The First Years 1 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 9 Ounce

The First Years 1 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 9 Ounce

For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do. Making helpful, innovative products for your parenting journey is what motivates us every day.

Main features

  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • High Quality
  • American Red Cross licensed product
  • Perfect for breast milk and formula
  • 88% of moms surveyed in an independent in home bottle feeding research study said their babies experienced less gas or less spit up or less fussiness
  • Breastflow is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding
  • Soft outer nipple mimics the feel of the breast, allowing babys tongue to stay in the same position as breastfeeding
  • Patented inner nipple allows your baby to control the flow naturally like breastfeeding whether you use breast milk or formula

Verified reviews


Breastflow bottle

I didn’t use this bottle because my baby first took Adiri bottle (which I ordered along with this product) and I we don’t need to try this one now. But this bottle looks very cheap and a lead has rough edges. But it looks like it might work as described. And nipple is soft and looks pretty natural to real breast.

Jewel Highland, OH

Sanity Saver!

After 2 difficult weeks trying to get our daughter to breastfeed, and using a very tedious SNS feeding system to avoid nipple confusion our lactation specialist recommended we try a bottle but continuing offering the breast at each feeding. We initially gave her a Platex Drop-In Nurser. What a nightmare! Twice the liner slipped out of the bottle spilling 3 oz of precious hear-earned breast milk! And as a final straw one of the liners popped a hole as we were preparing the bottle. I swore I would never use it again. And we tried the Breastflow. It worked great! AND our daughter finally started nursing consistently almost immediately after we switched bottles. It may have been a coincidence but regardless it worked!!The only negative is that the double chamber system can make it hard for the baby to get the last 1/2 oz out of the bottle, and it can be tricky to clean. I have found the best method is to flip the nipples inside out. I would absolutely recommend this to a breast feeding parent!

Denice Intercession City, FL

Could be better.

The good things about these bottles are that they go with my breast pump, they’re easy to hold when giving to baby, and they’re great if you want to breast and bottle feed–my newborn got nipple confusion when I gave him a pacifier and forgot how to nurse right away. When I gave him this bottle he got back on the breast with no problem, which was great!The bad parts about them are that they’re leaky, and most importantly my baby swallowed so much air it made feedings eternal because I’d have to burp him multiple times and he was so frustrated because he couldn’t get the air out. That’s ultimately why I stopped using these and switched to some plain old cheap nipples. Feeding time was cut in half and mine and his frustration was, too.

Anita Benson, MD

Best for switching between breast and bottle

I began using these bottles when my 1st child was born. I unfortunately had to supplement him and found that he didn’t like any other bottle I gave him. Once I found this bottle he absolutely loved it. This bottle also helps the baby to latch properly and more efficient sucking. It’s very well made and not hard to clean at all. If you don’t want to hand wash then just get the first years dishwasher basket they just came out with. Only issue I had was with the markings on the outside of the bottle wearing off after a few months of use.

Simone Port Lavaca, TX

Leaky McLeakerson

I am so glad that I did not actually pay for these bottles because they are currently paperweights in my cabinet! I have tried to use them several times, but the darn things leak so bad its useless. My daughter is primarily breastfed, but these bottles she HATED! Not to mention each time I tried to use them I would have to change and bathe her afterwards because they leaked so bad. Totally not worth the money, the cheap parents choice bottles at wal-mart are better quality.

Lynette Appling, GA

Formula Feeder – Bottle caves in

Pro’s:- doesn’t leak- wide neck makes formula scooping easierCon’s:- the measurements are inked on and come off wayyy too easily – we had to take a knife and mark our own measurement lines – wish they were imprinted into the plastic. we don’t even use a dishwasher.- nipple constantly caves in from air pressure when baby is sucking – you constantly have to take the bottle out of baby’s mouth, twist the cap to let air back in, then give it back to waiting babytrying something else for the next baby

Georgette Albany, NY

Awesome for breastfeeding! Corrected nipple confusion/bad latch

I loved these bottles. After starting to lose my sanity breastfeeding my baby seemingly around the clock (leaving very little time for my plans of world domination, let alone eating and combing my hair occasionally), we found these bottles. They are wonderfully compatible with breastfeeding! The two nipple design means baby really has to suck to get milk out, which helps when you want to avoid nipple confusion. My newborn was always a bit fussier at the breast after drinking from faster-flowing bottles, but once we got these bottles he was fine. He latched on perfectly well after using these bottles, no confusion at all. Since they worked so well, I started pumping to make a couple of bottles, and my husband was able to take a night time feeding shift, which was fantastic! Not only did these bottles allow me to get a little more sleep (alleluia!), they gave my husband that nice feeding bond with baby. 10 enthusiastic thumbs up (and never you mind why I have 10 thumbs).

