The First Years 2 Count GumDrop Orthodontic Pacifier, Blue

The First Years 2 Count GumDrop Orthodontic Pacifier, Blue

The First Years GumDrop Orthodontic Pacifier is an innovative one-piece design constructed of durable, latex-free silicone and is shaped to fit baby’s face while staying clear of baby’s nose. The nipple shape features a design that may help promote healthy oral development and is perfect for babies 6 months and up. GumDrop® pacifiers easily work with most pacifier attachers.

Main features

  • Shaped to fit baby’s face while staying clear of baby’s nose
  • Nipple shape features a design that may help promote healthy oral development
  • Easily works with most pacifier attachers
  • Phthalates and BPA free

Verified reviews


Worked for my baby!

Each baby is different, so I had to try many pacifiers to find some she liked. Ultimately she liked the ones with the angled nipple. I really like that the plastic is more pliable… not that hard plastic that most pacifiers use. Seems more gentle on her face.

Dorothea Amity, AR


When my baby’s teeth came in I didn’t want her on Soothies or regular Gumdrops anymore because I didn’t want her to get “bottle mouth.” I still wanted a single piece pacifier for the safety, and she just thought the plastic pacis were toys. I had to order fancy expensive organic ones that were fine, but then First Years came out with this baby! Everyone is happy!

Tori Revere, MA

Absolutely love these

They are durable and my daughter loves them. Only down side is they are expensive from Amazon. I just bought this same product at my local pharmacy for $5.99 — Amazon, you can do better! This should be a $4.99 add-on item!

Jessie Redby, MN

Hands down, gumdrop wins!

My son loves pacifiers, especially since they used them to soothe him in the NICU. I wanted something bigger, that would allow for further orthodontic development. My son prefers the silicone ones, as he also uses them as a teether the hard orthodontic part is completely sealed in by the silicone, and it’s just easier to keep clean. Yay!.

Nina Four Oaks, NC

Baby loves these

Our baby girl went straight from the Hawaii Medical Gum Drop pacifiers to these and had no issue. She does great with these and keeps them in her mouth much better than she was with those as she got older. I bought another 2 after trying them out with her.

Tracie Blackstone, VA

Loved since 4 weeks old

My son has loved these since he was 4 weeks old. He never liked the newborn or younger month ones… He’s a year old now and he’s still a fan.

Winifred Thornton, IA

Doesn’t fall in line with other First Year GumDrops

I got these for my son at 18 months because the other GumDrop pacis were labeled for 6 months & up and I figured he could use these. He hates them since they are shaped differently than the other GumDrop pacis he’s used to. So, if you are a current GumDrop user, your child will probably not take to this shape.If you’re looking for that "orthodontic" shape, then these would work for you. We love GumDrops because they are one piece and clean/sanitize easily without getting water stuck in the nipple like others.

Susan Kinney, MN

Great pacifiers

Our 6 month old loves these. We like them because they have the indent under her nose, so she can still breathe. Maybe they can anyway, but this makes it easier.

Agnes Ellsworth, KS

Great pacifiers!

We ordered these pacifiers for our little guy who was around 12 months at the time. He loves them! I really like the soft, gummy design and the way that you can see inside of them while they are in use. It’s funny when he flips them around upside down. Due to the color pattern, it almost looks like he has a blue mustache 🙂 I would definitely recommend these pacifiers to other moms/babies for the quality and design. They are great for older babies and young toddlers as they are designed for babies with teeth. Our son has 4 teeth right now so they’re perfect.

Naomi Miami, WV

Best pacifiers for baby!

So happy to find they made gumdrop pacifiers for 6m+! Our baby loved these as a newborn and still loves them now at 11m. We love them because they are one, molded piece – so no worrying about the pacifier end popping off and they are really easy to clean.

Jessica Blythe, GA

baby loves this pacifier

baby loves this and we love it.. the whole thing itself is silicone made which we really love … it wouldn’t hurt the baby and it’s not hard .. so when he chews on it, we’re not afraid it’ll hurt his gums..

Irma Deeth, NV