Teutonia T-Linx System, Carbon Black

Teutonia T-Linx System, Carbon Black

The t-linx system has everything including the stroller seat, t-tario 35 infant car seat, and infant car seat adapter. The t-linx has a unique reversible handle that you can flip in an instant, with just one hand, to change your child’s view. The stroller is light, compact and manoeuvrable, so ideal for when you are out and about with your child.Multi-position one-hand reclineConforms to EN1888 safety standardsFront spring suspension with no flat air tiresReversible handle and reversible seat unit for both front and rear facing seatingIncludes t-tario 35 infant car seat and adapter engineered to fit the t-tario 35Five to three point harness with three height positions slots.Rain cover includedCanopy and exterior fabric offer UV 50+ protection and are water resistantCanopy for sun protection with extending visor and mesh windowExtra storage on seat back for cups, bottles and snacksExtra comfortable seat pad that fits a child up to 50lbs

Main features

  • Includes teutonia t-tario 35 infant car seat which is for infants 5-35 pounds; infant car seat adapter; rain cover; teutonia stroller seat
  • Reversible handle and reversible seat unit for both front and rear facing
  • Front spring suspension with no flat air tires
  • Easy to access basket storage with additional seat back storage and cup holders
  • Fabric offers uv 50+ protection and are water resistant

Verified reviews


Stylish, Overpriced, Inconvenient Travel System!

We received this as part of the Vine Program. Here is our review.Stroller Pros:The white reflective piping is a nice touch to brighten up the black fabric.It has a great 5-point restraint for safety.We like that our son sits up higher than our other stroller. It has a very smooth ride and is easy to maneuver. It glides across the floor.We like the 3 position recline on the seat.The stroller handle flips easily to change the direction your child is facing. This is great for when they are infants and want to look at you, then can be easily changed for when they are older and want to look at the world.The brakes are actually up on the handle of the stroller and not controlled by foot like most strollers. This is a little awkward to use at first but after a few tries we were able to unlock and lock using one hand.Cons:For a stroller this expensive, we would like to see more convenience features, like actual cup holders instead of the unstable canvas/mesh ones that are attached to the underside of the stroller. There is also no area for our toddler to put his sippy cup or snack.The storage basket at the bottom of the stroller is pretty much useless and and you can barely get to it. The metal bars on the base of the stroller block access from the front or back. The height of the basket is so short you could not put much in it.There is no such thing as one handed folding with the large base on this stroller. You have to lean over to the bottom of the base, push a button with one hand and pull up on a lever with the other hand. The base is so bulky and awkward and it does not fold as smoothly as it should for this priceJust as you would any other, of course, you have to remove the carseat prior to folding when you are using the system with the infant carrier. However, it appears you CANNOT fold the stroller with the toddler seat on it and still fit it in a trunk! This is the biggest disappointment and a probable deal breaker for us. Who wants to remove a seat every time and then fold up the base? Not to mention where are you supposed to put the seat when you are doing this? We saw pictures where the stroller was folded and the seat seemed to nest inside the base to make it fairly compact. We are now realizing that the seat is not connected and is probably just resting on top the base. We were able to actually fold it with the seat on it but it stuck out so far in the opposite direction that we knew there was no way it could be right. No where in the instuction manual does it specifically tell you that you had to remove the toddler seat prior to folding. Unless we are doing something majorly wrong with attempting to fold it, there is no other way but to remove it. We drive a small 4 door sedan and dont have room to store an extra seat in addition to the base, even if it is just for the few minutes that it takes to get this thing set up or disassembled.We will not be able to use it for some time as right now we only have a toddler.The carrier is on the heavier side. It is very difficult to move the handle past the sunshade canopy. It seems like it would be very frustrating for everyday use.Overall:We wanted to LOVE this system, as it has some features that are helpful and creative. However, it is extremely unpractical for every day, on-the-go use. We will probably use this stroller for trips to the zoo or amusement parks because of the smooth ride, but we will not be dealing with the seat removal issue on a daily/weekly basis for shopping trips, errands, etc. Then again, the storage and lack of convenience accessories is a turn off for those long day trips, so we are torn. We may just have to stick with our Graco stroller. The price tag on this item is too expensive to have to buy extra accessories like more stable cup holders, etc.This stroller was extremely easy to put together and everything just clicked into place. It is very modern looking. It has sleek curves and the metal it is made of appears to be aluminum. Although somewhat unsightly, you can see the welds that hold it together. This stroller is built solid.We were happy to find out that our other carseat, the Graco Snugride 32, is designed to also fit on the stroller base with the Teutonia carseat adapter, which is included.It also includes 1 base for the car.PS: If we are hugely mistaken about the way it folds up with the toddler seat, someone please let us know!Thanks.

Nelly Ashburnham, MA

works great

We love this system. It works great and looks great. I like the option of facing them either way and also how easy it is to flip the top bar.

Alexis Cotton Valley, LA

if you’ve got the cash, why not?

