Teething Bling Pendant – Donut Shape

Teething Bling Pendant – Donut Shape

Teething Bling was inspired by babies who like to tug on mom’s jewelry. Made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone, Teething Bling looks great on Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and Caregivers but is safe for curious babies to handle and chew. CE marking approved. Safety-reminder: these pendants are intended for adults to wear. Please do not place the pendants ON your child.

Main features

  • non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free.

Verified reviews


Looks cheap

The "bling" feels like rubber/plastic and coupled with the black string it hangs on.. it just looks super cheap. My daughter was not interested in it either and I ended up never wearing it.

Lula Holland, IA

Attractive and useful

What a fantastic idea – a teething device that is attractive enough that I actually want to wear it as jewelry, meaning that it’s always around when I need it. My son likes it, too – especially the fact that he’s allowed to play with "mama’s" necklace. I don’t love this color as well as the "pink cupcake" color, which really looks like rose quartz. I have two of these, and they have held up well to moderate use. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

Lenore Kennedyville, MD

baby loves it!

I get compliments from parents.Baby loves playing with it, putting it in his mouth. Not clear to me he’s really using it for teething relief, but he loves it as a toy.

Lawanda Elsberry, MO

Cute necklace

This necklace is very cute, and I also have the one in black. My friend thought it was a real stone necklace! I have had no problems with the cord breaking or having any other issues with it.

Daphne Brownstown, WA

Great teether!

I love this necklace. It looks stylish but it is soft, flexible, and chewable. My baby loves it. The breakaway clasp is essential and I am glad they thought of it. The bronze color is fantastic and doesn’t look like plastic.

Candice Porterville, CA

One of my sons FAVORITE things!

My son has always been obsessed with playing with my necklaces, especially when I have him in the Ergo baby carrier. We were going on a hiking trip and I knew he’d be in the Ergo a lot, so I got this necklace in Bronze. THe necklace is really cute, and something that I’m not embarassed to wear with my everyday outfits! My son absolutly LOVES THIS NECKLACE! I can’t keep it away from him! I like to point that out all the time to my husband, who thought it was a weird idea! 🙂 Its the perfect size and shape for a baby’s hands. The only thing I would change is that I wish it didn’t come on a black cord, but its worth it for the use my son gets out of it.

Brittany Driggs, ID

Stylish, functional & fun!

I love, love, love this line of teething necklaces, and the gold color really does add some bling to a postpartum mom’s wardrobe. Plus my 5 month old son loves gumming it, and it won’t get lost like other teethers. It’s nice to wear something resembling jewelry that’s safe for my baby to pull on and chew. And if he yanks too hard, the closures easily detach without the necklace breaking. I’m waiting to see how it holds up once he has teeth, but right now it’s a 5 star product in my book.

Casey Crofton, KY

Nothing special

My baby could care less about this (he’s been teething since 2 months and is now 7 months and still has no interest in this). Also, it looks like the rubber that it is so I would never wear this in public. Waste of money.

Selma Scenery Hill, PA

Fashionable and effective

This is a great product. My daughter loves to chew on it when I’m holding her (especially when she is in her carrier and doesn’t have much else to do). I have 2 dogs that shed a lot and their hair does NOT stick to this item like others. I recommend this product to buyers.

Peggy Brookland, AR

My baby loves this!

This is a great Mommy tool! It has saved me from a fussy so many times. I wear it anytime I go out. I just wish it cost a little less so I could buy a few more colors. It’s very pretty!

Melva Chester, NH

couldn’t live without it

This necklace teether was a life saver for going out to eat. I was able to loop the rope through a high chair handle so it could not be tossed to the floor or dropped to get dirty and since I could wear it as a necklace, I was never without a teether when out shopping or running errands!

Graciela Rosebud, MT

Could your little one chew the chrome off a trailer hitch?

WOW, this is a great necklace. It is so great that I bought 3 of them in different colors so I would always have one around to wear.Our daughter started teething at 4 months and had 2 teeth out and fully functional before her 6 month birthday, so we had lot of chewing right out of the babygate. These necklaces look like stone or jade rings, but have the perfect semi-soft texture that is great for teething babes. Before I found these, I had a goofy looking teething ring I’d wear on my wrist; I am not a vanity hound, but since there are days I am under-slept and/or don’t get to wash my hair — it is nice to wear something pretty.This would make a wonderful shower gift, or gift to aunties and grandmas

Gretchen Coffeeville, MS

Stylish function

With a teething baby, and a desire to remain somewhat fashionable, this necklace does it all. I have had a few people look at me funny with my child chewing on what looks to be a stone necklace. Then I tell them it’s a teether and they think I’m brilliant.Somehow, my baby knows the difference between this necklace and any other necklace I wear. When she sees this one, she reaches right for it. I think she’s as brilliant as I am. 🙂

Karina Salley, SC

Well-made and designed

I originally got this necklace as a twiddle toy to keep my son from whacking at me while he nursed, but not only does it distract him and give him something to hold while nursing, I’ve found it to be an invaluable toy for times when I need to distract him and have no other toys.My son LOVES this necklace. He’s a fan of the medallion, but even more so of the clasp, which has been designed with babies in mind with no sharp bits.While I don’t suggest you actively give your kid this necklace as a toy, when my son is freaking out and we’re out of the house or I’m wrestling with him on the changing table, this will entertain him for a good amount of time. He really likes mouthing the clasp (I keep an eye on him, since it looks easy to swallow) and playing with the string (again, constant vigilance because it is a strangling hazard).We practice Elimination Communication (essentially early potty training) and while he’s on the potty, he sometimes gets frustrated and needs a toy to distract him. Unlike other toys, which he is CONSTANTLY dropping, I can hand him this and keep the string around my neck so he doesn’t drop it. Since I’m balancing him on the potty, it’s impossible to fetch other toys off the ground, so this has been the BEST.The medallion itself is silicone, made out of the same material as a soft rubber spatula, so it’s easy to throw in the dishwasher (I give it a rinse afterward since it seems to pick up a film of soap) or sanitize it with boiling water along with his bottles. You can tell from close inspection that it’s made of synthetic materials, but everyone always asks me what kind of stone it’s made of and I get lots of compliments on it.The string is soft and silky and holds up surprisingly well to his chomping, plus even when saturated with drool, it doesn’t feel gross against my neck. The length is great, with just enough length that he can play with it and it gives him some room to flail his arms, but not so long that it gets in my way when I’m wearing it around.One more note – The way this necklace was knotted when I got it makes it really easy to get the medallion off – if the string gets too lose, the medallion can slip right out, which gets a little annoying, and I often find the medallion slips to the right or left, which un-centers the clasp and gets a little annoying. While I was writing this review I noticed in the picture that there is an additional knot right above the medallion. I just added it and now the medallion sits snugly in place and my son can’t separate the medallion from the string, which eliminates the one frustrating issue with this necklace. So make sure to add that other knot, if it isn’t shipped like that.

Marlene Ninilchik, AK

Great product

Very nice for moms with little ones. Provide a splash of color while safely entertaining infant while feeding or while waiting for dr. appts or anything else.

Lucille Swift, MN