Veronica Bedford, NY

Great for avoiding nipple confusion

I used these bottles when my baby was very young — he wouldn’t latch in the beginning and the Lactation Consultants from the hospital recommended these bottles. I had friends who couldn’t get their baby back on the breast after nursing with a bottle. I did not have that problem. People have had problems with them leaking, and I did have this happen a few times, but only when the milk was cold. If you want to nurse and need to use a bottle in the beginning too, this is the bottle for you!

Muriel Pilot Rock, OR

Not worth the hassle…

I purchased several of these bottles/nipples after we started daycare and my daughter was getting nipple confusion from the Gerbers that fit onto my pump. At first, I was very impressed that they improved her latch and she didn’t appear to have much gas from taking the bottle. After about a week of use, I found that the nipples retained the “left sitting out” breastmilk smell and I couldn’t get it out. I washed the bottles and nipples in hot soapy water and sterilized from time to time to make sure all the bacteria was destroyed. Unfortunately, after another month of use, my to my horror, I discovered that the inner, darker blue nipples had deteriorated at the opening and either expanded on their own (because I certainly didn’t shove anything in there to clean the very opening surface) or split down the side of the nipple (about “!) or both! I immediately looked at the other nipples we have been using and found that every single nipple had that problem. The outer, clear nipple was still in perfect shape but the inner, blue nipple was deteriorating. Now, either I have toxic milk – which I highly doubt – or the material is not of the best quality.I called the company the very next morning and told them about this problem that I was having with the nipples. The “customer service” lady took an accusatory tone and said that I must be cleaning them wrong because she’d never heard of that. I told her that I was using a nipple brush to clean the inside of the nipples but that there was no other way to get to the very tip of the inside. She said that I only needed to use a soft cloth. Really? Then she offered to send me a replacement nipple pack “just this once.” Ok, um, thanks.I received the replacement pack and immediately put them to use. After a week of use, I inspected them again. Guess what I found?! The tips were starting to split – about 1/8-1/6″ down the side of the blue inner nipple.I called the company again to tell them about this. Got a different customer service rep and she apologized, asked how I was caring for the nipples and then offered to send me 4 replacement nipples but asked if I would please send them the defective nipples because they are very concerned. I said sure. I got the replacement packaged, opened it up, and found not 4 replacement Stage 1 nipples but two bottles of the stage 2, 9 oz size.I’m not going to bother with sending them the defective nipples. I am not the only person that’s having this issue as other reviewers online have reported the same occurrences.Save your money and try something else. These don’t appear to have a very long lifespan. I like the idea, but it just doesn’t last. We are switching to another bottle.

Angeline North Ridgeville, OH

Try and try again

Finding a bottle that your baby likes is very hard! I would recommend to anyone that they buy several single bottles of many different brands. What works for one baby may not work for another.My daughter hated this bottle. At only 2 weeks old she actually screamed and pushed it away from her mouth and kept hitting it away. She was breastfed, but used to a bottle from the very first day of life. She took just about anything you put in her mouth, but she hated this one. Couldn’t tell you why. I tried it a few more times and it just wasn’t worth it. She preferred either the Tommee Tippee, Avent, or Dr. Browns, so I stuck with Dr. Browns. But I have a whole set of Avent’s and Tommee Tippee’s in my closet… so be smart and buy single bottles until you figure out what works for your baby!!!!! Otherwise you’ll have a closet full of bottles waiting to be given away!!!!

Ollie Mayhew, MS

outer nipple buckles

My sister was paranoid about good breastfeeding after a difficult start and wanted her son to use these bottles at grandma’s house when she began working, but he cried and screamed and made bottle feedings impossible for grandma. I tried giving him this bottle also, and watched the outer nipple buckle in, so he was literally not able to latch on to it. Grandma switched to a basic regular nippled bottle and he did much better.

