Terry Contoured Changing Pad Cover – Ecru

Terry Contoured Changing Pad Cover – Ecru

Keep diaper changing happy for all. The Simmons contoured changing pad cover is absorbent, soft, and cushiony for tiny tushies. Made of deluxe ecru terry fabric, this pad cover measures 16 by 32 inches and has elasticized corners for a perfectly tailored fit on changing pads up to 17 by 33 inches. Machine washable, 100 percent cotton provides a comfortable area to keep Mom and baby smiling.

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this cover works well with our pad

this changing cover has worked well with our changing pad helded up in the wash from so many poopie diapers…which is a nice pad along with our changing pad (which we whip clean before use and after use..over the pad its self (which sometimes my nephew sticks to without a oniez on!)

Darlene Michigan City, MS

Works well on contoured pad….

I have had this from the day my daughter came home from the hospital and it has held up in the wash. No major accidents on it but the few there were are due to my not folding up the stinky diapers all the way or her spitting up. Washes well and never shrunk for me. If you are washing it on warm your water temp may be too high(hot water heater) so that may be causing it to shrink. I love mine and it is softer now then first use and it is secure so she does not slide like when we tried a towel on the changing pad.Have had the same 2 since February and look like new. Would have given this 5 stars but this is not as soft as I had hoped…maybe expecting alot from terry cloth.

Karen Sumneytown, PA

Not the best, but all there is

I purchased these covers because there doesn’t seem to be anything else to fit the contoured changing pad. Even after just one washing, the cover already shrunk. I washed in cold water and dried on low since I had read the reviews saying they would shrink. It didn’t help, they still shrunk. They still work though, but the corners of the changing pad are crumched down. I don’t see the problem with the straps either. Mine are attached to the bottom of the pad, so there is no need for any slits for them. Overall, these covers serve their purpose, and that’s about all. I would definitely suggest covering your changing pag with SOMETHING so that all the yuck doesn’t get down into all the little crevices of the pad. You might prefer covering the pad with a receiving blanket, so you can easily toss it in the washer with no worries when it becomes soiled.

Emilia Lee Vining, CA

fits fine, but so rough & scratchy

We haven’t had any shrinkage problems, but the terry material isn’t soft at all. Even when it’s machine-dried, it’s stiff and rough as if it were line-dried.The pad’s safety straps stick out easily enough from under the edges of the cover, but since they are from the same manufacturer it really was poorly designed.

Camille Hackensack, NJ

Good cover, but a tight fit

The softness of this cover makes up for the fact that you have to stretch it a bit to fit your changing pad. At least once you have it on, you know that it’s a snug fit and won’t pop off!

Rebekah O Fallon, MO