The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 9 Ounce

The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 9 Ounce

Unique nipple-within-nipple design allows soft outer nipple to safely compress for less air Short nipple is designed to draw baby close to surface Wide-neck design is easy to fill and clean Includes 3 9oz. bottles From the Manufacturer The First Years Breast flow 9 oz Bottle is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like mom’s breast. Its unique nipple-within-nipple design allows soft outer nipple to safely compress for less air. Short nipple is designed to draw baby close to surface. The wide-neck design is easy to fill and clean. Product Description The First Years Breast flow 9 oz Bottle is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like mom’s breast. Its unique nipple-within-nipple design allows soft outer nipple to safely compress for less air. Short nipple is designed to draw baby close to surface. The wide-neck design is easy to fill and clean.; From the Manufacturer; The First Years Breast flow 9 oz Bottle is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like mom’s breast. Its unique nipple-within-nipple design allows soft outer nipple to safely compress for less air. Short nipple is designed to draw baby close to surface. The wide-neck design is easy to fill and clean.

Main features

  • Unique nipple-within-nipple design allows soft outer nipple to safely compress for less air
  • Short nipple is designed to draw baby close to surface
  • Wide-neck design is easy to fill and clean
  • Includes 3 9oz. bottles
  • Perfect for breast milk and formula
  • 88% of moms surveyed in an independent in home bottle feeding research study said their babies experienced less gas or less spit up or less fussiness
  • Breastflow is the only feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding
  • Soft outer nipple mimics the feel of the breast, allowing babys tongue to stay in the same position as breastfeeding
  • Patented inner nipple allows your baby to control the flow naturally like breastfeeding whether you use breast milk or formula

Verified reviews


A mixed bag.

My baby had to supplement almost from the start due to breastfeeding supply problems. We started using a bottle at about 3 wks of age. I bought about 10 different types of bottles trying to find one that he could successfully draw milk from. Most, including this one, were too hard for him to get anything out of. I finally had some success with the cheapy-cheap-cheap Gerber bottle and nipple I found at the supermarket.Now that he’s older, approaching 10 wks of age, the Gerber bottle and nipple is much too easy for him and he glugs and crushes the nipple with the strength of his suck. The same is true for his Green to Grow, Medela, and Evenflo Purely Comfi nipples. So my quest now is to find bottles that have firm enough nipples that he doesn’t squish them with his suck and also to find bottles/nipples with appropriate flow rates.I have revisited some of the bottles that were inappropriate when he was 3 wks old. This bottle has turned out to be the winner of the group.Pros:- Good flow speed, not too fast, not too slow.- Broad nipple base is hard for the boy to flatten with his strong suck- Broad nipple base helps the boy retain some of his breastfeeding chops, as we continue to try and nurse the few times a day my supply will allow for.Cons:- Frequent leaks. This bottle’s nipple-within-a-nipple design means the chamber between the outer and inner nipple fills with milk, which is fine. But when you set the bottle down, that milk drains back downward, ideally back into the bottle. Often (but not always), unfortunately, on its way back down into the bottle, the formula leaks out thru the threads where you screw the nipple collar onto the bottle. If that makes any sense. This is true even if you carefully align the two nipples properly.My main comment about this bottle is that it’s a good aid in maintaining breastfeeding skills but if you find your baby doesn’t like it at first, hang onto it. He/she may grow into it like my baby has. As with so many things, what’s in favor one week is never the same the following week.

Mitzi Meridian, GA

Great for Breastfeeding Moms who Work

We bought the bottles to use with my son who is exclusively breastfed. I was honestly a little worried about switching between bottle and breast, but these have been great. The stage 1 nipples do a great job of mimicking the flow of breast milk. If you are using these with a breastfed baby, you don’t need the Stage 2 nipples (breastmilk doesn’t flow faster, so the nipples don’t need to be changed). They are also very easy to clean.The only negative I’ve found is that I can’t buy them in an actual store; all of our have been ordered online.Update August 2012: When my second son was born this summer, I re-evaluated the bottles that were available. We bought a set of Tommee Tippee bottles and a set of Avent bottles, neither style had been available when my oldest was born. After trying those, we ended up purchasing more Breastflow bottles as these caused the least amount of confusion and latch issues. We’ve not had the leaking trouble that other reviewers have mentioned with either of our purchases (2009 or 2012). I can see how these bottles may be frustrating for some families, but the features some people dislike (dual nipple, collapsable outer nipple, etc) are the same features that have helped me maintain a breastfeeding relationship for over a year while working full time. I would and have purchased these bottles again.

