The First Years 100 Count Pacifier Wipes

The First Years 100 Count Pacifier Wipes

The First Years GumDrop Pacifier Wipes safely cleans pacifiers, teething toys, bottles, cups anything you want safely cleaned for your baby. Made with FDA food-grade ingredients. Contains 100 wipes.

Main features

  • Keep pacifiers clean on-the-go
  • Safe for baby
  • Fda food-grade ingredients
  • Saves time and trouble
  • 100 wipes per package

Verified reviews


I like them

My cousin bought me the gumdrop bottle set for my baby and gave it to me at my baby shower. It was the set that came with the small pack of pacifier wipes. Let me just say they are great. They smell good and although I am unsure if they taste good, they get his pacifier’s clean and he seems to have no trouble with the taste when we stick the pacifiers back in his mouth. I actually use them to clean all the things he puts in his mouth like when we’re on the go and don’t have water or soap I use them for his bottles. I think they are great and bought this one because I was scared that once we’d run out of the smaller pack we wouldn’t have any left to clean his pacifiers with. I also use the smaller pack for on-the-go so I store them in his diaper bag and this set we keep at home so we always have some with us when we need them.

Abbie Lady Lake, FL

Save your money. Smells like death.

These wipes smell so bad, I can’t imagine placing a pacifier in my sons mouth after using these to clean it. I bought this box of them along with a few travel size packs and it was such a waste. My hands smelled horrible after using them. Just rinse the pacifier with water, you’ll be better off.

Chelsea Du Bois, NE

Great for pumping

I use these to clean parts between pumping at work and they work great. Essential item for pumping bag. I wouldn’t use regular wipes but since these are food grade they are safe.

Justine Highwood, IL

breastpump cleaning wipe alternative

much cheaper alternative to the medela breastpump wipes- perfect size. Also place throughout the house for quick pacifier clean. Will order again

Alicia Viburnum, MO

just ok

you get a lot of wipes for your money but the packaging sucks! the bottom of the container does not stay in place so it keeps moving and the wipes don’t stay wet.

Paulette Mason, TX

Leaves fibers behind

Leaves fibers behind. Happy with price and smell, but after cleaning pacifier, I have to again wipe off all the little fibers left behind from the wipe. I expect better quality from this brand and that it’s a baby product.

Kristine Elba, NY

Love the wipes, but not the packaging

The wipes are great. Easy to use. Not too big, not to small. We use them not only for pacifier wipes, but I actually will use these sometimes for my pumps when I run out of the pump wipes. It takes 2 sheets, but I find that pretty good compared to the giant ones from the name brand, which to me is a bit of a waste especially at the price they come in. Love this product, but the packaging is not the greatest. The top doesn’t close to a very good sealed close, so with 90 counts, the bottom ones tend to be a bit dry by the time you get there. The sticker seal isn’t a very smart design, because after you first peel it back, it’s no longer very sticky. It’s also a little bit hard to get them out 1 sheet at a time, but that’s just the packaging. The product itself is awesome and food grade.

Gertrude Wabash, AR


I love these pacifier wipes and these big tubs are purfect since our little baby girl likes to throw her pacifier

Della South Rockwood, MI

Dries out fast

They work okay and smell good; however they dry out fast. It’s nice to keep these wipes around the house though.

Noreen Crawford, TX

Great product – one caveat…

I was looking for an economical pacifier wipe (one that had more than just 25 or 30 in a pack) for my four month old who continually drops his pacifier and teething "tools." I like that these are non-toxic and food grade, and they seemed to work pretty well. There were only two small issues: 1) they get stuck together so I often end up pulling out two, which if you’re not paying attention can make them go twice as fast; and 2) they are a little dry. I expected them to be a little more moist than they are, so sometimes for bigger items (like teethers), I felt the need to use two.I don’t know how much cleaner they get the things my son chews on, but I really feel better that I can at least try to wipe down surfaces and minimize his exposure to germs when there’s no soap and hot water available. I haven’t seen any other products that come close in terms of number of wipes for the same value.

Chrystal Chaseburg, WI

Do the job – funny smell

I dont know if I missed it, but these are "apple" scent, which I dont particularly care for. The container is convenient, but I can never get just 1 wipe out so I feel like I waste a lot.

Madeline Niceville, FL

It does what it’s supposed to do

I’m glad I bought this. I wasn’t going to because of the reviews stating that it smelled rotten or it doesn’t smell good.So the first thing I did after receiving this item is to open it and smell it. It smelled like apple juice. Open up a canister of apple juice and that’s what it smells like… Sweet yet tarty at the same time. Now I understand why some people might think it smells horrible but I don’t have a problem with it. I love apple juice.It wipes the pacifier as its supposed to. I usually also use it to wipe my Medela breast pump parts after using them. It’s way thinner than the expensive Medela wipes but it wipes the part down good enough.

Jeannette Lewiston, ID

Just so-so

I really liked the idea of having wipes handy for when my baby drops his pacifier. But it’s only good in theory. The box is too large to carry around in a diaper bag, so I just ended up throwing it on the coffee table. But when we’re at home, it’s just as easy to wash his pacifier than it is to wipe it. Also, they tend to dry out, even if you have the lid closed! Another annoying thing: it’s hard to pull just one out at a time. You pull out 2-3, then have to stuff some back.

Lesley Ninnekah, OK

Used as Breast Pump Wipes.

I know that that’s not what they’re supposed to be used for but hey! It worked for me. These are much less expensive and you get so many more than acutaly Breast Pump Wipes. Also, I feel like these are a better size for a breast pump wipe. That’s what I used them for since I pumped about 3 times a day. I would use a wipe after each use and then at the end of the day I would wash all the parts. WITHOUT breaking the bank. Those other wipes are very expensive and you don’t get as many.

Jana Bedford, MI

Smell good

Smells like apple, wipes are very thin and fuzzy, sometimes leave fuzz on my pump parts. And they tear easily (more like shred).

Rhonda Robbinsville, NC

Good for a quick cleaning

Sometimes the pacifier or a toy get a little too gunky to give right back to the child right away, but the kid just wants it. These are great to keep around for a quick wipe down and they don’t have that strong cleaner smell.

Susanne Eva, AL

Great for pumping Moms.

I love these to quick clean my pump parts between pumping at work. Cheaper than the medula wipes. I just wipe them and keep them in the cooler until I’m done pumping for the day.

Lula Hiawatha, UT

Cheap packaging

The bottom part to the container likes to fall off. Pretty annoying… But could have been just mine from shipping or warehouse.

Mable Hana, HI


I like this brand of pacifier wipes a lot better than the Arm & Hammer ones. These are more moist and have a nice apple scent/taste to them. This large container is a convenient size too – easy plastic dispensing lid that you pop up with just a touch.

Shelia Hitterdal, MN

Nice Large Pack

Love the packaging and the product but i dont really care much for the smell… It’s not terrible, it just smells like apple juice.

Mona Russellville, MO