Take & Toss Infant Spoons – 16 pack

Take & Toss Infant Spoons – 16 pack

16 infant spoons in 5 assorted bright colors 4+ months BPA free Sized just right for baby’s first feeding Small oval bowl is shaped for tiny mouths Long handle offers balance and an easy grip Plastic material is gentle on tender gums.

Main features

  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • High Quality
  • American Red Cross licensed product
  • Just the right size for an infant’s mouth
  • Plastic material is gentle on baby’s gums
  • Long handle for balance and an easy grip
  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe; BPA Free; Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


Great for on the road

I bought these spoons for our first family vacation with a 9 month old. We were gone 5 days which included a 12 hour drive there and back. These spoons were great!! The size was perfect, they were sturdy and not flimsy or cheap like an adult disposable spoon. And the price was great to be able to feed him either in the car or at a restaurant and just throw away the spoon and not worry about washing/rinsing them and re-packing them. I will definitely purchase these for any future vacations and will even keep spares in my diaper bag in case I forget to pack his normal spoons.

Jo Fordland, MO

Best spoons I’ve found so far

These spoons are the perfect size for first feeders. The bowl of the spoon is narrow and not too deep, so the food actually gets into my son’s mouth. These are really light too, unlike the spoons that have metal conponents. Don’t go with the more expensive spoons. These work the best, are cheap and are BPA free and recyclable!

Jan Ellington, MO

Great deal! My son keeps accidentally throwing his spoons …

Great deal! My son keeps accidentally throwing his spoons away with his yogurt, so these are replacements and I am glad to not have to invest too much for them!

Alyce Cedar Point, IL

Love the colors

I bought these because they were cheap and provided plenty spoons for your money. They hold up well, even in the dishwasher with hot temperatures. I’ve been using them since we started my son on Solids and love them. I also love the color variety of spoons it comes with!

Doris Garvin, OK


These are wonderful baby spoons. Just the right size for littlest mouths. I wash them in the dishwasher without issues. We keep them for a year or longer.

Rosella Mc Bain, MI

Well made. Well priced.

A great product, well-made and well-priced. They’re titled "take & toss". The "take’ makes sense as they are inexpensive and loosing one would be merely inconvenient. But as to "toss" I find washing and keeping a much more reasonable approach. A nice product.

Coleen Hadley, NY

Great for multiple uses too!

i have these for my diaper bag and sometimes i toss them, but sometimes i mix them up with the other spoons and put them in the dishwasher. they have never melted and are sturdy enough to reuse.

Bobby Warwick, ND

sturdy, thick plastic spoons

These are almost too nice to "toss", unless you really had to. They go nicely thru the dishwasher so haven’t tossed any yet. Very easy to hold, colorful, and sturdy.

Roxanne Harlingen, TX

Must haves

These are a must have, used with both my children. Dishwasher safe but also don’t feel bad about throwing them away is the end up in some far corner of the couch.

Teresa New Durham, NH

Reusable, great size, great price!

I bought these for use on a camping trip and ended up reusing most of them despite my intent to use them as disposables. Now I keep a few extras in the car, diaper bag, etc. for when I inevitably forget a regular spoon.They’re the perfect size for little mouths and great to swap in when someone wants to just teethe on the spoon instead of eating. (My other spoons have metal handles.)Also, the handles are easier for ME to hold than the flat metal ones – the contours give me a better grip.We’re starting to try to get her to feed herself and I’m offering her these and the toddler-sized take-and-toss spoons to use. So far? Messy but fun. 😉

Robert Quinton, OK

great for babies

They can be washed over and over in the dishwasher and at the same time, can be thrown away without guilt when out and about as they are so cheap.

Sierra Wadestown, WV

Excellent baby spoons

I got these spoons for a trip and planned to throw them away but like them so much I had to keep some of them, and plan to buy more if we ever run out. They are thicker and more durable than I expected and fit great in the diaper bag, yet the handles aren’t too short to use them as an everyday spoon. They go through the dishwasher fine. I am super impressed with these.

Winifred Springville, UT

Just right for little mouths

Great deal. I have twin babies and needed a lot of spoons that were small enough for little mouths., price was great.The handle is not too deep so they do fit in the funny little slots of my silverware holder in the dishwasher. So all in all just right .

Carmela Mannington, WV

Big fans of Take & Toss!

We love these spoons! The quality is surprisingly great for the price. I love that I don’t have to worry about pitching them, if we are out somewhere and it’s easiest to do so. However, we do try and wash them for re-use sometimes if possible, and they have held up great!

Anita Pickens, OK

Will not be throwing these out!

