The First Years 25 Pack Ziploc Brand Milk Storage Bags

The First Years 25 Pack Ziploc Brand Milk Storage Bags

Ziploc Brand Milk Storage Bags are pre-sterilized and perfect for freezing and storing breast milk. The double-layered bags have a strong seal to protect against leaks and are designed to help eliminate spills.

Main features

  • Strong seal protects against leaks
  • Double layered for safe freezing
  • Pre-sterilized

Verified reviews


Cheaper but leak more often

Having tried several brands of breastmilk storage bags over the last 9 months while breastfeeding my daughter, I have been the more disappointed with the First Years brand. I purchased them because they were more economical than other brands, such as Medela and Lansinoh. However, I have learned that the old adage applies – you really do get what you pay for. The First Years bags have consistently sprung leaks in the bottom while milk is being defrosted. This had led to a significant number of ounces of painstakingly-gathered pumped milk being literally thrown away after it has leaked all over my refrigerator. Additionally, as other reviews have noted, the bag size is much smaller than other brands (particularly compared to Lansinoh), which means that they hold much less milk per bag. Since they do not freeze flat like Lansinoh bags, it also means more precious freezer space is taken up storing this brand. The reason I have given the bags two stars instead of one is that not every bag I purchased leaked. However, the ratio of leaking bags to non-leaking bags was unacceptable to merit a higher review, especially considering that I have had no leaks in any of the other brands of bags I have purchased in much larger quantities (e.g., Medela and Lansinoh). I purchased one box and only one box of First Years storage bags for a reason, and I would not recommend that anyone else do so unless you have a tolerance for playing Russian roulette regarding whether or not your bags will leak and waste your milk.

Mari Davenport, NE

Great product

These bags work excellent with my pump and the price was better than anything I could find in our local stores. Easy to use and store.

Essie South Windham, ME


my sister is loving using these in unison with the other matching items and cant wait to purchase more with her Amazon prime!!

Jeanie Polk City, IA

Good product

Froze great. No leaks. Easy to store. Did what it was supposed to do. Cheaper then most others and still good quality.

Alicia Desmet, ID

cheap way to get storage bags

bought these for a baby welcoming kit for my friend. you get your money’s worth because in the store you would have to pay a couple of more dollars

Susanna Huntington, WV

No leaks; not sealed before use

I have not yet filled it with milk. I did the test with water. It did not leak no matter how much I shook or squeezed it. It stands on the base, and pours out pretty good from the spout corner. The materials feels like it will hold up well, it feels a bit thicker than other brand.My concern is that the bags are not sealed before you use them. And the pouch in which all 25 bags are stored is not sealed either. As such, there is no guarantee that each of the bags is sanitary before you put milk in it. On the contrary, the other brands bags are sealed before use — the outer bag is sealed, you have to tear the strip to open it; and each of the 25 bags are sealed – you have to tear the strip on the top before you can open and put milk in it. Bottom line, I will use the 25 bags that I bought, but — for a fraction of the cost per bag, I would rather continue using the other brand.

Gilda Pine Bank, PA

Work for me

These work fine for freezing. The double zip is really solid, and I haven’t had any leak yet (I’ve probably thawed about 20).

Kathryn Lena, WI

Good size, easy open and close…

… but isn’t that what you would expect for a product from Ziploc. It is what they do for a living. 😉

Emily Montpelier, IN