The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

WHAT ALL THE MOMS ARE RAVING ABOUT!!! The Art of Cure Brand AND Trademark is dedicated to providing the highest quality for Teething Babies. The Ultimate and Original Amber Teething Necklace Our Amber Teething Necklace is the perfect alternative to medicine for babies & toddlers during the teething process. All this is thanks for the Baltic Amber Natural immune system boost, anti-inflammatory & analgesic capabilities. By the time the baby or toddler start using the necklace you will start noticing the differences on their behavior & mood, thanks to the effectiveness of the succinic acid contained naturally on the amber and without suffering the secondary effects behind synthetic medicine like teething tablets or scrapings left by the teething toys on their mouth. The True Benefits Of Amber Teething Necklace • Noticeable Soothing, calming effects after a few hours of wearing it and much more after a few days of use. • Natural Teething remedy without secondary effects as normal pharmaceutics drugs used for teething healing. • Recover full energy, fussiness & avoid fever from teething. • Babies and toddler looks adorable when wearing it while helping them with their teething problems. • Highest Standard Quality used for making our Baltic Wonder amber teething jewelry. • Safety knotted (Amber bead) & easy to use. • Approved By Mothers! Advised Safety Requirements: • Always supervise the infant when wearing the necklace. • Remove the necklace when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time. • Remove the necklace while the infant sleeps at day or night. • Not allow the infant to mouth or chew the necklace. Limited Quantity Available for selling amazon at %50 discount price. Get yours before price rise. Order Your Certificated Amber Teething Necklace Now!

Main features

  • Anti-Flammatory & Succinic Acid Immune System Boosting Properties. 100% Made Of Real Baltic Amber.
  • 12.5 in. Long – 1 year Guarantee. Fast Support, buy with confidence!
  • Teething Relief, Drooling & Fussiness Reduced
  • Must have product when new born child & toddlers begin teething.
  • Safety knotted (Amber Bead), Hand Crafted with the Highest Quality Standard on the Market.

Verified reviews


Ummm is this REALLY supposed to work?

Are people serious that this works?? I think it might work if you believe in it and therefore it will work as a Placebo. I have tried having my baby wear this numerous times and it does not hinder the drooling, ear pulling or fussiness that comes with teething. I am giving it 2 stars (rather than 1) because it’s cute and I have received compliments when she wears it! But aside from a cute fashion statement it serves no purpose.

Jeri Hopedale, IL

Real or Fake???

I don’t know if this thing really is what it says it is. It seems like its plastic to me. You know how when you’re wearing your long jeweled neaklace or pearls and chew on it sometimes, remember what that feels like against your teeth? Yeah, well I chewed on this thing a little and its not the same feeling against my teeth. Also, my babys demeanor hadn’t favored either way while wearing it or not. I need hard evidence, I’m not impressed.

Edith Berlin, GA

didn’t seem to work

My husband bought this to help our son with teething. We only had him wear it at night (around his foot) and it did not help at all. My son still woke up several times screaming and did not seem to be soothed at all.

Adeline Supai, AZ

I thought this was ridiculous but it’s amazing!

Talk about skeptical, I thought this was flat out BS. Several friends suggested it to me when I told them how stressful teething was for us, and I pretty much just let it go in one ear and out the other. My son started teething at 2 months old and at that age they cannot chew on things because they can’t get things to their mouth. I tried everything from teething tablet to teething drops, I also tried cold wash cloths, and held rings to his mouth for him to chew on. He did not like chewing on anything! We went through teething hell till I finally purchased this when my son was almost 6 months old. When you have a miserable baby who wont eat wont sleep and just fusses constantly because their gums hurt, you will try anything. Well when I received this in the mail I put it on my son, no big deal, didn’t notice anything immediately. Well that night he ate a 7 ounce bottle before bed which he would never do, and then he slept through the night, a whole 8 hours!! I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but he continued to sleep well for the next several nights. He is also so much happier during the day. Now this is not a cure all, he still has teething pain sometimes and still gets fussy sometimes. All in all I would say this works, and as far as a choking hazard, this is NOT FOR YOUR BABY TO CHEW ON!! This is just for them to wear, for it to touch their skin. I put in on my son’s neck during the day when I’m with him and then I wrap it around his ankle at night. He wear footie pajamas so there is no way for him to get to it. I would suggest this to anyone who has a teething baby for sure.

Tracie Newville, AL

This necklace wooooooorks!

My toddler 2 yrs. he was drooling all over his shirts. His shirts look like he’d been in a water balloon fight. Poor little guy. We put the necklace on him and instantly we saw his drool decrease. I’ve seen all kind of negative reviews I beg to happily differ. This company is selling the real deal! I feel this company deserves truthful reviews. THIS PRODUCT WORKED FOR MY TWO YEAR OLD INSTANTLY. there’s no drool on his shirt. He’s not biting his hand. I will order this again.

