The First Years 2 Pack 9 Ounce Insulated Sippy Cup, Disney Princess

The First Years 2 Pack 9 Ounce Insulated Sippy Cup, Disney Princess

Favorite Disney characters will make this your little one’s favorite cup. These 9 oz. cups feature double layer insulation to keep liquids cold for longer and a sweat-proof design that makes the cup easier for kids to grip. Moms will love the easy-to-clean One Piece Lid, with built-in valve and no small parts to lose. And to make life even easier, all of The First Years reusable cups with One Piece Lid are interchangeable—which means you can keep the cup even when your child has grown out of a sippy cup spout.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Easy-to-clean One Piece Lid with no valves to lose
  • Interchangeable lids fit most of The First Years reusable cups
  • Double-wall insulation to keep liquids colder for longer
  • “Sweat-proof” surface makes cups easier to grip
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free

Verified reviews


BPA Free

For those concerned about BPA: these sippy cups are BPA free.(For those that missed the news reports – BPA is a chemical found in some plastics that a recent National Institutes of Health report indicated may be harmful, especially to infants.)

Deanna Clayton, NY

not the same item pictured or described!!!!

This is the second time I’ve ordered “The First Years” cups and gotten a cheap knockoff “Learning Curve”!!!! They are not the same! The Learning Curve is not as well insulated, the pictures come off easily, and they leak horribly. I returned this set because I kept the first set and was terribly dissapointed. They need to CORRECT THE DESCRIPTION of this item!!!!

Angelica Gilliam, MO

Nice Cups!

I purchased this set of Thomas cups today at Kohl’s for $7.99. This is the only place other than here at Amazon that I have seen Thomas cups. I bought a set of these in Elmo the other day and apparently got a bad batch. After returning those to Walmart, I went to Kohl’s and bought these. We have only tried out one of the cups so far, but it is easy for my son to drink from and does not leak AT ALL!! It has been thrown on the floor many times today and layed on its side on the carpet in my son’s room, with no leaking. I even turned it upside down and shook it to see what would happen. No drops came out. I love that I can just take the lid off and throw the cup and lid in the top rack of the dishwasher and clean it. I do not have to worry about valves getting lost at the bottom of the dishwasher and I no longer have a need for the dishwasher basket! Also, there are no more worries about the valve popping out when my son throws it down in the store, and I having to stick my hand in my son’s drink to retrieve it and put it back together. I can see that these cups will be very handy when traveling as well, since it will be easy clean up with just a lid and cup to wash by hand.

Dena Swansboro, NC

leak quickly

I got a set of the Minnie Mouse cups and a set of the Mickey Mouse cups for my twin toddlers. At first they were great. The only problem was that sometimes it was difficult for them to get their milk out. (I tried and had difficulty but found after I got some milk out then it was easier for them–so whenever they complained I just got them “started”.) However, after about a month some of the cups started leaking. They got worse until all 4 were so bad that I started looking for replacement lids. I sent a message to The First Years asking whether they would sell replacement lids. They do not but said they would send one set of replacement lids (not two sets because it was more than 90 days from purchase and I didn’t save my receipt). We were thrilled when the package from them contained two complete sets of Mickey Mouse cups . . for about a week. Then those cups started leaking too, worse than the other ones had! At this point none of our First Years cups are any better than the old school sippy cups (the kind that just had holes–before someone thought of using silicone to make “spill proof” cups). After 8 cups that don’t work, I’m considering this a design flaw and avoiding The First Years sippy cups. It’s so sad because my kids love their Minnie & Mickey cups but I have to put them away until they’re better about not tipping them. (By contrast we have Playtex Insulator cups that they’ve had for over a year that are still going strong–I hate having to get the valves clean but it’s worth the extra effort for no leaks!)If you buy these cups save your receipt and complain to The First Years right away when they start leaking.

Addie North Myrtle Beach, SC

They leak!

