she was 2 months, my baby really took to it and now we have multiples. They love the ribbon, especially when they start putting everything in their mouth and teething. This one is nice because the other fabric is really soft fleece, but not the scratchy type. Of the 3 we have, this is her favorite. I like it because it doesn’t show dirt and it is just t he right size. It is her comfort blanket. We do not leave home without it! I thought it was a little pricey, but when I shopped around, they were all the same price.

Evangelina Northwood, ND