The First Years 3 Pack Disney Princess Take & Toss Straw Cup

The First Years 3 Pack Disney Princess Take & Toss Straw Cup

When your princess is ready to transition from a sippy cup to a straw cup, we’ve got a royal solution! Featuring Cinderella, Aurora and Belle, Disney Take & Toss 10 oz. Straw Cups feature fast-flow straws to keep liquid away from developing front teeth, plus snap-on travel lids that are leak-resistant before puncturing. Take & Toss cups are durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables. Translucent sides let you see how much drink remains before her highness needs a refill.

Main features

  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Snap-on lids are easy to clean
  • Fast-flow straw helps keep liquid away from developing front teeth
  • Translucent sides let you see how much drink remains
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Decent cups for advanced straw drinkers

I bought these cups based on the reviews here. My daughter was just weaned and I wanted to try a bunch of cups to figure out which were best. I had to teach her with a different brand straw cup, but she can now use these cups fine. She still leaks a bit from it, so if you want something leak proof, this is not cup for you.Edit: I am changing my review after getting tired of having my daughter pull the straw out and spill stuff on the floor. Buy a nuby or munchkin.

Angie Spring Glen, NY

keep an eye on these.

These work great until your child figures out how to get the top off. They last a good long time, and they are sturdy, but I think the Munchkin straw cups with the screw on lid work better.The lid on these started to crack around the straw hole fairly early on, and the lid gets loose and doesn’t stay on very well after a while. I never put these in the dishwasher, but the plastic isnt quite as heavy as the Munchkin cups.

Phoebe Bradford, OH

Great cups, but wasteful if not reused.

My daughter likes these cups because of the characters on them. I like them because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and hold up well. The ones with the straws do tend to leak very easily if tipped over. We reuse them over, and over. There are no tricky parts to clean, and they hold up extremely well with repeated washings. These are my second favorite sippys, the first being the actual sippy cup without the straw.

Dona Smithfield, NE

Fun cup for kids, but leaks easily

Our son loves the Mickey picture on these cups and loves using a straw. However, parents should be aware that these leak easily- one tip of the cup sends milk out the straw or around the straw hole. Your child needs to be old enough where you can instruct them to keep the cup upright and monitor them. We hand wash them and use a baby bottle nipple brush to clean the inside of the straw. If you are looking for something that will make less of a mess, the best sippy cup we have used is the Gerber Graduates Fun Cups. It is hard to get them to leak unless you put them upside down and shake HARD!

Christie Cottleville, MO

Great but not leak proof

These are the only cups my 14 month old daughter will drink from. They are great except they will leak if left on their side. If she throws it their is a 50% chance that top will pop off. If she is carrying it around the house I just put water in it but if she is sitting in her highchair then I will give her milk or juice. I’ve tried many other sippy cups with straws and this is the only one she likes. It appears she likes hard straws over the typical silicone straws you find in others,

Freda Deer Island, OR

Great for Mickey Mouse fans!

These are durable, and hold up well in the dishwasher. My son loves straw cups, and he really loves that these have MM on them!

Lesa Rand, CO

great and simple design, but picture is misleading

I love the take ‘n toss brand. It’s simple, durable and effective. My toddler has been able to drink out of a cup on her own since she was a year old, however, she likes to walk around the house with it and spills everywhere. I did a lot of research on other sippy cups, but their designs are complicated and look difficult to wash. I need something I can wash in seconds or toss in the dishwasher and know it will get clean. My biggest peeve are nooks and crannies in kids food and drinkware that can get really grimy, really quickly. This is a cup, a lid, and a straw. The straws are durable, and I use the nipple brushes to clean them. The lid stays on tight. This will definitely leak if you turn them upside down – however, in the beginning, the straw forms a tight suction with the lid so it doesn’t leak much. Do be careful that when you close the lid with the straw in it, that the pressure will force liquid to come out of the straw. I just always insert the straw a little bit and then close the lid.The picture shows Tiana, but the ones that I recieved had pink straws, pink lids and belle, cinderella and sleeping beauty. This isn’t too big of a deal unless you have a child who is very particular about her princesses.

Marjorie Searsmont, ME

Love these!

I got these because my son always wants to sip from my reusable straw cup. He tosses this around and it really doesn’t leak much at all. He could get the straw out if he really tried but it stays in there pretty well. The cups are durable and clean up easily.

Leona Attica, MI

Love these

We use these portable cups over and over. I needed something I could put smoothies in, as regular sippy cups with rubber safety spouts wouldn’t work. The lid snaps on tight and my kids (1 & 2) use them without spilling very much smoothie. We have them in solid colors, but the Mickey version makes them more fun to use. I would definitely recommend these!

Alyson Adell, WI

Awesome Straw Cups!

These are awesome straw cups. Unlike the other straw-type cups, these cups don’t leak, don’t have tiny parts to clean, and are not super expensive. We’ve used a flip straw type cups only to get frustrated with small parts that are difficult to clean, and lots of leaks when tipped on the side. We’ve tried similar “straw through lid” type cups only to have a mess of leaks, and flimsy straws. The Take and Toss cups beat them all – the straws are made of fairly hard plastic, and they go in smoothly and tightly through the lid of the cup. We’ve used other straws with this cup, and found that they work fairly well also. The cup will leak only a tiny bit when tipped.If you got a kid who tosses cups still, this cup may not be for you, as I’m pretty sure a lot more liquid will come out, but if you’ve got a sippy cup transitioner on your hands, this cup is great! On a side note, if you don’t want to use the lid, kids can drink out of the cup without it – the edge of the cup is curved enough to allow drinking without drooling. Highly recommended!

