Taggies Tag n’ Smile Plushie Mirror

Taggies Tag n’ Smile Plushie Mirror

Tummy time with tags has never been so much fun. This super soft mirror with loads of tags for baby to touch and explore is sure to delight. Baby will love discovering their own reflection, and the cute plush characters feature crinkle, rattle, and a squeaker. Assortment of 2 designs, each sold separately.

Main features

  • Cute plush characters feature crinkle, rattle, and a squeaker
  • Includes plenty of soft engaging tags for baby to explore
  • Baby safe mirror encourages self discovery

Verified reviews


excellent quality and very attractive to my baby

First of all, FYI: this mirror is a distorting mirror. This feature used be my big concern, but after I did a lot of scientifical research about the baby`s reaction to a real mirror when compare to a distorting mirror, the research result is that: no significate difference!!!(they r both good), Moreover, scientists also recommend not use breakable mirror, which made by glass, for a baby. That`s why I finally settle down with distorting mirror which usually made by plastic and its more safe for a baby.ok, next, I will address why I strongly recommend this product as following reasons:1, first time when I saw it in TARGET supermarket, I found it is made by very good material and well designed, with vivid animal and colorful decorationCIt touched very soft and the stitchwork details are very delicate.2, and when I further check this mirror, I found it`s not only a mirror , but also with some function, for expample, the green color whale can make a cute sound when you squeeze it(and some more you will find out 😛 ).3.altough its a distorting mirror and made by plastic, the image looks very good , I can see my face clearly in this mirror.4, This mirror PLAY MAGIC!! —-I placed it beside my baby`s changing pad and my baby noticed it very soon ( my baby was only 10weeks then ), he used to be fuzzy when he was changed diaper but since the day he notice this mirrior, he never cry at all when I change the diaper, but instead, he always talks to the mirror and smile too!5, Recently, my baby reach his 4 months and very like to reach out his hand and catch the red little seahorse which attached to the mirror. my baby really LOVE it, (plz check my shared pictures)6, and after I reviewed other people`s review here, I found this mirrow may also good for my baby`s tummy time, so I purchased one more and tested it. The result is that, this mirror PLAY MAGIC AGAIN!my baby used to cry or fuzzy when in tummy time(could not bare even 30 second), but now, this mirror can help him to enjoy the tummy time as long as 10 minutes.7, last but not lest, this mirror can stand very sturdy with a triangle wide open design.I feel very happy and appreciated the person who design this mirror. Thank you !

Ramona Burnips, MI

the “curse” of the Taggies!

We wanted a safe mirror for our little one to play with (5 months). This fits the bill perfectly. There are a few things that might be minor annoyances, but are good for him.1st pro/con: it folds flat/it collapses! This totally depends on your point of view! Those medium blue colored triangles are simply flaps of fabric. This is great for storage, but… I honestly thought it might be a pillow wedge thing, and it isn’t. There isn’t anything interesting on the second side either. (and there is no third side of the triangle. And yes, I recognize that the flaps are technically two additional sides… just go with it!)2nd pro/con: it has taggies! Each of my children has LOVED tags on their toys. Steiff? Tag in ear? nom nom nom! Cheap plush with tag? nom nom nom! Random shirt from the laundry with tag? NOM NOM! So I knew that the Taggies concept would likely be tag overload, but in a good way. However…I noticed it 8 years ago, and it’s true for all the subsequent children, too. No matter how many tags, they will ALWAYS go for the product tag. The one that is a little different, that isn’t the ribbon. It usually has the washing instructions on it. That tag gets the most chewing.3rd pro/con! It’s lightweight! So, my 5 month old can manipulate the whole thing. And my 5 month old can easily knock it over and lose interest. This kinda cycles back to the fold flat thing. A casual swipe and it’s folded flat. Out of sight out of… SQUIRREL!Finally: the "seahorse" on the left of the mirror has the crunchy sound. The fish on the top right has a quiet rattler in it. The green whale at the bottom right has a squeaker that my 5 month old cannot manipulate in it. But hey, it gives me something to do.

Doris Sycamore Valley, OH

Hurt my eyes, not safe for a baby!

