The Baby Safe Feeder’s 2 + 2 Starter Set

The Baby Safe Feeder’s 2 + 2 Starter Set

Give baby fresh food – without risk of choking. The Baby Safe Feeder was invented by a dad whose baby nearly died choking on a biscuit. Its patented mesh feeder allows you to feed baby fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats safely (while teaching baby how to chew). Makes a terrific soothing teether – just fill with ice or frozen fruit. Kit includes two complete feeders, plus two extra pouches. Sanitary and dishwasher safe. For ages 5 months to 2 years. Made in USA. Award winner: 1 of the 10 Best Item of the Year Award on the Oprah Winfrey Show Mesh feeder allows baby to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats safely (while teaching your baby how to chew) BPA Free

Main features

  • Fill with ice or frozen fruit
  • Perfect for teething
  • Replaceable bags
  • Reduces the risk of choking
  • A safe way to feed your baby

Verified reviews


Baby Loves This! Bags Aren’t Dyed! Made in US

I chose this soft food feeder because it was made in the US and the feeder bags weren’t dyed. Why on earth would I want my baby to suck on a purple feeder bag when he can suck on an undyed one?These are easy for my 5.5 month old to handle, and in my experience clean up pretty easily it you turn it inside out and scrub with a toothbrush as soon as he’s done.These are definitely an improvement over the cheesecloth that I was previously wrapping pieces of fruit in, though we’ll see how durable they are once he’s gotten some teeth.

Mariana Macungie, PA

Baby loves it but doesn’t clean so well

My 7 month old loves to eat apples and bananas from this feeder. If she’s somewhere other than her high chair we use a binky clip to keep it attached so she doesn’t throw it. She only has 2 teeth and can munch away and actually eat the whole thing without too much mess. Like some other people, though, the mesh bag doesn’t clean well – after one use with a banana it was never white again, I put it through the dishwasher, soaked in in Oxi-Clean & it was still yucky brown. I know it’s probably clean enough but it kind of grosses me out to give it to my daughter, which seems like a waste after just one use.

Queen Gladstone, ND

Don’t buy this – there’s a better option

These feeders get so gross and it’s too hard to clean them out. I feel like they wern’t sanitary and I just don’t have the time to mess around with that. I bought the Kidsme Food Feeder from Amazon and it’s a million times better. No mesh! It’s silicone (like a bottle nipple) so it’s easy to clean. My 6 month-old daughter and I are both happy campers.[Award winning] Kidsme Food Feeder for 4 Months and Above (Small, Blue/Yellow)

Marissa Mc Intyre, PA

great idea, but design flaw in terms of stains

i like this for letting baby chew on food/taste things before he can fully chew bites of food, but as other reviewers noticed the white cloth mesh bag gets stained really easy (and i’ve been careful to immediately take leftover food out and soak in soap/baking soda). i do like that he’s not chewing on plastic, but i wonder if other brands don’t have this staining problem if the mesh is plastic?

Adriana Wabbaseka, AR

Love em!

These are great. My daughter is teething and she loves a piece of popsicle or watermelon in the bag. I think they are easy to clean as long as you flip it inside out and rinse it right away. Highly recommend!

Caryn Petrolia, TX

Perfect for frozen baby food

My baby is still young, but I used this because her gums were hurting- she hates her teething ring and I’m too nervous to let her gnaw on a chunk of frozen fruit. But at the suggestion of my husband, I put a frozen cube of milled pear that I made in the feeder and she loved it! I didn’t have to worry about her getting any chunks and unlike some feeders, these bags are mesh fabric, not plastic so no little bits to break off. It was pretty easy to clean, just strong stream of hot water and a sponge. It did require a few tries to get all of the bits of strained pear out, but it didn’t take long at all. Although, if left to sit for even a few minutes, I imagine it would be a great deal more difficult. I’m very happy with this product and it’s been a great way to introduce foods to my daughter (who also dislikes baby spoons!).

Tanisha Gibbstown, NJ

he isn’t sure

I like these because they can be easily taken apart and sanitized. Our baby gets a bit frustrated with them but will suck on apple slices in the car for a few minutes. Just don’t use with bananas.

Aileen Selma, OR

great little feeder

the feeder works great for my 7 months old. i use this mainly at home since it does not come with a cap/cover. it’s not as hard to clean as i though it would be. i just wash it right of way after the baby is done and no problem. the handle is easy for the baby to grasp. all in all i like the product and would recommend it.

Matilda Peytona, WV

Great self feeding Tool

You can go wrong with this. It teaches them to put food in their mouth and you can walk away.

Justina Ree Heights, SD

Great version of this product

As PPs have stated, this feeder is in 3 separate pieces for “easy” cleaning. The BSF is very durable feeling and the plastic bits are easy to rinse off and throw in the dishwasher. It is a bit heavy, but not excessivley so. The mesh pouch also seems durable and is not as difficult to clean as other similar products. I soak mine in hot water for 15 or so minutes then finger rub the debris off/out before machine washing it. There are seams along the inside and at the ring of the pouch and most debris seems to get caught in the seam allowance. It is easy for baby to grasp and hold and the trouble it takes to clean it is well worth the enjoyment he gets from it. I highly recommend this product over similar ones.

Mellisa West Liberty, WV

don’t get the other brand, get this one.

Our 7 month old daughter loves this, a piece of ripe banana inside and she’s in baby heaven. The screw on design is easy to use, and the replacement bags make washing up easier. (and you can buy new ones too)We got the munchkin brand first, and the design of that one is far inferior to this. You have to pinch little plastic tabs to release the hinge, and the mesh is not replacable.

Roxie South Shore, SD

Not for babies with a texture preference

I bought these for my son thinking they would be the perfect for his teething. Not so much! He couldn’t stand the texture. My friend’s son, on the other hand, absolutely loved these teethers, so we gave ours away to them.

Monique Wilton, AR

useful prodcut

Works well for things like banana, avocado, cooked carrot and other mushy foods that otherwise would make a huge mess. With this feeder, they make a slightly less huge mess and we can attach the feeder to the high chair, preventing our little budding Cy Young from throwing her food across the room. Win.

Rocio Blocker, OK

Great way to get the baby familiar with foods

My little munchkin wasn’t much for food, but the baby safe feeder was a great way to get her to taste more foods. I freeze baby food in BPA free trays, and then I can pop a cube in the feeder, and she’ll suck on it. Then when I try to feed her the real food, she’s more receptive because she’s familiar with the taste. Great product!

Frances Cecil, PA