They leak! That is the most important quailty a sippy need to have is to be leak proof ( at least for the most part) and these cups are terrible. My son loved the Toy Story design but I would rather have a plain ole sippy that does not leak all over! Don’t waste your money.

Shelby Lexington, MS

Great , but the pictures wear off with handwashing

My son was obsessed with toy story so these cups were a must for us!We have had them for 5 months. They do not leak, but the picture have totally worn off! I only handwash since we don’t have a dishwasher so I am not sure if they were put in the dishwasher what would happen.Not worth the money.

Etta Paoli, PA

The First Years Sippys Are The Only Ones For Us!

I’ve bought a great deal of sippy cups over the last year! I’ve spent more money on sippy cups then I would like to even calculate! My daughter (now 18 months) refused to use any sippy until we discovered the First Years insulated sippys! I just wish I would have found them first! They don’t leak! They are easy to clean! And my daughter loves them! The designs are cute! I really love them! I was so frustrated after trying Dr. Browns, Playtex, etc. I almost thought my daughter was going to have a bottle forever! But she loved these and continues to use them successfully! I’ve bought several more designs sets since and I’ve never had an issue with any of them! When it is time to replace, I’ll definitely be buying more of the First Years brand! 5/5

Kris Coaling, AL

Favorite sippy cups

These have been our favorite cups for quite some time as they are valve free. They don’t drip or spill and do not gather debris and mold in the tops. We throw them in the dishwasher everyday and the graphics stay for a long time.

Sofia Union City, CA

Thermal cups

This product arrived quickly and I have no issues with the seller. I don’t care much for this design of cups because a build up occurs at the mouth part. I gave it four stars because they typically last over a month, which for a sippy cup isn’t a bad lifespan, and because the product is just as sold in stores and as advertised. I just prefer ones without soft non-removable parts (the flap at the mouthpiece) because they are easier for me to clean when the soft parts are removable. For what it’s worth, they don’t leak and my son loves them.

Gail Shannon, NC

Nice cups Horrible lids!!

I have both the cars and Minnie Mouse patterns (purchased at Wal-Mart) for my kids and my son was able to EAT the spill proof stopper out of the cup CAUSING the cup to leak!!!! Absolute safety FAIL!!!! And of course there’s no purchasing the lid’s individually. Another FAIL!!! So I have 10 cups that are headed for the trash bin! Playtex, Munchkin and Gerber make the best cups I’ve used and best companies I’ve had to work with for replacement parts!!!

Cherry Bells, TN

One piece lid!

I have tried about 20 different sippy cups for my 2 year old. I love the fact that this one has no rubber pieces to wash! The only downside is it’s a but harder to suck out of. My daughter seems to do ok with it, but she can’t drink very quickly for sure. I tried it out myself. After about a month the lids are already getting some wear. Granted they get dropped and tossed around a bit.

Janis Larue, TX

best sippy we could find for a toddler

These were the best cups that we found after trying MANY and failing. They are solid, the graphics are very nice, they take alot of effort to get them to leak if at all. the coating on the outside does take a beating after many washes in the dishwasher but thats expected.

Meghan Perkins, OK


After a few uses these cups started to leak. The spout is quite large and you need to suck harder to drink from it. I knew they were too good to be true! I want my money back!

Kaitlin Veguita, NM

Great Cups

I got a pair of these Toy Story sippy cups for a friend of mine with a toddler. Her son is at that age where if he doesn’t drop his cup, he throws it. Luckily these are excellent quality and the lids screw on quite tight. Plus he loves Toy Story so he loves the cups.

Marva Endeavor, WI

That is ok

I have not noticed any change in color as it is stated with liquids. But it is just like the old cups that my child that is ok!

