The First Years 3-in-1 Kickin Coaster Seat, Green/Yellow

The First Years 3-in-1 Kickin Coaster Seat, Green/Yellow

The First Years Kickin Coaster is 3 seats in 1. The Kickin Coaster is a soothing infant seat with removable, soft head support and soothing music, vibration, and twinkling lights for when baby needs to rest. At meal time, the seat is perfect for feeding, just engage the locking clip. But when it’s time for baby to play, the Kickin Coaster has baby-activated glide to help develop core and leg muscles while baby has fun. The seat features kick-activated sound and light rewards and bouncy characters. The Kickin Coaster promotes healthy development with kick and glide action and is ideal for newborns and toddlers. Features include: 8 adjustable positions, twinkle lights for visual tracking, soothing vibrations, infant head support, locking clip for stationary feeding, multi-level volume control, removable teether rattle for infant play, 2 types of music: soothing and playful, 6 songs in all.

Main features

  • 3 seats in 1 – playing, feeding, and sleeping
  • 8 adjustable positions
  • Twinkle lights
  • Plays 6 songs in all
  • Multi-level volume control

Verified reviews


Ugly and bulky

This product was simply too bulky and ugly for us to keep in our home. Although we really loved the concept and our daughter loves to use her kickboard in the crib, there was no need for this additional purchase so we returned it.

Alissa Chaska, MN

Awesome entertainment!

My 4 month old LOVES this “bouncer”. It took maybe 5 minutes to assemble. Easiest thing I have ever put together. He loves the motion he gets as a response to kicking off the foot pad – even without the music on. Only issue was his little hand somehow get stuck in the handle of the foot teether toy that come attached and it took a little to get it back out – not a happy boy then. I just removed the teether toy and connected a different toy.

Deidre De Soto, IA

Love this!!

Baby loves it he is 9 weeks old and 23 inches. Remember, it has a positioner to move it if he is too short. Works great for him. Very unique!

Mollie Henagar, AL

Battery information needs updating

It’s a bit early to review the actual product, as we’ve only had it for two days and my daughter hasn’t quite warmed to it yet. She seemed interested the first night, not so much yesterday. I’ll post an updated review once she’s had a chance to really use the product, but in the mean time, I can say that it was simple to assemble and that the quality appears to be good.That said, I need to point out that Amazon’s battery information is incorrect. This item does NOT use 4 D batteries. It requires 1 D and 3 AAs. I had purchased 4 D batteries, since they’re not included with the product; once it arrived, my husband and I were scrambling to scrounge up the AAs from various other devices so that she could actually use it.Edited to add:I downgraded this from 4 stars to 3 now that it’s become clear that my daughter really doesn’t have any interest in it. It’s too bad, because it seems like a nice enough product: no complaints about the design, appearance, quality, etc. But no matter how many times we tried, she never really got into it. She would kick, the seat would move and the music would play, but she always had this bored expression, like she was just killing time until we gave her something better to do. I can’t really fault the product, but I can’t say it was a winner for us. We’re packing it away in the hopes that our next baby enjoys it more.

Rosalyn Hague, ND

Very entertaining for my 3-month-old

It took a while for my baby to be able to reach the foot pad, but now that he can, he loves it! He just turned 3 months old and he can now push off very well. I only gave 4 stars because he does have to hit it just right to make the lights/music play – which he also loves. The other drawback is the lack of toys. It only has a teether that doesn’t do much. I bough a toy arch and added that. It helps hold his interest longer. But I love that this helps build his leg muscles!

Libby Elton, LA

A very good seat for a baby

My baby girls like to sit in it, sliding up and down and she likes to play with a teething toy.

Camille Billerica, MA

Excellent for an active baby, but be careful once they can sit up.

We have had this slide chair for 2+ months now and our daughter loves it. It is by far her most favorite activity, although now she is out growing it (4.5 months old, 16 pounds and 28 inches) already. From early on she was quite an active baby, always kicking and squirming. When I first bought the slider she couldn’t reach more than her toes so I added a book. That hid the lights and prevented the motion activated sounds but helped her out, but there is a setting for constant music. At first she wasn’t sure what to do and the motion made her feel like she was falling. Once she felt secure it was all go! The music is cheery and my daughter likes it when I dance along with it for her amusement. She slides happily along. Another thing we did to increase the excitement is to add a dangling rattle to the exiting toys (which are really dull on their own) so she can kick it for more stimulation and noise. That’s a big hit.I have a couple cautions though: Zoe can now push hard enough that the chair slides backwards on the tile floor with each good thrust. I don’t have carpet but I suspect it wouldn’t happen on that as much. Second, now that she is stronger she is trying to sit up. Once day she managaged to pull herself up on the foot frame and toys. That was fine until she tipped too far forwad and tilted sideways. If she hadn’t been belted in well she would have fallen out and hit her head. Now I pile pillows on the sides just to be sure it doesn’t happen again when I’m not looking. The seat is just not quite big enough with a cloth diaper on and at her length. Now her head hits the top unless she is sitting low in the chair. She has just a little time left in it due to her height, but she’s ready for a bouncer now.Unlike the reviews posted after one day of use, I can say that we have had more than 2 months of daily happy use.