Therese Maple Hill, NC

Allergic reaction!!! Do not buy!!

My son started developing a rash on his neck just one day after I put this necklace on. I bought it because a friend recommended amber necklaces for teething – totally works on her daughter. I must have ordered one that wasnʻt authentic. At first I thought, maybe it was something else so I left the necklace on but after three days the rash got so red and irritated and it started spreading to other parts of his body. Scary stuff! We looked it up online and several parents have made complaints about this. My fault – I did buy a cheap one "to see if it works" – apparently, what I bought isnʻt even amber and possibly more of a resin mixture. Upon further inspection, it does not even look like an amber gemstone (Iʻm a jewelry-designer/maker). Do not recommend! Do not buy! The good news is we removed the necklace last night and put a little coconut oil on the rash and this morning it looks much better, but from what Iʻve read it could have been much worse.

Flossie Moccasin, CA

Awesome buy

I’d read about amber teething necklaces in the past. I wasn’t so sure, but our 15 month old experiences a lot of teething pain, so I thought we’d try it. So glad we did. No more screaming nights. An excellent alternative to medication.

Shirley Lakeview, AR

Really cute on… but I can’t tell the difference

I was really optimistic that this would magically cure my babies teething troubles. We wore the necklace for about 3 months straight. I honestly couldn’t tell any difference in her mood or comfort level. The necklace is really cute and makes a cute baby fashion statement!

Lora Mercer, PA

I Can’t Believe I Thought This Would Work!

I can’t believe I bought into this. I was so desperate to help my teething colicky baby that I tried this, but I should’ve have known it wasn’t going to work.The only positive is that it is rather pretty, so even though it does jack about teething pain, I still let my daughter wear it when she wants.

Cathleen Lavonia, GA

Life saver!

My daughter began showing signs of teething at 4 weeks old and I purchased this at 5 weeks old. The first night we had it on her (just hours after rcving it) her drooling lessened considerably. She’s 3 and 1/2 months old now and I do not know what we’d do without this necklace! We leave it on day&night, through baths, swimming…we took it off once to rinse some spit up off of it and I’d forgotten to put it back on – BIG mistake, she was miserable!! – so we’ve made a point to just leave it on and rinse it when she’s bathed! Only now, at nearly 4 months are we looking at introducing another aid to help her out – more for painful gums then anything else since the necklace helps tremendously with her mood and drooling, it’s amazing! I’ve recommended this to quite a few people!

Evelyn Elkwood, VA

Was skeptical, now I’m impressed

I bought this for my daughter. I was hesitant to buy it at first, but decided it was worth trying. My daughter was around 3 months old when I purchased it. She is 9 months now. She cut two teeth barely needing hyland’s or a pain reliever. There was a lot less drooling. She is currently working on 2 more with just as much naturally happiness as ever. Was it the necklace? I believe it helped somehow, somewhere. This is my 5th baby and this first time teething has been a minor inconvenience. I didn’t use this necklace on any of my other kids, but wish I had. I will be giving this as a regular baby gift 😀

Sophie Flossmoor, IL

It works, i think

This is one of those things which is so hard to really know if it works. Teething is such a weird process. There will be times where my daughter is in so much pain and even then the necklace doesn’t really work. But other times, we put it on and she is so calm. There are also times when she isn’t wearing it and is still calm even though she is in the teething stage. So it’s hard to say. However, it looks nice, and if it does help, I’d rather her hurt less. So as long as it’s not harming her, I’m all for it. When I got some surgery done on my mouth, I put it on my wrist and didn’t notice any difference.

Danielle Newburg, MO

Not Impressed

I’m pretty sure it is real baltic amber, HOWEVER, even after all the friends I had who swore by these darn things, I say it was a waste of $20. If anything, my son’s attitude has gotten 10x worse about everything since I put it on. He’s been wearing it for a few days, and has gone from mildly crabby and sleeping through the night, to screaming every waking second, and waking up twice a night again, after being a thru-sleeper for about 3 months. Overall, not impressed. Wouldn’t purchase again, wouldn’t recommend.

Nona North Street, MI

love it but breaks easily. worked great my son was so much better and less fussier. I am a true believer.

love it but breaks easily. worked great my son was so much better and less fussier. I am a true believer. first one i got was broken in the mail, contacted seller they were quick to reply and send a new one. the second one broke after 3 days. but so worth every dollar i just tied the ends together and use it on his feet as a ankle bracelet

Kathi Kinston, AL

Don’t even know what teething troubles are!

I’ve had this necklace on my son since he was about 7 months old. He didn’t get his first tooth until 10 months old, and after that he got 4 in one month. He is now 1 year old with 6 teeth. But he has not shown any of the typical teething signs that other moms have told me about. He isn’t cranky, he doesn’t act like his mouth hurts, he doesn’t drool, and no fever. This is my first baby so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. Maybe my son is just super tough, or maybe this necklace really does it’s job. All I know is that I keep it on him 24/7, even during baths, and I don’t plan on taking it off. I know a lot of people are worried about it breaking and baby eating the beads. My son does notice the necklace on occasion and tugs on it a bit, but it is super strong and i am not worried about it breaking at all. For the most part my son doesn’t seem to care about it at all.