Gretchen Fort Campbell, KY

The Only Sippies We’ll Ever Use

It took quite a bit of trial and error to find the perfect sippies, but these are the ones for us, without a doubt. I love the fact that there’s no valve to clean or lose, and we’ve never had problems with leaks. So simple! There are plenty of cute designs, and they’ve held up well for us. I was relieved to find they were BPA-free, because I can’t imagine starting all over again and trying once again to find a great sippy. These are lightweight and easy, and they work. Probably not best as a “first sippy” for infants, but definitely the right choice once your babe gets the hang of drinking from a sippy.One nitpicky detail: the lids of the princess sippies we own are opaque, not translucent as they appear in the product photo.

Annabelle Dover, MN

Awesome sippy cups!!

i have tried many sippy cups with my now 3 year old and none have compared to this one. this one does not have the valves that you have to take out to clean then put back in. its two pieces; one cup, one top. after finding these i will not be using any other type of sippy cup for my 7 mo. i just wish i could’ve found these earlier. i have yet to see even a tiny drip come from these. many others let out a drip or two when tipped over and such, but not these. i LOVE the design on these also. doesn’t get much cooler than this. i use them for my daughter as well as my son. ive had many people comment on them.

Candice Franklin, AR

They leak

I have purchased other one piece lid cups and loved them. But these ones leak so bad. They look adorable but they leak to much for me to want my kids to even use them.

Wendi Enon Valley, PA

My girl loves Minnie!

She loves these cups, but it is hard for her to get the watter maybe whe she grows up it would be easier, she is only 1 year

Laura Saul, KY

impossible to drink

I feel like I’ve tried 10 different types of sippy cups so far, and these ones are the worst! While I appreciate that the sippy cup doesn’t spill, it is also impossible to drink from! After seeing my son get frustrated when he tried to drink, my husband and I both tried it. No matter how hard I sucked on it, i could not get out more than a dribble. The only way to get them to work was to cut a hole in it, which then made it not spill proof. Do not buy.

Summer Burkeville, TX


These sippy cups are seriously the best. I hate valves! The valves are built into these so no small peices to detach. I have many of them and have never had trouble will spills.

Jessica Barnegat Light, NJ

Love these cups!!!

The kids love the these! Love the characters. They are easy to clean in the top rack for dishwasher. I just make sure to clean around the holes on the lid before putting them in if there was milk or juice in them. Highly recommended.

Candace Claflin, KS

Melted in the dishwasher

I love the older version of this cup that doesn’t change color but could not find it in store so I got this one. First wash on the top rack of the dishwasher and it melted. A very poorly manufactured product.

Virginia White Pine, TN

I use nothing but these

I’m on my third child and these are my go to. They don’t leak, they’re very durable. No extra parts, easy to clean. Very cute styles and best of all, I can interchange the lids. Love em.

Emma Catasauqua, PA

perfect no 3rd piece

so these cups are great…they are a little hard to suck out of at first but they are find after they wear in. there is no 3rd piece to them, no piece that makes them a sippy cup. it is just the cup and the lid and that is what I wanted. they are insulated and keep things a little cooler than the cups like this without the insulation. no sippy cup is perfect but I gave these a 5 because they are better than what I had and my 3 year old and 1 year old like them.

Susanna Post, OR

Best sippy cups on the market

They do not leak and they only have 2 parts, not 3 like so many others. More than just a lid and a bottom is a pain in the behind to assemble. Plus, my daughter loves Mickey.

Aline Morenci, AZ

using them now 18 mths

So far these are the best I have found. Though they do have one downfall. After weeks or so of abuse from 4 boys ranging from 1-5 they eventually start to leak. I do wash them in the dishwasher and my kids are in no way easy on them. But they leak proof for a while which is the best yet. We have tried over 10 different brands and so far these are passing. I would give them a 5 star rating except that I cannot find anywhere to buy just lids!!! The cups are insulated and so cute. We have all of the different themes… boy related anyways… no princess stuff here!

Lessie Kissimmee, FL

Great product.

We only use 1 type of sippy cup, so that we do not have to search for the correct lid. These were a great price and are relatively leak free. Sometimes at first use, you do need to poke the end of a knife through the soft plastic parts on the lids or they will not work.

Rose Corinth, NY