The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Infant Pacifier, Blue/Green

The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Infant Pacifier, Blue/Green

GumDrop pacifiers are distributed in hospitals nationwide. The innovative one-piece design is constructed of durable, latex-free silicone and is shaped to fit baby’s face while staying clear of baby’s nose. GumDrop pacifiers easily work with most pacifier attachers.

Main features

  • Trusted hospital distributed brand
  • Natural fit – stays clear of baby’s nose
  • Safe – one piece silicone
  • Mom preferred design
  • Available in 5 fun colors

Verified reviews



I just bought this pack along with the blue & green ones..I was really excited to.find BRIGHT pacifiers for my new baby girl!! However, while these are nice colors they are VERY MUTED. also they are more of a see-through clear silicone not the more solid intense color.saturation as it seems in the pic.I’m still happy with these but wish they were brighter.

Matilda Falls Village, CT

NOT the real gumdrops

These are heavier and harder than the original Gumdrops made by Hawaii Medical. If you want the authentic pacis like from the hospital or a lighter version that doesn’t fall out of baby’s mouth than don’t buy these.

Brandi Mercedita, PR

Very nice

My son will only use the GumDrop pacifiers. It was the brand given to him at the hospital. They have a holder that we can use to attach his pacifier holder.

Jeanie Sherman, TX

Heavy and bulky

These were kinda heavy and bulky, and was difficult for my baby to keep in her mouth. I ended up throwing them away and went with another brand.

Hattie Westminster, SC

The orange isn’t quite orange…

I bought these before my son was born, we didn’t find out the gender so i was thinking that the orange and green would be fairly gender neutral, but the orange pacifier is more of a peachy pink than orange which was kind of disappointing. Other than that my son seems to like them well enough, they are a little harder that the soothie pacifiers though so i wouldn’t really recommend them for a newborn, maybe for 3 months and up since most newborns prefer the softer pacifiers in the beginning.

Christy Seven Mile Ford, VA


This is the only pacifier my baby would use. He liked the Soothie one from the hospital (big circle one), but these were even better because they had the butterfly shape and a little hole in the handle to attach a clip. The colors are also very nice.

Jeri Royal, AR

It’s great but it’s almost the exact same thing as the newborn one

In theory, these pacifiers are larger than the newborn-size ones. However, I can barely tell the difference. If I look very closely, these look slightly larger than the newborn ones (like 1 or 2 millimeters longer and 1 millimeter thicker). Because the difference in size is so small, I probably could have continued to use my newborn-size ones for my four-month old baby.That being said, I like the gumdrop style of pacifiers very much. They are the only kind that my son likes (he does not like orthotic-style pacifiers). I’ve read other reviews that say the gumdrop pacifiers sold by Amazon are not the exact same ones as hospitals use. While this may be true, my son and I can’t tell the difference.

Juliana Picacho, AZ


these are just like the ones in the hospital. They are the same price as you can get them at in stores such as walmart. My baby still loves these!

Heather Athens, TX

Not "REAL" gumdrop pacifiers

These are not the "real" gumdrops like you might get at the hospital. The nipple isn’t textured, so it’s harder for babies to keep in their mouths. My daughter won’t take these, but does take the near-identical "real" gumdrop pacifiers.

Barbara Standish, ME

gumdrop pacifiers

i love these pacifiers. their just like the ones you recieve in the hospital but these ones have a nose whole that i like. the kids like these and heir easy to attach to a holder because the ends in the front have a whole so you can loop it thru.

Sondra Troy, VT

Nice to chew

My baby prefers to chew the sides of these pacifiers rather than suck the teat. The teat is too small and he can’t keep it in his mouth easily.

Selina Konawa, OK


Besides the initial smell these are great. the only ones my 14 week old will take. they are firmer then most pacifiers so they seem akward on the face they dont hug the face like most but they are great still

Brandy Boligee, AL

IF my baby takes a pacifier, it’s this one.

