Tee-Zed Dreambaby No-Trip Gate Ramp, White

Tee-Zed Dreambaby No-Trip Gate Ramp, White

We started Dreambaby in 1998. Our aim was to create a new brand focussing on child safety products, developing new products to reduce the number of avoidable injuries to children from household accidents such as poisonings, slips and falls, cuts and bruises and many other hazards which result in thousands of injuries, and sadly, some deaths of young children, every day.Dreambaby no-trip gate ramp easily fits pressure mounted gates and helps prevent trips and stumbles for both you and your little one.

Main features

  • Makes using a child safety gate even more convenient and safe
  • Suitable for Dreambaby and most other pressure mounted gates
  • Easy to install
  • Safe to use on gates with 2 way openings
  • Safe to use on top or bottom of stairs

Verified reviews


Love it!

My hubby bought this and I originally thought it was a waste of money… But I now LOVE IT!! It prevents our gate from any shifting and also great for not stubbing your toes. 🙂

Phoebe Pike Road, AL

Definitely does the trick. Should probably just come with the gates.

I was a little skeptical about how necessary this would be, but having been around gates both with and without this, it’s definitely easier than you would think to catch your foot on the gate without this. This is also easier for little ones to crawl through if you’d like them to be able to come in and out of the gate at times. It also seems like this adds a level of grip and security to the bottom side of the gate, particularly if you’re spanning anything but the narrowest of door openings. It is, however, like having to buy a separate bottom for a car seat, a complete scam that this doesn’t just come with the gates.

Nan Catoosa, OK

Terrific idea! Kudos to Dreambaby.

I am glad I found this product. I used it with The First Years Hands-Free Gate. This gate used to have a ramp but for some reason it was no longer included in the latest version. I’m very pleased that Dreambaby sells this. See the picture I uploaded.

Goldie New Harmony, UT

Serves its pupose

I feel more comfortable with it in place. However as soon as I installed it my visiting Mother tripped on it. Some people can’t win.

Cathy Rosanky, TX

not what I expected

I loved the idea of this, but when we put it on, the bottom part of the gate still stuck up about half and inch over the trip guard, which might have been okay if we were using it on a level surface, but we used it on the bottom of a stair, and it still hurt like heck to step on it. It also stuck out past the bottom stair a bit.

Danielle Pleasant View, CO


it works perfectly!!!We use it upper side of the stair. and we love it.I can feel huge difference after we install this ramp.Thanks

Hollie Isleta, NM

Doesn’t fit all gates

When we tried to put this under our gate it came up to high and you couldn’t open the gate with it in place.

Sasha Bonesteel, SD

Under every metal gate!

I love these so much! I have 4 metal baby gates with one under each. Now it won’t hurt to step in the middle!

Norma Wittman, MD

Serves the purpose

This product came as the picture showed. It was not the same height as the gate I have but it will do. I am not going to return it.

Marylou Union, NE


works great on carpet, itz ok on hard floors. if you have borders on the wall thats were it works fine but can easily move around

Christina Riverview, FL