The First Years 2 Pack American Red Cross Sure Grip Nail Clippers

The First Years 2 Pack American Red Cross Sure Grip Nail Clippers

The American Red Cross and The First Years have joined together to offer a collection of infant and toddler wellness and safety products that parents can trust. 2 Sure Grip nail clippers, with unique finger grip to make clipping easier. Stainless steel blades.

Main features

  • 2 sure grip nail clippers
  • Unique finger grip to make clipping easier
  • Stainless steel blades
  • American Red Cross branded product

Verified reviews


My pick

I was surprised at the other reviews for this item. My 16 month old got a hold of these clippers one day and I have not seen them since. I have been looking around town for them and no one carries the brand. I ended up replacing them with a pair of Safety 1st ones with a chunky handle. I miss my old ones and I was so excited to see them here. They are the only ones I can find with a guard to push back the flesh of the finger tip. Other reviewers had a problem with this. I thought it was great and never had a problem snipping baby’s finger tip. I am not sure how it could get in the way since the guard is under the finger nail, not above obstructing your view. Tiny finger nails are difficult to cut and it only gets worse when they get older and stronger and fight it. I would recommend these to anyone.

Harriet Vassar, KS

Clipped Fingers

I have clipped my child’s little fingers more than his nails with these! That guard is awful and makes it nearly impossible to see what you are doing. Not to mention thiese clippers are sharp as can be. I’m so paranoid about clipping his nails now because of these.

Lisa North Thetford, VT

Danger! Baby’s fingers are a bloody mess!

Do NOT buy these. They left my baby bloody more than once and they’re going in the trash tonight. The first time I thought I might not be doing it right. So I went out and bought the Especially For Baby manicure set (with a much better clipper, plus scissors and emery boards) and had great success, so I thought I’d give this clipper a try again now that I’m “better” at cutting baby’s nails. Bad idea! They sliced off a whole chunk of my little guy’s thumb this time! These clippers need to be off the market!!!

Minnie San Marino, CA

baby finger mutilator!!

I have used 3 different nail clippers for my daughter, none of which I really like. But this one is by far the worst. I did not find the guard to be of any help at all and the blades on this one seem sharper than any of the other clippers.I took a whole chunk of finger tip out of my daughter’s tiny, perfect little finger. It healed quickly but it was a horribly traumatizing experience. And this happened before she was even fighting a lot like she does now that she’s older (9 months). I have never cut my baby’s actual finger tip except when using these clippers. I threw them away immediately and would highly recommend NOT using them!!!

Valerie Rush, KY

The most basic and efficient clipper.

I had first received this nail clipper for my first son in the safety first health and grooming kit. I was a little nervous about using it because it didn’t have any of the huge buffer zones as most of the others out now. However, after using it the first time, I thought it was great! The white plastic was more than enough of a guard for my little one’s fingers, and now I can’t imagine having to try and cut his nails around all the excess plastic that the other ones have. 18mo’s later, we have never had an issue with me cutting his skin, nor does he put up a fight to cut his nails. Now that we’re getting ready for child #2, I’ve just ordered 2 more so they each have one in their rooms and one to keep in the baby bag.

Judith Eek, AK

Just ok

Used this for my son when he was an infant but not so helpful for my newborn girl…user personal preference.

Renae Suquamish, WA

The only clippers I use, these are the best.

These are great, I have used these on my baby daughter since she was born (she is now 10 mos.) The design makes it easy to hold and to safely trim nails without clipping too much or snipping the skin. I would recommend these to anyone. I looked because I lost my first pair and you cannot find just the clippers to purchase in stores, only on amazon. Everywhere else they are part of the kit (which I didn’t need) so finding them online on amazon saved me alot of time searching and money.

Dolly Modesto, IL