Annabelle Saint Regis Falls, NY

Milk builds up between inner and outer nipple

By design, milk can build up between the inner and outer nipple. I found this design frustrating for two reasons: (1) If you’re carefully measuring and tracking how much your baby is consuming, you don’t know how much milk has been lost in the nipple. (2) If your baby is getting breastmilk from the bottle, you’re losing your “liquid gold”. If you’re on a limited milk supply, this is frustrating.The instructions suggest that this happens normally, and that after it happens, you should follow the directions for cleaning the bottle (i.e. discarding the milk).

Cara Mc Knightstown, PA

Awful bottle and nipple design. Why do people like this??

I bought about 5 different bottle types to see which one would work best. The Breastflow didn’t sell single bottles, but since the name itself, Breastflow, suggested it would be a good option for switching between breast and bottle, I bit the bullet and bought this ridiculous 3 pack.And of the 6 different bottle/nipple types I tried, this is by far the WORST. Consider the following:- Milk gets trapped in the area between the 2 nipple parts. If you are pumping and haven’t got a good supply yet, you will be in tears thinking of all that trapped milk getting wasted. And it’s not just a little bit, it’s quite a lot!- The bottle and nipple are humongous. If you have a newborn, definitely give this a pass (ironic, given breast-bottle transitions should be most relevant to newborns) because you’ll only be feeding your newborn 1-3oz. This bottle wastes so much of that 1-3oz between the huge bottle size, and all the milk getting trapped in the huge nipple.- Poor nipple design. My baby ‘leaks’ milk A LOT with this bottle compared to the others I purchased. My heart aches for all that wasted milk running down her chin.. and it annoys me to no end that I have to keep switching her bibs or placing a tissue under her chin (wasted tissues! My baby’s chin is now red and raw!) because of all that spillage… plus again… I hate wasted breast milk!!Seriously, save yourself the $ and get the Playtex Ventaire. Those work well, aren’t terribly expensive, and you can buy the 1-pack on Prime to ‘try it out’ before making the commitment to buying more bottles.

Jill Dingmans Ferry, PA

Not worth the hassle…

I purchased several of these bottles/nipples after we started daycare and my daughter was getting nipple confusion from the Gerbers that fit onto my pump. At first, I was very impressed that they improved her latch and she didn’t appear to have much gas from taking the bottle. After about a week of use, I found that the nipples retained the “left sitting out” breastmilk smell and I couldn’t get it out. I washed the bottles and nipples in hot soapy water and sterilized from time to time to make sure all the bacteria was destroyed. Unfortunately, after another month of use, my to my horror, I discovered that the inner, darker blue nipples had deteriorated at the opening and either expanded on their own (because I certainly didn’t shove anything in there to clean the very opening surface) or split down the side of the nipple (about “!) or both! I immediately looked at the other nipples we have been using and found that every single nipple had that problem. The outer, clear nipple was still in perfect shape but the inner, blue nipple was deteriorating. Now, either I have toxic milk – which I highly doubt – or the material is not of the best quality.I called the company the very next morning and told them about this problem that I was having with the nipples. The “customer service” lady took an accusatory tone and said that I must be cleaning them wrong because she’d never heard of that. I told her that I was using a nipple brush to clean the inside of the nipples but that there was no other way to get to the very tip of the inside. She said that I only needed to use a soft cloth. Really? Then she offered to send me a replacement nipple pack “just this once.” Ok, um, thanks.I received the replacement pack and immediately put them to use. After a week of use, I inspected them again. Guess what I found?! The tips were starting to split – about 1/8-1/6″ down the side of the blue inner nipple.I called the company again to tell them about this. Got a different customer service rep and she apologized, asked how I was caring for the nipples and then offered to send me 4 replacement nipples but asked if I would please send them the defective nipples because they are very concerned. I said sure. I got the replacement packaged, opened it up, and found not 4 replacement Stage 1 nipples but two bottles of the stage 2, 9 oz size.I’m not going to bother with sending them the defective nipples. I am not the only person that’s having this issue as other reviewers online have reported the same occurrences.Save your money and try something else. These don’t appear to have a very long lifespan. I like the idea, but it just doesn’t last. We’re switching to another bottle.

Nell Fenton, MI

Not as great as I had hoped

After reading all the positive reviews, I ordered these. I find that my son seems to take in a lot of air with the design of these nipples, and the milk tends to leak from around his mouth when he uses these. Also, the parts are difficult to keep completely clean even with very careful washing. I would not purchase these again.

Ilene Allenton, MO

Ruined latch, baby swallowed a lot of air

I bought this to use with breastmilk for my baby at daycare. I’ve been extremely disappointed with it. The bottles ruined my baby’s latch although I didn’t realize the cause until I switched to a different bottle. He stopped opening his mouth wide to latch onto my breast do to the tiny tip on the bottle nipple.My baby can’t empty all the milk from the outer nipple once there is no milk left in the bottle. He swallowed A LOT of air because the inner nipple blocked milk from getting to the tip from inside the outer nipple.It was miserable to clean so many nipples too. Got very tiring. The bottles discolored with an orange hue as soon as I boiled them.

