The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Baby

The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Baby


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Amazing! So happy with it!

My three month old son was drooling and gnawing on my fingers and knuckles and I thought he couldn’t possibly be teething this soon, but as it turns out his dad and his uncle were early teethers. I try to be as natural as possible in every aspect of life and that is how I learned about amber and hazle wood necklaces. I LOVE the necklace I bought from Art of the cure. His drooling and fussiness all together vanished. Today for the first time in 2 weeks I forgot to put his necklace on him this morning and he was drooling non stop all day and being a fuss budget, I couldn’t figure out why and then I realized he wasn’t wearing the necklace. Today made me a believer. Not to mention the necklace is gorgeous. Also this company has knots on each individual bead which is a must have for babies and the shipping was prompt and the price is perfect! 6 Stars for Amber!

Bettie Layton, UT

i charish this necklace

i can’t say that it "worked" or didn’t but i can say that my daughter never had a bad teething issue (other than drool) and she wore this every day from 1 month old until 2 years. it is so cute and we get many compliments on it. it has become one of my favorite keepsakes from my daughter (i’ll get my second kid her/his own) and i was heartbroken when i thought i lost it.

Ramona Stuart, IA


Not sure how well it works on pain just yet, or maybe it does and I just don’t know cause my 9 month old is so happy. But I have seen little to no drool and no more drool spots on her face. And even if it doesn’t work on the pain she looks so cute in it. I got the 11-12 and fits her just right, not so tight that her double chin eats it but also not so long that it would get caught on anything. Also the clasp is a threaded bead that twists. Very easy to put on and off a wiggly baby and looks nice even if it gets turned to the front. I think this will make a wonderful shower gift.

Estelle Saint Johns, AZ


It’s cute as a necklace or wrap around ankle bracelet. I do not know if it helps my little one with teething or not. But it doesn’t hurt to think it does!

Aurelia Cohasset, MN

Not sure if it worked

We bought this for my daughter when she was about 2 or 3 months. She did not yet have any teeth, but she was drooling a bunch and wanted to chew on everything. I had her wear it for about a month, before I decided to take it off for vanity reasons. It’s a cute necklace, but it changes the look of outfits to be a bit too earthy crunchy. It is durable and has nice beads, but it was hard to say if it was doing anything. I had better results with the homeopathic teething tablets.

Celeste Hartshorn, MO

Mostly Hype

SOME teething symptoms were relived, I say about 35%. Every kid is different, some are good teethers, some are bad teethers. My daughter is a bad teether…and this does NOTHING when it is bad except lesson the drool! Buy it if you want, I have some friends that swear by it, but it doesn’t do it for me!

Arline Collegeville, PA

It’s OK

The necklace itself is beautiful, and carefully tied in between each bead which is always important for these necklaces. A lot of people ask if it’s something the baby can chew on since it’s called a teething necklace but IT IS NOT FOR CHEWING ON!!I don’t know if we saw a huge difference in our little one when we put it on here at about 4 months old – she’s got a pretty chunky neck (think triple-chin) which of course I love in babies, but sometimes this necklace seems to irritate her so just keep an eye out for any irritation.Since it’s holistic, there’s obviously no real way to gauge whether or not it’s working, but it was worth a shot with a teething infant.

Earlene Depew, OK

Cute neclklace.

I have never heard of these before I purchased them for my twin granddaughters. Lots of good reviews and our babies don’t seem to drool as much with these on.

Georgette Woolstock, IA

Love this

This is great for teething baby! On days she doesn’t wear it you can really tell her teeth hurt a lot more. It’s cut on her too!

Janice Paoli, OK

my go to baby shower gift!

crazy as it may sound- these things work! for more than just teething, there is also less overall drooling, eczema is completely gone, i am thoroughly impressed with these amber necklaces, my children and i each have one. i also give them as gifts to my friends that are expecting.we receive compliments all the time on how cute the necklaces are, when i tell people what they’re for they look amazed, and as skeptical as i was when i ordered the first one out of desperation for relief for my teething infant.

Cora Manter, KS