Goldie Maumelle, AR

Too hard to clean

First tip don’t wait 6 weeks to give you baby a bottle!!! I did and now I am paying the price of her being 4 months and still won’t take a bottle unless so very hungry (aka daycare) but she is adapting the wrong way and holding out all day (daycare) and waking up all night to eat. When I was on leave she ate all day and slept for 8-10 hours at night. I am lucky to now get a 4 hour stretch of sleep…Anyway…annoying to clean and or my breastfeed baby she couldn’t really figure these out.. I bought 8, yes 8!!! different brands, the gerber, nuk, medela, mimijumi, Lansinoh mOmma, 1st years breastflow, advent, and tommee. Tommee was the winner, she still doesn’t like it, but it is the one that doesn’t make her cry at the sight of it and she will "play" with it and drink something. It isn’t any of these brands fault, its mine for listening to the lactation consultant. She is my 2nd baby, my first we introduced a bottle 2nd day of life and she never had nipple confusion and I nursed for for 14 months!

Sheila Berthoud, CO

It worked at first…

I purchased this bottle because my daughter suddenly refused the bottle. I was using the Avent Natural with a newborn nipple. It worked somewhat at first. I found that after the first few times, she just started chewing on the nipple. It seemed it was too difficult for her to suck milk out. I took away one star because of that. But I think the concept is very smart. It does seem like it mimics nursing well. My other issue was that milk would spill when pushing the sides to release the excess milk back in the bottle. It was a pain to keep doing that.

Katheryn Nikiski, AK

It’s alright

I liked the concept of this bottle but my daughter didn’t. First time I tried feeding her with this bottle she was having such a hard time drinking and got frustrated. It’s just one of those trial and error things, gotta move around until you find something that works, unfortunately this didn’t do it for my kiddo

Millicent White Earth, ND

Truly “slow flow,” unlike the other brands; great for breastfed baby

We tried Dr. Brown’s and Medela bottles for my breastfed son at 3 and 4 weeks old, and he sucked them down WAY too fast… the milk was pouring out of his mouth. This bottle actually requires some time to suck down, and requires a good latch to make it work. At 6 weeks, it looks like we’re going to have to go from “slow” to “medium” flow, because my son is collapsing the outer chamber, but I like this best of the 3 I’ve tried. The double-chamber is pretty easy to use, and this has fewer parts to clean than the ones with straws. I just throw them in the dishwasher on the “sterilize” cycle once in a while, and hand wash them with soap when I don’t do the dishwasher–it’s only 4 parts.

Isabella Onancock, VA

Easy to clean

I love this product because my daughter can easily go back to the breast after feeding on this during the day. I have had no messy leak problems, you just have to line everything up right and you’ll be fine. The nipples are easy to clean, as is the bottle.

Mercedes Albany, NY


This is an amazing bottle! This was the best way to switch from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding for my son, and with the double nipple it’s easy to understand. Even now, two months later, he still gets use out of the double nipple, because the inner one keeps him from collapsing the whole thing. I would like one bigger, now that my baby boy drinks more, and it would be great to be able to purchase in stores!

Shelia Wapiti, WY

It works, but not sure it will be a keeper…

My daughter will take this bottle from my husband-we give her about one a day so that when I go back to work, she will have practice. However, I can’t say she particularly loves the bottle. It takes her a long time to drink from it…The lactation consultant I saw recommended this brand since it is closest to the breast. I guess I will say that because she does not love it, it has not interfered with breastfeeding at all. I gave her her first bottle at 3 weeks, 5 days and she is now 7 weeks old.Edit: At 14 weeks, we are now on another bottle. DD just does not like silicone nipples.

Mamie Morris, CT


We are currently weaning our 6.5 month old daughter from the breast and were in search of a better bedtime bottle. She uses Playtex dropin 99% of the time but refused them at bedtime. She will actuall tak e this bottle at bedtime and go to sleep and also prefers it when she isn’t feeling well. I would say if you are trying to find a gentle way to wean your baby from the breast this is it. It works so much like the breast that at times I don’t think she can tell the difference.

May Shook, MO

Good bottle, not for us.

I have a hard time not giving this bottle a better rating, because it isn’t the products fault that my son won’t take it. We have been trying a bunch of different bottles with little to no luck. He prefers to nurse. This design DOES keep him from choking on the milk which is more than I can say for some of the bottles we have tried. The design is nice, easy to hold, and there aren’t too many pieces to clean. It’s worth a try for someone else, since every baby is different, there isn’t one miracle bottle that works for them all.