Maura Fayetteville, AR

Love everything about it

I am a return buyer of this product. I had bought the bracelet for my daughter who was born in 2010. I am a true believer that this does help the little ones out with their teething issues. However, I like the necklace much better. My son doesn’t see it therefore he doesn’t try and get it off. Since the day it showed up it has been on him. LOVE IT!!

Lizzie New Auburn, WI

Great for teething

I really love these amber necklaces. It really does work with my son and the price is good. I like that the necklace screws together to keep it on, and it’s a perfect size for my son. He’s still wearing his at 16 months and doesn’t play with it. In the beginning it was interesting to him some what but now it normal and looks so cute too!

Verna Cocoa, FL


My child now sleeps much better. He used to be up all nite in horrible pain. I love that we don’t have to use so much pain reliever as well – its amazing, but these beeds work!

Estela Willisville, IL

this was recommended to me

can’t tell any difference with this. my baby girl still got sick and is drooling all the time with her teething. but is a cute necklace

Alyce Meeker, CO


I put this on my little one at 3 months old, he has cut two teeth, the first one I didn’t think it worked, but then I took him to the Dr, he had an ear infection, and hand foot mouth disease. The second tooth came through with no problems, he drooled, didn’t fuss, no fever, and no Tylenol to ease the pain. I’m now a firm believer in this, not only does it help my little one, it looks fashionable. I’m confident I have sold a dozen more of these from word of mouth! Never hurts to try, would rather do this then give him any kind of meds.

Tonia La Salle, TX

So far, so good

I bought this as everyone recommended it! Reviewed lots about it and seemed to have no bad effect. My baby just turned 7 months and should be teething soon… so i cannot comment about its effects yet. However, i have had no issues with the necklace as being hazardous in any way for my baby.

Maude Manassa, CO

I’m a believer…

I do believe this necklace is working for my 4 month old son. From the day we started using it I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of drool which has saved us from many daily wardrobe changes. The necklace is as described and we are very pleased with the color. We’ve only had it for about a month and DS is yet to have his first tooth break through so I will try and update once that happens.

Dena Hallieford, VA

good necklace for baby

we got this for our 8 month old who seems to be teething daily! his drool has decreased but his gnawing on objects has increased. We have had no issues with this necklace and he doesnt mind it at all. It has come off once or twice but it could be we did not screw it on tight enough. he is a huge wiggle worm. I recommend this necklace!

Dana Gold Hill, OR

Really beautiful

Really beautiful on my daughter, and I think it actually works. I am very happy with it. This is not to be chewed on… just sayin.. because I didn’t know.

Kristine Bonfield, IL

Amber teething necklace

I’ve been asked by many if this has actually worked for me and I have to say I’m not sure. My son has worn it since he started teething and I’d like to think that it has made it better for him but we’ve never taken it off so I can’t be sure. It is a good quality necklace and it looks oh so cute on him so I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Lucinda Hogeland, MT

i don’t think so

first let me say that my daughter has had 6 teeth come in before buy her 1st birthday and considering other children that i have seen, she is very quite compared to them. she mostly will wimper or wake up more during the night. she doesn’t scream and she doesn’t refuse to sleep so I am grateful for that. however, i feel horrible to see her in discomfort and want to help any way i can. after trying all the possible solutions, i firmly believe this does NOTHING to help. there was no difference if one week she wore it and another she didn’t – bottom line.

Robert Forest Hill, WV


I cannot believe my grandbaby has 6 teeth, and these really seem to help with the teething pain! I am a BELIEVER!

Rosanne Key Largo, FL


edit: (11/12/13)changed from one star to 3 stars.I take back everything I said before. Apparently, I THOUGHT it was plastic. but I did the salt-water test and it PASSED! weird. Its real. Haven’t noticed any difference in my baby yet. Its only day 1. I got it yesterday but it was so sall looking i couldn’t get it around his neck until now. Its not too tight, but I wont be letting hi sleep with it just to ,ake sure. He did nap in it today, ubut I keep a close watch on hi during naps.I will update if I notice any difference.

Minerva Myra, WV

Cute but Didn’t Last

I am not sure if it worked…. but I felt like it made a difference with our teething baby. After wearing it daily for 7 months one end bead popped off making it unusable because I can no longer secure it. Sorta sad because it was cute and not cheap…

Suzanne Edgar, NE

Does it work? Who knows!

This is a cute necklace, but who really knows if it is working for your child? I keep it on my son when he is actively teething, and he has been doing very well with his teething. However, he is fine without the necklace, too. So, who really knows?

Sophie Pacific Beach, WA