Teething Bling Bronze Donut Pendant

Teething Bling Bronze Donut Pendant

This is the original “teethable” jewelry. Inspired by curious babies who like to grab, our pendants are made from soft and flexible silicone making them both pretty and practical. We use the highest quality, phthalate/BPA/PVC free, federally approved silicone. Our products are non-toxic, latex and lead-free, food-safe, even dishwasher-friendly.

Main features

  • These colorful and elegant necklaces are a great wardrobe accessory and baby teether in one.
  • Great for nursing moms too gives baby something to hold while nursing.
  • Made from a food-safe, federally approved, non-toxic, non-latex, lead-free, pthalate/BPA/PVC free, dishwasher safe silicon
  • It is the same material used in ‘coated’ infant spoons, and other common teething items
  • Intended to be used by adults. Comes with a break away clasp as an added safety feature.

Verified reviews


Arrived with broken clasp

It arrived with a broken clasp and when I contacted the seller, they wouldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t have the energy to send it back to amazon so i just made a knot and tried it out. my one year old son wasn’t really into it, and so it didn’t function as as the teether i was hoping for. cute though.

Celina Indianola, PA

It works, it looks nice, it was worth it (and NOT sticky)

I didn’t have an extreme teether, but it did come in handy now and then. I had actually bought it to help with him pinching my boob while nursing. It didn’t hold more appeal than the boob, but I’ve had this for 18 months now and am still wearing it. He will occasionally inspect it, chew on it, then put it back. If I need a toy in a pinch, I’ll pop it off and give it to him.Pros: Stands up to constant wear, easy to clean, doesn’t look too stupid (it won’t pass for real jewelry up close but it looks nice enough), and the breakaway clasp is nice.Cons: The temporary con is that it’s ‘sticky’ and some people complain about this and don’t use it. All silicone products have some ‘stickiness’ that will go away with use. I’ve seen reviews that say it’s UNUSABLE bc it was picking up their sweater lint. Serious overreaction. After a week it’ll be gone. Calm down. Some people say it smells plasticky. Well, it’s made of plastic. What do you expect? But I didn’t notice much of a smell and it definitely wasn’t a problem. I am very sensitive to smells and will get headaches from the smell of neoprene or vinyl but I was able to wear this inches from my nose from the start.I also had one in the dark green and just for comparison sake, I prefer the Bronze. It looks a little more ‘jewelry-like’ and the dark green was very dark, sometimes it was harder to find after it was played with. (In fact, I lost it after only a few months).For about 20$ I think this was worth it as it’s been used almost every day to some extent. I can’t say the same for at least half the baby crap I was told to buy b/c it was ‘necessary’ and it wasn’t. Plus, I find myself idly rubbing it like one of those ‘worry stones’ and it’s smooth and nice to touch.

Shirley Camden Point, MO

Worth the money!

My LO loves this! When I dropped her off at daycare the teacher asked me if I pick out my jewelery according to what my LO likes. I laughed and told her it was a teething ring. She asked me if it was ok for babies to teeth on glass. She was surprised to hear that is was silicon.

Angelica Dryden, ME

Pretty, and the little one enjoys it too

This looks like a nice necklace. You wouldn’t know it’s a teether when you look at it. I’ve had people ask what kind of stone it is and they are surprised when I say it’s silicone. My son likes to hold it when he is nursing, so that has saved me some hair pulling. And when he is in the Ergo or baby k’tan he will chew on it.I even leave it on all day while at work (that’s how nice I think it looks).

Jan Fort Gay, WV

A lifesaver

I have had this necklace for a few weeks now and my son loves it! He chews the crap out of it. It’s very durable too. It’s been chewed, attacked by the cat, knocked in the dogs’ water bowl, etc and it’s holding up great! (Don’t worry I wash it thoroughly VERY often) It also looks nice. It’s not super obvious that it’s a teether, which is nice. It’s smaller than i expected, but I view that as a good thing because it’s easy for my son to maneuver it. It’s about 2" in diameter, for some reason I thought it’s be closer to 3". I’m very happy with this!

Sheryl Fairmount City, PA