Felecia Glenwood, NJ

Okay bottle

I bought this bottle and the smaller size and this bottle was really complicated. Their were a lot of parts and it is kind of a pain to wash. Plus my baby did not like it.

Megan East Wilton, ME

Would be great if my daughter took a bottle.

I bought this bottle thinking it would be the solution to my breastfed daughter not taking any bottles. I tried NUK, Advent, Dr. Brown’s and Playtex, this being the last one I decided to buy. Sorry to say that she refuses this bottle as well as all the others. I don’t think that there is a flaw in the bottle I just figure she must not want to use a bottle and prefers me instead. That said the bottle is fine. There are people that have complained about milk leaking out of the bottle which I was worried about because any BF mom knows that milk is precious! However there are little areas you push that allow the milk to drain back into the bottle and it explains this in the directions. My only thought about those that are complaining about it, they must NOT have read the directions at all. Also if you are thinking about bottle feeding don’t wait too long like I did. I would recommend this bottle because I had no leaking problems with it, and it felt soft and very pliable to my touch. Just make sure to read the directions when getting the milk from the nipple to the bottle.Also in reference to those complaints about cleaning the bottle a simple solution I used is to have a small bowl of warm water that I soak the bottle in before I clean it, that way the milk does not get crusted on there…so I also had NO issued with cleaning the nipple either. Great design I had no problems at all.

Sharlene Curran, MI

I bought the marketing….mistake !

In general I always do a ton of research before buying any product except for this one…Well it was a mistake !I tried theses in the first few weeks of my baby, that was just a big fail !it felt like the milk was going out too fast getting my sweety pie to choke, it was totally messy dripping all over…and I just realized as well that the blue internal nipple were kind of squished permanently in some areas (did my baby bite it too strongly ?).Anyway I had a bottle that came with my medela breastpump and used that after the bad experience with these. It’s less fancy and doesn’t have the air release thing but it works. I will be trying next the dr brown and tomee tipee.

Cornelia Ryderwood, WA

Not Your Ideal Bottle

What a disappointment. The silicone nipple is problematic. When my baby sucks, the nipple collapses inward, which reduces the flow of milk, causing him suck harder. The design of the bottle defeated its purpose. Buy at your own risk.

Margret Caldwell, TX

Helps promote natural bf latch for my preemie

Great bottle for nursing babies, it makes baby latch the nipple similar to breast so no nipple confusion later. I’m amazed!! I use this bottle for my preemie and I’m soo happy with how she latched on to the flexible nipple. The nipple is very unique as well, I’m not sure how to describe it… The milk surround the inside of the nipple so I guess it tries to mimic natural breast feeding Love it

Theresa Farmington, NH

ok bottle, didn’t work for us

I have a 6 month old exclusive breast fed baby that has been refusing every type of bottle. After reading reviews was hoping this one would work for us. The bottle was fine, but he did not take it better than any other we have tried. I guess we will keep on looking for the one for us. I do like the bottle and next kid may try this bottle earlier in the process.

June Edgar, MT

Not for us

Our EBF son is very picky about his bottles and did not like this one. I didn’t care for it either – too many parts and I was concerned about the extra milk that would collect between the inner and outer nipples.

Lashonda Hillburn, NY

Total failure

I was looking for a bottle that my son could use when I wasn’t around to breastfeed. He didn’t even get to use this once. He fussed as soon as we tried it. It was way too much effort for him. Total failure!

Carey Irasburg, VT

pretty great

We were using this bottle exclusively when we introduced bottles to our breastfeed baby. My only complaint is that there is a little bit of milk that gets stuck in the outer clear plastic nipple. Going from this bottle to others doesn’t seem to cause any issues with his latch with the bottles or with me. But we did only use this bottle for the first 4-5 feedings with a bottle. My son is now 2 months old and we introduced the bottle at 3 weeks giving him this bottle only on occasion (I was out of the house and he got hungry).

Noemi Belleview, FL

Very nice bottle.

I have tried every bottle out there and my baby still refuses it, even this one and I have to say the concept and execution of this one is great but I guess not good enough for my baby. Good luck!

Shanna Monument, KS