I bought this for my six week old daughter when I saw it was on clearance at Target. I had been wanting to get one for her, and when I saw this I thought it was really cute. It has an ocean theme and Taggies all around it.When I got it home, I realized it definitely did have distortion, but seemed clearer the closer you got. Not feeling completely satisfied with the mirror, I tried it again the following day and realized it actually HURT MY EYES to look into it. The only way I can describe it, is that it was like the feeling you get when you try on a pair of glasses that are someone else’s.I almost wondered if I was imagining it, surely there couldn’t be a product on the market that is supposed to be designed for a baby, that would in fact hurt even an adults eyes when used as intended? I tried it a couple more times with the same results, then got my husband to try it and he said the same thing, that he actually felt a physical pain/strange and uncomfortable sensation when looking into this mirror.There was no way I was going to give this to my baby. I seriously wonder about the damage it could do to a little ones eyes if used enough! Scary! I promptly returned it and after doing some more research, I’m going to try the one that Lamaze makes based on the reviews here which at the time of this writing, are all five stars and reviewers claim gives a true reflection rather than a warped, fun house mirror styled one.Give this one a miss, it’s certainly not worth the discomfort to your little ones eyes, or even a remote chance of possible eye damage!

Helena Hopeland, PA

low quality mirror

This item has a terrible mirror that presents a distorted fun-house type image. I’m so glad that I saw one in person before ordering it online!

Stacey Callicoon, NY

Baby loves it!

My baby girl just loves looking at herself in this mirror. I tied a small string through the taggies on the top and hung this from the head rest in the backseat. She can just smile at herself the whole time we drive around town! When we place it next to her during play time, she really seems to enjoy touching the whale and taggies. Excellent purchase. Would definitely recommend.

Adrienne Marbury, MD


The Mirror reflection is not the greatest quality, but its big and it sits up sturdy and my 4 month old definitely likes tummy time a lot better now.

Amanda Piney Fork, OH

Awesome baby toy!

Baby loves the mirror, tags and soft toys on it. It isn’t heavy for him to hold. It’s one of his favorites!

Sue Kellerton, IA

cute, colorful mirror

Nice colorful mirror. I like that it stands up on its on and my baby can see himself without me having to reposition it.

Maria Maysville, KY

We love it!

My twins love playing with this mirror. They are 7 months old and have been playing with it since their very first tummy time! We absolutely love it!!!

Maude Seneca, SC

She likes it but tips it over

This helps my daughter with tummy time she laughs and talks to her reflection! Very cute! The only downside is that she tips it over.

Corrine Homestead, IA

So cute!

I love this little mirror and so does my daughter! I think I particularily like the little submarines on it- but I also love that it folds flat for easy storage! Great little mirror for tummy time!

Janie Stantonsburg, NC

A good choice for a baby mirror

A well-made little baby mirror. Yes, it does give a bit of a "fun house" mirror effect, but baby doesn’t seem to mind. The colors are bright and engaging for baby, and mom will appreciate that it can be hand washed and air dried when it gets dirty. And babies love chewing on the little tags, of course.

Bernadine Pleasant Grove, AR

Cute mirror!

My daughter is 8 months old and loves this. She played with one that was similar at school and I had to get one for home. It is really soft and she loves turning it over and playing with the animals on the front. She has not paid too much attention to the tags on it but I would buy another one if I had to. Love it.

Glenna Little Creek, DE


Just as other reviewers said, this IS DISTORTED!!!!! YUCK. I sent it back. Total waste of money. I bought the Sassy one instead and it says right on their box, no distortion and they are right. It’s perfect. This Taggies one is cuter, but forget the mirror, it’s horrible.

Sharon Clendenin, WV

good, but doesn’t hold attention long

This is eye catching and my son enjoyed it when he was 3-6 months old. It did encourage tummy time. It is soft enough that when he hits himself with it, it doesn’t hurt. The mirror itself feels flimsy and the image is really more like foil than a clear reflection. He is 8 months and has moved on to other toys.

Magdalena Cairo, WV

great mirror

I got this mirror to help my little one do better with tummy time. He hates tummy time but he loves looking at himself in the mirror. It does give a fun house type of image but he loves looking at himself no matter how clear the image is. The mirror stands well and is very soft in case he would pull it down on himself. The animals on it all make some sort of sound. Great mirror!

Gena Hanamaulu, HI

Baby loved this

My 3 month old loved this mirror. It was a big help in getting her more interested in tummy time and rolling. Babies are such narcissists.

Theresa Sistersville, WV

Don’t bother

The mirror is soft and bendy, so gives a distorted reflection which makes me dizzy. I wouldn’t recommend it. .

Manuela Rockland, WI