Deann Oswego, IL

Hard to use.

We bought these for our new baby due this summer but our toddler wanted to try one for bedtime, these are REALLY hard to latch onto, at least for our toddler. She had a terrible time trying to get the milk out of these… I don’t believe these are like a breast at all, its not hard to get milk out of my breasts its hard to get milk out of these bottles.

Reva Quinault, WA

There must be better bottles somewhere.

The bottles are super leaky and my baby swallowed so much air that I had to stop using them. Waste of money!

Graciela South Seaville, NJ

Gave my baby horrible gas.

My baby never had gas problems until we used these bottles. I switched to the Dr. Brown bottles, and the problem went away immediately.

Lindsay Garland, NC

Didn’t work for us

We tried these but the milk got caught in the nipple part and my husband kept having to pour it back in the bottle. Not sure I’d he wasn’t doing it right, but I tried a couple times and had the same problem. Ended up using dr browns.

Alfreda Montevideo, MN

Love these bottles!

I love these bottles; baby loves these bottles. He has never had an issue with switching from breastfeeding to these bottles. If you plan on bottle feeding and breast feeding, I feel these work well with a breastfeeding mama. I would like to mention that sometimes the nipple collapses while he is sucking: the company says this is normal compression and suction that the bottle mimics. Most comments on these bottles complain that it is a defect. In any case my baby has no trouble getting the milk out.

Ola Marsing, ID

Didn’t work for us

I wanted my baby to be able to breastfeed and use a bottle, so I searched high and love for a bottle that wouldn’t cause nipple confusion. These seemed to be the best reviewed. I tried these the first time and my son (who is a hard sucker) couldn’t get any milk out. I had to push the blue inner piece to get any to fall down into the outter nipple. Once down he still couldn’t get much out. I gave up and then there was the mess of clean up. When you try to get the two nipple pieces apart a lot gets stuck in between the two. Thus there is a lot of waste and mess occuring during clean up. Overall these did not work for us at all.

Alta Omak, WA

Not worth it!

We tried many different bottles for my colicky son and these bottles were the worst of the bunch. Not only did they not help at all with making feeding time less gassy, but they leaked and the nipple collapsed frequently because he would suck so hard and get very little milk out of the bottle. These bottles also tend to be more complicated to put together because of all the extra pieces. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone. If you are looking for a good “breastfeeding” bottle, I recommend the Tommee Tippee brand – we much preferred those!

Wendy Swedesburg, IA

Great Bottles!

We registered for these bottles when we were expecting and used them when our daughter was 2 weeks old because she needed formula supplements. I was worried that she might experience nipple confusion at such a young age, but she had absolutely no problem switching from these bottles to the breast and back. When she uses these bottles, her “latch” looks just like it looks when she breast feeds. Also, the “slow flow” nipple really is slow – she’s never getting more milk than she can handle. This feature also makes it more like the breast, since she has to work a little harder to get the milk. The “stage 2” nipple is a little too fast for our baby, so we have been using the stage 1 nipple (which come with the 5 oz bottles) on these larger bottles.All this is not to say that she loves drinking from a bottle. Though she has had periodic bottles since she was 2 weeks old, at 3.5 months she started refusing bottles. This is more a test of wills than anything else. We haven’t switched to any other bottle because we love these and know that she can drink from them and easily continue to breast feed. They do require a little extra cleaning work because of the two-nipple construction, but no more work than cleaning and sterilizing breast pump parts. Also, we’ve found that the blue inner nipple will sometimes deform in those microwave sterilizer bags, so we’ve stopped sterilizing those in the microwave. Other than that, this is a great product!

Catalina Weikert, PA

great for babies that eat fast

We use these with our son, he guzzles down bottles with regular nipples and these help him eat a little slower.

Traci King And Queen Court Hous, VA

Great Bottle for breast fed babies

We have been using these bottles for 3 months now and have no major problems with them. Yes they do tend to leak sometime and yes the milk does get in between the 2 nipples, but you can get MOST of the milk out by pinching the nipple and directing the milk back to the bottle. People seem to think more milk stays in the nipple, but I have never had a problem getting it out. I have yet to read a review for a bottle that everyone loves, ut for us, these work. Dispite the double nipple they are really easy to clean and assemble. I gave them 4 stars only because no bottle is perfect

Lizzie Drake, ND

Great Product!

My LO had no problems going from the breast to the bottle with this product. Its good quality and works great.

Annette Bloomfield, MT

great for breastfeeding

These are great bottles. My baby took right to them and then back to breasts. Read directions first as it tells you how to get milk out of nipple.