I waited to give my daughter a pacifier, because we were struggling with breastfeeding, and the pacifier seemed to be making things worse. Now, breastfeeding is going all right, but my baby is going through a phase where she is fussy in the evenings. (I hope it is just a phase!)I’ve tried giving her several different kinds of pacifiers, and she usually rejects all of them. Occasionally, she will accept one of these Gum Drop pacifiers. When she does, I feel like giving this product 15 stars, because it is so nice to have a break from listening to her cry. When she accepts one of these pacifiers, sucking on it does seem to soothe her. There is a little edge thing on the reverse, and she sometimes grabs onto that while she is sucking. It’s pretty cute.The little edge thing has a hole in it, so if you wanted to attach this pacifier to the baby (or something else), I think that would work. We use the pacifier pretty infrequently, so we don’t attach it to anything at all.If you’re trying different pacifiers to hopefully find one that will work, it’s worth trying this one, because it is a different shape than many of the other options out there.

Rene Nonantum, MA

LOVE These

We originally used the soothie pacifiers…when I discovered these I figured they were the same, just missing the “nose” – well, my daughter thinks they’re different…she won’t take the soothies anymore (if all the gumdrops are dirty) so we have to have a STOCK of these!

Della Dewey, OK

Love it!

I love these pacifiers! They are like the soothie only a little firmer and they don’t block the baby’s nose. Good for a baby over 3 months.

Eleanor Eliot, ME

Just like the hospital pacifiers

These pacifiers are just like the pacifiers they give your newborn to suck on at the hospital. My infant loved them!

Julianne Trion, GA

very great product!! & seller!!! i’m happy

the purple and pink ones were the ones i wanted cause they will match just about everything in my daughter’s wordrobe 😉 they were brand new still in the plastic packaging. it was delievered among other things and didnt get damaged at all! plus they match the holder’s i bought perfectly. my daughter i’m sure will use and love these!!! they have a nipple shaped just like a bottles or momma nipple!! i think she’ll take to these just cuz of that! i would reccomend highly!

Luisa Central City, PA

10 months old breastfeed baby – only like those

So…. my baby girl started with the gumdrop pacifier from the hospital when she turned 1 month old. I tried until 8 months old to switch to other paci that i thought would be better shaped for her mouth since she loooooooves to suck all the time…well not other would do as the one from the hospital. So after buying so many others I bought those ones hoping they would do the trick (when she was about 7 months).Well it is perfect! They are of hard but yet soft plastic so no fear of her breaking them, they have a little handle with a hole so I use a paci holder, they are the exact same size as the gumdrop we got from the hospital.They are great for breastfed babies from my experience, as they reproduce the nipple quite nicely.They do not leave marks on the baby face while sucking on them, and fall of the mouth easily when they stop sucking – i like that as compared to some others that they keep the whole time even after they passed out.So far I have still been using the same one for the past 2 months so they are durable.They also wash well : dishwasher or mild soap, the water does not get stocked into it so I feel it is healthier/cleaner than other ones.Overall very satisfied

Brianna Clinton, MO

love these

After reading an article about just how dirty enclosed pacifiers can get. Just chalk full of mold and other kinds of bacteria I knew I didn’t want to use enclosed nipple pacifiers. After the first few days of using a wide nipple pacifier I switched to these. There seemed to be much less nipple confusion for my new baby. They are a little bit harder to hang onto for baby, but I really like these. Everyone loves how you can see their little tongue and lips sucking away~! I also appreciate the cut out for the nose. I don’t like the Phillips ones for that reason!

Zelda Mattituck, NY

just like the soothies

These a good pacifiers. My daughter prefers the ones with the same nipple as the soothies that she used in the hospital. These have the same nipple but with a bit harder, more contoured surround. If your kids don’t like the super soothies, but you’re worried about them bending the soothies too much (and choking on them), the gumdrops are a great compromise. These are also a great option if you use a pacifier leash because they provide an additional hole in the tab.

Lydia Cotton Center, TX

Only pacifier my baby will take!

