Take-Out Time-Out The Portable Time Out Mat

Take-Out Time-Out The Portable Time Out Mat

Portable, foldable time out mat.

Main features

  • Thin and flexible material for easy transport
  • Travel pouch included
  • Great for use indoors or outdoors
  • Promotes consistency with discipline
  • Use for toy time-outs or children in time-ou

Verified reviews


Bought, didn’t use

Seems like a cute idea, but, never used it. I’ve been in education for 15 years. I thought instead of making a mat or chair I’d buy one. Unfortunately, we’ve got ‘that kid’ who doesn’t respond to time out …. he never cared whether he was in it or not. However, for kids who don’t like time out, cute mat and easy to clean.

Lourdes Calico Rock, AR


The top of this mat is so soft it’s almost silky. When we leave it on the floor in its spot, it is a hazard for anyone walking by – adults as well as my 1 year old baby.

Evelyn Beaverville, IL

a little too portable

We have used this for my almost 2 yr old for a month now. For the most part he will sit on it until my phone beeps( I set an alarm for 1 1/2 min) but he also will pick it up and hide under it or hide the dog or his table. I also wish it included a timer. Overall, a good tool.

Mercedes Wolf Island, MO


This works perfectly for our almost-two-year-old. He knows what a "time out" is and it’s really helpful that we can move it. I wanted this over a chair because I felt he could kick or shove a chair if he was upset. This mat is harmless and we can move it easily anywhere in the house. Score!

Willa Murphys, CA

Does the job well!!

This product was a bit smaller then I had hoped but still does it’s job and it great to pack for travel and those naughty time’s while away from home. Can be placed on the floor or even on a chair.

Carole Minor Hill, TN

Super cute TIME-OUT mat

Great colors, take with you, heavy duty, so it doesnt blow away, but easily folds and stores. Great for the unruly toddler.

Sharlene White House, TN