There are many things in life that i find is worth spending the extra money to get a more sturdy(well made), sleeker version. Car seats, tv’s, cameras….they have so many price points and they make you pay for every little thing, but you as the consumer have to decide whether it is worth the extra money or not. This stroller is no exception. This stroller sits higher than most strollers(so you don’t have to bend over as far to touch your child), it has a wider wheel set in the back than the front(which makes steering much smoother), the material is very well made and sturdy, and you an face your child either facing you or away. This is my first time owning a stroller of this caliber and i can see why people who have the money, go ahead and buy the more expensive ones. This is a very nice travel system. I loved almost everything about it, my only complaint being that the carrying rack on the bottom was a little too tiny, smaller than most other strollers storage in fact. The brakes are on the handle which saves you from having to tilt to the side and squint to see if they’re locked or not. I also find putting the brakes on my old stroller hard if i’m wearing flip flops, this stroller eliminates that problem.Bottom line: if you can afford to spend the steep asking price, go for it. this stroller has so many nice feature that ones from target or babies r us could not offer. Is it necessary? no. will you have an unhappy child or will it make you a bad parent if you don’t splurge? absolutely not. It will make your experience as a parent just slightly easier. Good luck!!

Katy Bellevue, ID

Great stroller “system” – love the way it folds

We have a Bugaboo Cameleon Complete Stroller Base Color: Dark Grey that we used from birth through about age 3. I am comparing this to that. The T-Linx system includes the stroller and car seat. Both appear to be high quality, safe, and all-around a great way to spoil your kid.By far the greatest advantage the T-Linx system has is the way it folds. I find it easy to do with one hand and it can easily be stowed in most normal sized trunks – even in the small trunk of my M3 convertible! The Bugaboo is a great stroller, but collapsing it is a true project – and it doesn’t fit in my trunk.One of the other reviewers noted some problems with build-quality. I have only had this for a short time, but everything seems to be strong and well made. Time will tell, and I will update this review if any problems are found. Our brake works fine.Another thing I really like about this system is how easy it is to remove the fabric for washing. Very well engineered.The stroller is smooth to push, but not quite as smooth as the Bugaboo. It is still a thousand percent better than any umbrella stroller. It is A+ on hard surfaces, but on dirt roads or sand the Bugaboo has the advantage.Of course, this is a bit less expensive than the Bugaboo and includes the infant car seat (but the Bugaboo includes a bassinet).If you have any questions, please put them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Nan Twin Bridges, MT

Love it!

I love everything about this T-Linx System.I love the sleek “Carbon Black” color. No, it is not the usual “baby” colors with pastels or cute prints, but it is sleek and very sharp looking.Putting it together did not take much at all and it feels sturdy and secure. Folding it for transport is done quickly and easily. Unfolding for use is easy as well.Everything on it is so cushiony and comfy feeling. The padding is very plush.It glides along like a breeze, no matter what surface you’re on. Walking through the mall, walking outdoors, or even through grassy/bumpy areas – the stroller glides along smoothly.I love that it is not too bulky and I can get through more crowded areas like the mall or flea markets etc without much of a problem. I don’t feel like I am barging through with a huge stroller. It is just as big as it needs to be, without being overly large or bulky.The small sling underneath for storage is so-so, but I haven’t had an issue with it. Once in a while I wish it was slightly bigger, but it is not a major drawback.The carseat fits snug and secure in the car and has all the necessary positions available. Baby can sit up high enough to catch a glimpse of the view out the car windows. It is also very nicely padded and plush. It isn’t a hassle to get in and out of the car either.This is a very nice, complete travel system. It looks great, functions perfectly and has all the features I could have wanted. I feel like it is worth the hefty pricetag, but that is a personal opinion. Another lower priced system might work just as well..it all depends on your price range and budget. I feel that the T-Linx System will hold up well overtime and be well worth the cost and I do recommend it.

Alissa Frohna, MO

“BMW” indeed . . . .

To start with, this is a great 1st baby “starter kit”, as you get a quality stroller and a matching quality car safety seat (interchangeable into the stroller). Not cheap, but doesn’t 1st baby always get all the goodies anyway??The elephant in the room with the Teutonia T-Linx is the striking aesthetic design. This thing screams that your baby has “arrived”. Seriously, it’s a head-turner and is guaranteed to get you compliments. Secondly, and in keeping with the BMW analogy, movement and handling with the stroller is a dream. It has a compact, effective independent 4-wheel spring suspension system, and soft no-air/no-flat tires. The stroller sits high in the chassis. Handle flips quickly for instant 180 degree change of direction (baby facing fore or aft). Just a pleasure to push around and kind of makes you wish you could get in for a ride.As I said, the well built child safety car seat can be snapped out of the car adaptor frame, and snapped into the stoller chassis in place of the stroller seat insert. Handy and saves bulk for multi-stop in/out of the car trips where the stroller will be used . . . baby can stay buckled in, and the stroller frame can fold into the trunk “empty”.Generous soft storage bag (under the stroller and requires bending). The brake however, CAN be set without bending down. A real plus. The high ride position also minimizes bending for baby maintenance. Numerous options can be purchased, such as hard cup-holder.Stroller fold down is easy enough – not particularly exceptional, but is at least as easy as any other stroller I’ve folded down.This is a good looking, high end stroller option. Always fun to use, with the pleasure of feeling like baby is in “the best”. No breakage issues thus far. Very pleased.

Eloise Granbury, TX