I was at my wits end with my daughter. She was using me as a pacifier for her naps and not letting me get anything done. I kept trying to get her to take a pacifier but she would just spit them all out and cry. I tried the one from the hospital, MAMs, Nubi, even the cheap ones from the dollar store…nothing. Then I found these in one of my shopping bags (I didn’t buy it nor did I even put it in my cart). She was only a little less than 2 months and I thought these might be too big for her mouth since it says 3+ months, but they weren’t. She took to it immediately and loves them. Now I can actually lay her down for a nap without her waking up.As a plus, the piece that sticks out in the back is squishy and I kind of like chewing on it while I feed her and my hands are full. However the whole for you to attach a clip or binky buddy is small so some won’t fit.

Luisa Jamestown, VA

My baby had difficulty keeping these in her mouth

Really depends on each individual baby. My personal experience was that she couldn’t keep these in her mouth. Similar to the Soothie style pacifier which she also finds difficult to hold on to. For her, the Nuk is the best.It really is personal preference.

Patsy Carroll, IA

Love these pacifiers.

I was always a fan of the Soothie pacifiers but didn’t like how big they were around. I think these are just what I needed. My son loves them and the Blue is so pretty.

Della Hamberg, ND


My baby loved these! And I loved them since they are super easy to wash. My baby has now moved onto the Avent paci’s and with the Avents, water can sometimes get trapped in the nipples whereas, these do not.

Alta Hahnville, LA

My daughter loves them…

My daughter loves them, but I don’t. They never stay in her mouth, as soon as she doses off and stops sucking, it falls right out, I hate it!! I have tried to get her to take other pacifiers…nope! She gives them 4 stars…I’d give them 1.

Isabella Pelican, AK


I think these are the best ones I’ve found so far. The best part is I don’t have to worry about soap or water getting stuck in them like the other brands.

Lizzie Medford, MN

These are the best pacifiers

These pacifiers really calm down our baby. I bought them since they have the notch cut out to enable newborns to breathe but she still loves them at 4 1/2 months. She knows the difference between this and other brands. They are a value for the price!

Tia Clanton, AL

Baby LOVES IT! (UPDATE – Chocking Hazard!)

We bought these for our baby when she was about 3 months old because we hated how the Soothie covered her nose. Like the Soothie, these did pop out a lot, but so did the more traditional 2-piece design pacifiers (we tried Nuk, Gerber brands, etc.). I don’t think it’s the pacifier, I think it’s the baby. Ours didn’t seem to like pacifiers at first, but by 5 months she couldn’t sleep without this GumDrop pacifier – when she loses it she’ll sometimes wake up looking for it. Helps calm her down and puts her right back to sleep at night. I love how colorful they are, and they are a 1-piece design, which saves money because they can be boiled (as opposed to tossed) if baby comes down with thrush. Very cute and easy to clean. One pacifier has lasted about 4 months, and I boiled it regularly to disinfect it (when I tossed it it was for hygiene purposes and just-in-case, the pacifier was still in good shape otherwise). Also works great withBinkibear The Original Pacifier, Classic Brown. Highly recommended!UPDATE: I have changed my rating from 5 to 3 stars. Please see the picture I uploaded of my 1-year-old’s chewed up pacifier! I left her in her crib for about 10 minutes – the pacifier was all in one piece when I stepped out (I had just washed it for her) and it was chewed to pieces when I stepped back in! If your baby has teeth, you may want to consider a different brand! This is rather easy to tear apart and I never found the pieces.

Araceli Lasara, TX


We had two of these and our daughter loved them, so…. we got sick of finding them or cleaning them. Hey, they’re cheap, right? So I ordered 6 sets of 2. 12…. so we’d have 14 total. Within 3 days of all 12 arriving, being sanitized and ready for use, she stopped using a pacifier. Argh… or… YAY? Frustrating I bought, opened, and used them all immediately. Awesome that theres no weening her off a pacifier. All in all, I consider it a win!

Leslie Hayes, SD

These are the only pacifiers my daughter will take!

I bought these because they looked most similar to the hospital grade pacifiers that are given out after delivery. So far, this is the only pacifier that she will take, and she loves them! I ordered more to have around the house, since they like to bounce away. I like that they are shortened on top so that she can breathe without having plastic right by her nose.

Marquita Buffalo Prairie, IL