Teething Bling Bronze Donut Pendant

Teething Bling Bronze Donut Pendant

This is the original “teethable” jewelry. Inspired by curious babies who like to grab, our pendants are made from soft and flexible silicone making them both pretty and practical. We use the highest quality, phthalate/BPA/PVC free, federally approved silicone. Our products are non-toxic, latex and lead-free, food-safe, even dishwasher-friendly.

Main features

  • These colorful and elegant necklaces are a great wardrobe accessory and baby teether in one.
  • Great for nursing moms too gives baby something to hold while nursing.
  • Made from a food-safe, federally approved, non-toxic, non-latex, lead-free, pthalate/BPA/PVC free, dishwasher safe silicon
  • It is the same material used in ‘coated’ infant spoons, and other common teething items
  • Intended to be used by adults. Comes with a break away clasp as an added safety feature.

Verified reviews


A Present For Both Mommy & Baby

My son at 9 months old is still loving this. He chews the disc, the cord, everything. I love it because looks like a real stone. I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It didn’t look rubbery or plastic and cheap as I expected. I was desperate when I ordered this as I’m so used to wearing jewelry and my son was tearing all of mine apart. It is made as one piece, doesn’t look painted, and it flexible as well!! I get tons of compliments and no longer look Plain Jane! As for the other reviews of it collecting lint, I haven’t had any problems at all with that and I wear mine with EVERYTHING! I do rinse it off throughout the day just as a would a regular teether though but, that’s just me. I can’t wait to order some other colors!

Cecile Booneville, IA

helps avoid the scratches

This things is a gem. My babe has something to grab a hold of while I’m feeding her (instead of scratching my face or neck). When she’s seated on my lap, she loves just chewing on the pendant. During floor time, I just dangle it above her and she likes to grab at it.

Cristina Terry, WV

My son loves this necklace! It’s a great toy to always have around.

This necklace is a great toy to have always available for my son. I wear it everyday and have had many comments on how nice it looks. I love that it’s safe for him to tug on and chew on. Great surprise! I love it! 🙂

Jenny San Ysidro, NM

I wear this thing every day!

My daughter is a chewer. She is in an endless cycle of teething, and was always chewing on my hair or clothes, which got old really fast. This necklace solved that problem. It gives her something to chew on and play with when I’m carrying her around, when she’s sitting in a shopping cart, or even when I’m changing her diaper. And the best part is, she can’t play the "let’s drop the toy on the ground" game. I never leave home without a teething necklace of some sort on anymore.I’ve read some reviews with people saying that others compliment them on how beautiful it is and that people think it’s real stone. I have to be honest, that’s probably not going to happen to most people. It does look nice enough to wear with clothes and not look like you have a chew toy around your neck, but let’s get real. It’s a chewy circle on a black string. It’s not super fancy, and it doesn’t look like stone. But, again, it’s not ugly by any means, and only other mothers will realize what it really is and that it’s not meant to be a fashion statement. Plus, it looks a lot more like real jewelry than another teething necklace product that I own, and your hair doesn’t get stuck in this one.The reason I knocked off a star is that my daughter sometimes ends up shoving the whole thing into her mouth, which makes her gag. I’m not worried about it being a choking hazard, but do wish it was just a bit bigger to prevent this. Overall, it’s a great product.

Adela Flora, MS


It is nice looking, it is long enough for the kid to grab and chew on. The only thing is that not all the kids can be interested in it. Mine liked it for about a week and then just kinda lost her interest. Mine didn’t have any strong smell like some of the reviews are mentionning. Some fuzz sticks to it , but not much at all, just have some pacifier wipes on you.

Peggy Conifer, CO