Celeste Herndon, VA

Great gift

I bought this for my 2 month old grandson. A couple others in my area said it is great for physical exercise for babies.

Verna Hubertus, WI

My Son Loves It

I received the kickin coaster yesterday and so far my son loves it. I was pleasantly surprised by how effortless it was to put together. It took about 3 steps and the pieces just snap into place. The saftey strap has a rattle attached which my son loves to grab and play with. The kicken coaster has music, and it vibrates. You can choose whether you want just the foot rest to vibrate or you can select the option for both the seat and the foot rest to vibrate. When ordering the kickin step I did not realize it would also act as a soother. I thought it would be too stimulating for my son but as advertized it can also soothe the baby.So far I love it and I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this product.

Sandy Kimberly, WV

Looks fun, but baby doesn’t like it.

My baby doesn’t like this thing at all. At least not yet anyways. He’ll just sit in it and not kick. I do like the music, lights, and the vibration. I just wish it didn’t cost so much because it’s alot of money to spend and you never know if your baby is going to be one of them that likes it or not. So it’s a big leap of faith when it comes to the pricing. He’s 5 months old. Maybe he’ll like it better later when he has more energy and weight to push around. We’ll see.

Marie Summit, AR

A MUST Have!

Our 5 month old has slept in this since we brought him home from the hospital. It grows with him, and he loves kicking off of it.The music is fun, and of all the musical baby toys, this is the least obnoxious BY FAR. The sleepy music is soothing, and even helps Mommy go to sleep.We were not comfortable laying him flat on his back to sleep since our baby had bad reflux. This is a bit upright and he is completely comfortable, and no reflux problems.I love how there are so many uses for this, more than a regular bouncy seat.He gets exercise, visual & audio stimulation, and a place to sleep.

Rhonda Silver Point, TN

Son’s Favorite!

We have been using this since my son was about 2 1/2 months old, and he has loved it since the very beginning. It keeps him busy and entertained instead of just sitting in a bouncy seat while I’m doing something. His legs are getting very strong too. Love it!

Allyson Deering, AK

great for those little kickers

my little guy needed to be at an incline at all time for breathing and severe reflux but that made it hard for him to play when he was smaller and couldn’t hold his head up. this was awesome he could lay at an incline and kick his little legs while the light bar would light up and make music; really helped his leg muscles

Enid Dante, SD

We love this thing!

I knew my daughter was a kicker in the womb and had picked this out in advance. Once she came out and we realized she really is a kicker (as experienced on her changing pad) I had to get it!She loves it, we put her in with the music activated by kicking and she will sit and play for awhile. She has quite strong legs and at 4 months is moving into jumping territory but I think it is all a result of the coaster!It has another benefit of helping her with her bowel movements. Which sounds terrible but when their little you worry about it sometimes, her grandma has even nicknamed it the “Magic Chair” because if you put her in it after eating, your success is guaranteed and we can take her out for errands and what not and not have to worry about poop.The music gets quite old since we only listen to it when she activates but its worth it! Way better than a bouncy chair!

Deborah Baldwin, IL

Pooping machine!

I will start off with saying that this item is very cheaply made. I think for the price they could have tried to make it look better. I was disappointed when I first saw it. Plus my son did not like it until he was 2 months old. He used to get scared and cry when we put him in there.Now at 4 months old he has almost grown out of it. So we could only use it for a very short period of time. But within this time, he liked sitting here. We complemented it with Tiny Love Stroll Arch to occupy his hands as well. So sometimes he would sit here for 20 minutes at a time. We also noticed that sitting in this seat would make him poop. I think this is due to the seat incline and the fact that he had to work with his legs, whatever the cause, the result was positive :).If this seat was a little better made and had a taller seat, I would give it 5 stars – otherwise it gets 4.

Simone Grantsboro, NC

Really Nice

At first my daughter hated this. She would scream and cry every time I put her in it. Now at 3 months she loves it. The toy is much more attractive than the pictures make it look. It has nice colors and the fabric on the head support is super soft. For the price the quality is excellent.

Dina Bonham, TX