Noelle Neffs, PA

Great bottle

Great bottle, but what really matters if the nipple-and this one is great! It actually looks like a real boob-unlike 99% of the other bottles out there. We purchased these frantically when our we-one decided that she didn’t like the nipples on the Born Free. Her mouth was too tiny for those long nipples that come on every other bottle. These are great! No leaking and no more parts to clean than anything else out there. Some people say that milk goes wasted in the nipple, but if you put the bottle upright and press lightly into the nipple, you can see the milk go back into the bottle. Just wish they were glass-and therefore-chemical and PLASTIC free! That’s what’s most important when it comes to babies. But overall, great product.

Becky Randolph, NE


These bottle leak and milk seems to stick to them. I am meticulous about washing and steaming my bottles, but they still wreak of spoiled milk! I hate them and wish I had never wasted money on these gimmicky bottles!

Jennie Pengilly, MN

Both Good and Bad

I was really excited to get these bottles because I was giving my son some breastmilk bottles daily. While I found he did not have any issues with “nipple confusion”, and the bottles were easy to clean, I did have some issues and ended up changing brands. First, the milk collects between the two nipples during drinking, which means you have to stop feeding often to squeese the milk back into the bottle. Second, maybe my son has a small mouth, but a lot of milk would spill out the sides of his mouth (more than with other bottles. Finally, my son was gassier w/these bottles than the Dr. Brown ones.

Rebekah Robbins, TN

one leaked but the brand is good

One of the tops in the three-pack leaked no matter what I did. It just refused to tighten properly. However, the brand overall is good. My little boy had no problem switching between nursing and these bottles. They handled the microwave sterilizer just fine, too. I intend to use them for my next baby, too.

Maritza Wyoming, PA

really good

I love these bottles they’re good for a breast feeding baby. but they leak so so so bad. you have to thicken with cereal or any milk runs straight out of the nipple. I use now that’s hes 10 months and on formula becuz I can thicken it

Gussie Earlville, PA

Great for switching back and forth but are really slow for the eager eater!

These bottles were great with my daughter switching back in forth from breast to bottle. The problem we have now is that I am about to start back at work I have realized no one will be as patient with her in daycare as I am with her taking 1 hour to feed her when they have 3 other kids. In experimenting with other bottles, she now refuses it because the milk flow is so slow. I even tried the medium flow. These bottles are great if you are not in a hurry to have your baby bottle fed and do support breastfeeding. I have just had to stop using them due to the lack of speed.

Carolyn Naco, AZ

Not good for all babies

I thought these were going to be amazing, but they don’t work that well. My lactation consultant said that some babies do well with them, but others don’t. The nipple collapses when baby latches which is supposed to be normal according to the directions, but you can tell that baby’s latch is messed up when the nipple does it. I wouldn’t recommend these especially since baby’s latch is so important!

Shawna Scottsville, TX

Very similar to breast but so many problems…

Doesn’t get much closer to a real nipple than these but you could never get them completely empty (probably upwards of an ounce that just wouldn’t come out) and SUCH a pain to clean. Oy. For real. Sent these back after one use… Not happy with them at all..

Della Friona, TX

Love them

My baby girl wont take anything else but these. She is going on 6 months now and has not had colic, spit up problems, fussiness, ect. I love these simply because she does. I could not breastfeed like I wanted to, but these were a perfect substitute since she would not latch on correctly. Great product.

Eleanor Gnadenhutten, OH

I want to love this bottle but it has a major flaw.

My first son refused to take the bottle and I ended up directly breastfeeding him for two years. When my second son was born I was determined to find a bottle for expressed breastmilk that he would take without protest. The First Years Breastflow Bottle was that bottle. The teat-within-a-teat seems to work, and my son had no problem switching from the bottle to the breast and back again.Because of that, I really want to love this bottle. But it has one major flaw. No matter how careful I am about squeezing the teat to put the milk back in the bottle, and no matter how carefully I try to align the screw-top ring with the thread of the bottle, I still get leaks a third of the time, leading to a frustrating, sticky mess.

Nannie Wilkinson, WV

We reccomend these over any other.

We tried these bottles after being frustrated with the Medela Calma. We spent $60 on 3 of them and ended up loving these much more! The Calma nipples are hollow and if baby unlatches quickly and you dont tilt the bottle out of his mouth, milk gets EVERYWHERE! These are great bottles. My son took to them very quickly and they do not leak at all. He was picky as he was strickly breast for his first 6 weeks and I never had a problem with the Breastflow like we did with the Calma or the other ridiculously expensive bottles we bought. Save your dollars and get the Breastflow. I wish someone would have told me before I went out and spent hundreds!

Millie South Newbury, NH