The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Disposable Bottle, 4 Ounce

The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Disposable Bottle, 4 Ounce

The First Years Breastflow nipple is perfect for breastfed babies. It is the only bottle nipple that features a nipple-within-nipple structure that stimuates the breastfeeding motions of suction and compression enabling baby to go back and forth between breast and bottle more easily. Breastflow is available as part of The First Years Disposble Bottle System and works with Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners and other bottle liners.

Main features

  • Patented nipple requires suction and compression, the same motions as breastfeeding
  • Alternate easily between breast and bottle
  • Part of the first years disposable bottle system
  • Works with Ziploc brand dispoable bottle liners and other bottle liners
  • 4 ounce, 3 pack

Verified reviews



My little one didn’t like them until I took the blue inner nipple out. Then she had no problem with them. She uses the rest of the bottle and my little boy uses the inner blue nipple as a traffic cone for his trucks. I just painted them orange and he uses them in his sand box with his trucks. So I ended up with some creative thinking getting my money out of them.

Rita Dodge, NE

I never used

I never used these just because I did not find feasible. it cannot be reused. and the main problem is we cannot warm the milk.

Roseann Mesilla, NM

really disappointed

After buying the 8oz and trying out our son loved it. He’s really picky and wouldn’t take the playtex bottles so when we came across these disposable ones we were so excited to finally find a different nipple for disposable bottles. 8oz worked great so we ordered 2 packs of these. Big mistake!! They ALL leaked!! We tried and tried to make them work but ended up throwing them away and going back to dr browns!! Wasted money!!!!!

Frances Lizemores, WV

Perfect for our breastfed baby!

My husband and I wanted to a make sure we’d have a way to feed our baby when I return to work and asked our lactation consultants to recommend a bottle. They recommended this one. We found it at babies-r-us and amazon and decided to buy one to try (as well as a tummy tipee just in case!). Our experience has been great!After trying both we decided to stay with Breastflow because she seems to do better controlling flow, not chocking and alternating with the breast.What we like: 1) our baby has no problem taking this bottle and the breast interchangeably 2) she does not choke when she is fed (which happened with the tummy tipee because the flow is too much for her) 3) they are super easy to clean – I actually throw away the disposable liner when she’s done and clean the nipples and ring along with the pump in the medela microwave bag) 4) she does not get any more gas than she does at the breast and drinks to the last drop -no waste, no leaking) 5) she “latches” to the bottle the same way she does to the breastWhat we don’t like: so far we don’t have anything to put hereWe started to introduce the bottle to our baby at 6 weeks (only 1 a day and fed by the hubbs, which she also recommended so she associates breast with mommy and bottle with “not mommy”) and even though she was so little she was ok with it from the initial timesShe takes about 10-15 min to drink 3 oz, compared to nursing which for her averages 15-20 min, so we know the flow is ok.I recommend them to nursing moms.

Arlene Ellendale, DE

not slow flow!

we love this brand but these are bottles with MEDIUM flow nipples and are not suitable to newborns. they also require drop in liners by ziploc that are not sold in stores.

Doretha Honey Brook, PA

Did better than the 4oz.

The 4oz bottles leaked but these did not. Nipple still trapped the last oz though. You have to squeeze the nipple to put it back in the bottle to get more out.

Donna Vidal, CA

Great for breastfed babies

The double nipples in these bottles mimic the mouth movements a baby needs to make to draw milk from its mother’s breast, making it easier to switch between the breast and bottle after the first few weeks. Check out the First Years Breast Pump as well!

Berta Minonk, IL