These are great spoons! I would not throw them away if I don’t have to. They were super affordable and they are a great sized spoon fir my 5mo olds mouth. They are small and wash wonderfully, and they fit in our bag to bring around with us. They washed really well in the dishwasher because they are thicker and sturdier. I was worried they would melt, but they did great! These are a huge bargain and i was very impressed!

Mildred Sylmar, CA

Great spoons, great price!

Initially, we had purchased the Munchkin 6-pack Soft Tipped Infant Spoons and loved them. Once my kiddo got up to three meals a day, we were going through the spoons so fast we were constantly running out. For the same price as the Munchkin spoons, we got 16 of these! They aren’t as pretty or quite as sturdy, but they are great. These are smaller so they fit better in his little hand. The colors are wonderful. And with the amount that you get, if you lose one or two, it’s no great loss. If we’d started with these, we’d have been fully stocked from the start!

Queen Port Richey, FL

great to send to school/day care!

Love these spoons- lots to have and toss in the lunch box for the day. Don’t have to worry about washing every day, can just throw in the dishwasher and then there are plenty in the reserve to use.

Benita Cameron, NY

Yes Please!!!

16 pieces seems excessive until one drops on the floor, one is thrown, he’ll want to hold one and feed himself, etc. It is amazing how many spoons you can go through in one day.

Mallory Cambridgeport, VT

Need to have!

A great value. I bought one set and it’s lasted me over 6 months. My baby girl had no issues with these

Alma Glenbeulah, WI

Favorite spoon

We purchased to have this as a "to go" spoon, and it ended up being a favorite spoon. Best for ages 6mo-10mo, after that they bite too much and want more substantial spoon.

Michell Hopedale, IL

Awesome buy!

I don’t know why they call these "take and toss", because I bought a pack and I’ve been using them ever since. We just wash them in warm, soapy water and use them over and over again. Since we don’t have a dishwasher, it’s awesome to have a huge supply of baby spoons in case we don’t get around to washing all the dishes right away. These spoons are incredibly easy to clean (NOTHING sticks to them!), comfortable, and gentle on babies’ sensitive gums (though they are plastic, not the rubber-tipped kind). We love these, and they’re a great way to save money!

Emma Waldorf, MN

Perfect spoon for my baby.

I love these. You get a lot of spoons for a low price, and they are durable yet don’t hurt my baby’s teeth when he wants to chew on one, and he also can’t chew threw them because they are thick and sturdy. Perfect size for little bites, and in my opinion perfect for any age of baby. I love these so much more than those metal spoons with the rubberized ends that occasionally hurt my baby’s mouth when he bites in too far or the edge catches his gums. These spoons are keepers, and I will order more if I end up losing too many 🙂

Luella Pachuta, MS

Work great for first time with baby food

Nice and shallow, easy to use, plus easy for my daughter to hold. You get so many for a great price and they’re not cheap either. Plus, like everyone else is saying – no need to toss, they can easily be washed over and over again.

Lorrie Chepachet, RI

Great and dishwasher safe

These spoons are perfect for babies just starting solids. They are light weight, easy to hold small amounts of puréed food and I love that they are dishwasher safe. The package claims top rack safe, but I have been able to wash them with the rest of the silverware on the bottom.

Lillie Gilman, IL

Love “em

These spoons are great, I keep a few in a diaper bag, a few at grandmas – etc. I give one to my son as I feed him. Its a great set.

Letitia Lake George, MN

best deal ever

these hold up in dishwasher and if upside down you can spin it works as fun game when trying to get in last bite, I always have extra spoons on hand

Ana Indiahoma, OK


I bought these since my son has just turned four months old. I was surprised when some said they used them as disposable baby spoons. The plastic used to make them is pretty sturdy so I would definitely re-use them. And since it’s a 16-pack they will last me for a long while. Not to mention it’s a great deal :DNeedless to say, I would absolutely recommend this product to any parent.

Janette Denmark, SC


You can’t beat the price. I purchased these to take with me on day/ weekend trips. They were cheap enough so that I wouldn’t be upset if I ever lost one.They are much sturdier than I expected for something considered "toss-able." I have washed these in my dishwasher twice already and they are holding up great. There are no unsightly scratches or discoloring.My pack arrived with blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and PINK spoons. I have a daughter, so, it was a pleasant surprise.The size is perfect for my 9 month old daughter’s little mouth. I have a 3 year old and although it is on the small size for him, it is still large enough for him to get enough food on the spoon and into his mouth. I would not recommend these spoons for children over the age of 2.The product arrived at my door in 5 days.

Loraine Ellerslie, MD

Great for daycare

The fact that these spoons are inexpensive make them perfect for daycare. The tips are soft and rounded, and gentle on baby’s gums. My only complaint is the handles are a little shorter than I would perfer, but still perfectly functional.

Katy Monroe, IA