Taggies Plush Toss the Taggies

Taggies Plush Toss the Taggies

Toss the Taggies: 8″ diameter; Throw me! Roll me! Rattle me! It’s all about playtime with our new Toss the Taggies. Loads of different activities can be explored and shared by kids of all ages with this special tag adorned ball. Super soft and cuddly, it makes a fun sound too. All ages – newborn and up. Taggies are based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags. Our products are focused on early childhood development – before educational products are meaningful. Taggies uniquely offers items for a child’s positive social and emotional development, that will transition and stay with them through the continuing phases of healthy growth.

Main features

  • Ideal baby item; unique patented tags stimulate interactive with any child
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, do not iron

Verified reviews


Tag me disappointed

My daughter loves balls and she loves chewing on tags. When my husband and I saw this product at a local toy store we could not wait to buy it and watch her with it. We have been waiting for her to play with it for two months. She is just not interested in it at all. We have received other taggies products (soft books and a board book) and she does not play with them either. My daughter loves to play and can spend hours knocking down block towers, chewing on books or rolling balls, but she is not impressed with taggies and neither are we. However, I took the “toss the taggie” ball to a group play date and some of the older toddlers seemed to enjoy it.

Cecile Markleysburg, PA

The Tags are NOT Soft!

I bought this toy for my 10 month old niece as a gift, but decided to buy one for my 23 month old son so that he could have a nice soft ball to throw around the house (he’s got a good arm). The ball is nice and soft (even though the little jingler inside can be felt if the ball is thrown hard enough), it’s great for learning to catch, and my son likes to fling it around by the tags. However, my son decided to carry the ball around in his mouth like the doggies do, and one of the tags actually cut his little tongue! Even made him bleed! I am PISSED that something being advertised as soft and comforting could do this. I touched the tags afterwards and they are actually quite “sharp” in the creased area… had to warn my sister about letting my niece put this in her mouth. Boo on you, Taggies.

Shelley Swartswood, NJ

Great for Tag Chewers!

I got this for a friend’s child and he loves it! It saves the random tags around their house from getting destroyed too! The ball itself has soothing pastel colors and is very soft. Great for rolling or tossing.

Ivy Ripplemead, VA

Still fun after 3 years

Got this for my daughter when she started crawling…it was great for encouraging her to keep going; she really liked the chime. When she started to walk, she kicked the ball around. Now, at 3 years old, she has a lot of fun playing catch with it in the house! It has been through the washer and dryer (gentle cycle) countless times and still looks like new.

Kristi Beach Haven, PA


My baby took a little time to like this ball — he doesn’t pay that much attention to the tags, but now he likes the big soft ball to wrestle with ocassionally and he likes the jingley-rattley sounds. He is not interested in rolling it. He has a favorite tag, but doesn’t focus too much on the tags. He enjoys it mostly when I hold a tag and dangle the ball around by his face making it make noise and sort of make it bounce-bounce-bounce (like dribbling the ball while holding the tag) … he also likes when I through it way up in the air and catch it … maybe he will eventually like playing with it himself when he’s older (he’s 10.5 months old). But I do like that it is a cushiony soft ball, so he doesn’t get hurt. And I think the times when he does play with the tags it is good for his motor skills and exploration of the differences in the tags.

Lula Merkel, TX

My 4 year old andd 1 year old like this toy

This is one of the few balls that’s safe to throw in the house and a younger toddler and his older sister can have fun sharing. My daughter sits on it sometimes (she’s almost 4), and it’s not flat after 3 years. My 13 month old son loved the tags when he was younger, now he loves playing “catch”… well, he can throw the ball, we’re still working on the catching.I don’t have to worry about my 4 year old hurting him with this. I am a pretty frugal person, but this was worth the splurge 3 years ago. It has held up well and washes up well.I gave it a 4 star rating for educational because at this age motor skills are a significant aspect of their learning. It’s a basic toy, but a good one.

Darcy Tire Hill, PA