Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blanket, Rubbina

Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blanket, Rubbina

Encouraging interactive play, these colorful friends come to life with their two-dimensional plush faces “peeking” over the front. Utilizing satins, ultra soft boa, appliques and embroidery, they capture the spirit of each warm character. These exciting new blankets combine the feel of a soft blanket with the cuddle of a stuffed animal! With Taggies’ signature tags to rub and comfort, these are sure to be your child’s new best friend! Measures 14” x 14” Recommended Ages:  0 months & up

Main features

  • 16 vibrant, textured and engaging tags around each border
  • Promotes develop of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and language, opportunity to enhance social and emotional growth
  • Ultra soft boa, delightful appliques and embroidery
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
  • Measures 14″ x 14″

Verified reviews


Taggies are surprisingly fun and cuddly for babies

I love taggies, as does my 9 month old daughter. Our original taggie was annexed by my daughter’s day care room. I brought it in as a security blanket for her, and the other babies took it and became obsessed with it. I bought this one as a replacement and am very satisfied. It is snuggly, and particularly nice because of the fun, friendly giraffe face on it, and the beautiful array of tags around the edges. The tags are all different and have many designs on them, which is important as babies begin to notice small details and explore them. This Taggie andTaggies Classic Blanket, Starry Night Starry Nightare the two I’ve found that seem to give you the greatest variety of tag design for the price, so I recommend this one. My daughter loves sucking on the tags on this.

Ana West Farmington, OH

Cute and soft

My little girl loves this blanket. It’s very soft and is the perfect size for a toddler to cuddle with. She likes to use this as a pillow or the rub against her face when she’s falling asleep. Washes well.

Paige Galena, MD

soft and sweet

My son loves to cuddle with this taggies blanket. It is just the right size for a baby cuddle toy. It also has held up nicely in the washing machine for us.

Terra Nimrod, MN

My son loves the tags

This is a cute little cozy. My son loves to suck on the tags so it’s perfect for that. Cute design and very soft.

Johnnie Dacono, CO

Have purchased 5 over the last 3 years!

This is my (almost) 3-year-old’s lovie. She started sleeping with it around 6 months and has had it with her every night since with only a couple of exceptions (lost!). So far we have lost 3, and have 2 (we have learned to have a spare on hand!). It calms our daughter and helps her sleep, she asks for it when she needs soothing or is tired, it is a great little blanket perfectly sized for a toddler to carry. It used to go almost everywhere, though now she is older we keep it at home so it does not get lost. It washes beautifully, unlike the normal 12″ by 12″ “classic” Little Taggie, which my 5-year-old son loved (we had at least 5 of the Starry Night design over the years!). This does not pill, looks great wash after wash, occasionally a tag will fray, but not badly. Some of the tags fade in the wash more than others. The giraffee applique is a little bit puffy- not stuffed like a pillow but definately thicker in that part. It is soft and cuddly. The design wraps around, so the body of the Giraffe is on the back. Super cute. Of course I love it because my daughter does, but I highly recommend it over the classic Little Taggie, the fleece is cheaper in the Little Taggie and pills badly, gets stained easily, and holds smells! This is always soft and cleans well, no pilling, has a softer, almost velour-like hand, and does not hold odors like the classic little Taggie. I have noticed colors fade just a tiny little bit over a year or more, but only noticed when compared to a brand new one side to side. When my daughter lost her Taggie, which was at least a year old, last week, I replaced it with this and she did not notice! I told her I had sent her Taggy to be “cleaned”, but she honestly didn’t notice a difference and never realized it was not her old Taggie! I am purchasing our 5th giraffe Taggie to keep tucked away in case we lose it again, and I’m glad they came down in price from over $20 a year or so ago. If your child or grandchild gets attached to this, I suggest buying a few extra to hide away until needed, in case they are discontinued. Love this Taggie!

Erika Okauchee, WI