Bonita Oyens, IA

Five Stars

A great Disney cup that my daughter loves and I love because they’re so inexpensive!

Celia De Witt, MO

nicer than the plain take and toss

these are really attractive. much nicer than what i can get here in the stores. it is see thru so i can see how much liquid is in it. daughter loves mickey so thats a bonus. easy to clean, washes well by hand or in the dishwasher. only problem is my daughter likes to throw cups from her high chair and the lid will pop off. so this is a supervised cup for the time being (she is only 14 months old) if i give it to her in the chair it’s water only! now if your child doesn’t throw cups this is great. as with all straw sippy’s liquid other than water will leak out once it starts to get warm. two remedies, only use cold drinks and put back in the fridge, or lift the straw just above liquid level if sitting on the table!

Kristie Hollister, CA

Good cups

My daughter loves her princess cups. She’s 3, so this is a good way to steer her away from sippy cups. The only downside, and its small, is that when I press the lid down after filling the cup, some liquid pops out onto the top of the lid. Not a big deal. The cups hold up in the dishwasher well

Shirley Bushkill, PA

Good price but not very safe

My son prefers the straw cups to any of the soft or hard spout cups. These are cheap and are great to keep at Grandma’s house or to have spares in the diaper bag. They are not good for everyday use especially with young toddlers. The straw can be easily taken out and “played” with. The straw is extremely hard and can easily injure a younger child. I recommend the OXO Tot Straw Cup for everyday use.

Libby Argenta, IL

I dont toss them

These cups are perfect for my toddler. Generally no spills even if it flips upside down and lands on the floor. I can allow my daughter to drink on her own and not worry. I don’t throw them away just reuse them for months until the straws get too chewed up and buy some more. I highly recommend.

Dorthy Hustler, WI

Great cups, love the quality of Take & Toss

I purchased these for a Mickey-loving toddler who is not to keen on drinking from a straw. He loves the cups and I think they’re great quality. It’s nice to have a reusable cup that you won’t be too upset about losing at the park or store due to the cost, but still holds up for many, many uses. I have yet to "toss" one of these products and we’ve used their bowls and utensils as well. I hand wash the lid and straw, but do put the cup on the top rack.

Rochelle Caryville, TN

Toddler loves them!

They stay together well, barely spill (unless my toddler throws it really hard) and the straw stays in well! Very happy!

Jeannine Netawaka, KS

Great cups

My kids were into the straw cups but I wasn’t willing to buy the expensive ones. These are great and still last a long time. Definitely worth the price!

Tammi Mesquite, TX

Mickey Mouse Cup

Great cup that I use at my house for whey Grandson comes over. He loves drinking from the cup and it is a durable product. Very cute design as well.

Summer Daisy, MO

A bit flimsy and lightweight, but perfectly fine cups.

These cups are barely more sturdy than what you would get at a fast food restaurant,but the straw is tough, they weigh near to nothing and can take abuse from a toddler. Well worth the price if you have little ones running around your house spilling miscellaneous fluids 24-7!

Juliana Deford, MI

15 Month old figured cup out in two days

We were using the training cup with handles (gerber) where the straw folds into the top, but she was not getting enough fluid and like many other reviews, giving up, thus not getting enough fluid (water). I purchased these and in two days, she figured out how to hold the cup (w/o handles) and use the regular straw (without suction). her fluid intake went up ten fold…. highly recommend these cups if you have a child who is resisting the training straw cups or any other training cup. Note: these hardly leak, and only alittle when they do, considering there is no lid, very impressed!

Sondra Ashland, MA

Not as good…

The regular Take & Toss cups are better. The pictures on these make them stick together and they are extremely difficult to pry apart, and the lids don’t stay on as well. My baby has thrown her originals from her high chair and the lids have remained, these just pop off and leave a giant puddle to clean up.

Mari Brooklandville, MD

dont use them as much as i thought i would…

we have a 19 month old who we are always trying to get to drink more. the unfortunate thing about these cups is the straw is way to strong and we end up putting bendy straws in. Also not great to go in the diaper bag…once we are at a restaurant they have sippy cups so not really sure when to use.

Juliet Lame Deer, MT

My toddler loves these

My daughter loves these straw cups, and the price is reasonable. She likes to chew on the straw, but they’re significant enough that it’s easy to squeeze them back to almost normal. I haven’t had one crack, yet, so that’s an upside. They work very well and don’t leak unless she holds them upside down and shakes, but that’s understandable.The only drawback is the fact that they aren’t vented (which is why they don’t leak). By not being vented, when you pop the top on, the liquid will sometimes stream out of the straw for a few seconds. It’s not a big deal if you’re prepared!

Julie Helen, GA

Best sippy

My son was struggling with getting the hang of regular sippy cups, but he took to this cup right away. I was worried about spilling, but it doesn’t leak or spill unless he turns the cup upside down. These are actually his favorite sippy cups. He will now choose them over other cups. He wants all of his drinks in this sippy.

Lela Stockbridge, GA

perfect little sip cup

My son’s favorite cup. It doesn’t spill and is inexpensive. He easily sip’s his water from it, unlike other hard to sip sippy cups. Even though it’s dishwasher safe, I hand wash these or anything plastic so that toxins aren’t released in the high heated dishwasher and it lets the sippy cup look newer for a longer period of time.

Alison Gardiner, MT

Cute but can only be used occasionally

My daughter likes to drink from the straw, so I decided to purchase these take & toss cups. They work great until your kid realizes she can pull the straw out and dump the cup or take the lid off with her teeth. I primarily use them while she is in her high chair and unable to spill on our carpet. Ensure all the straws are enclosed before unpackaging cups. I am still dealing with exchanging for a complete set with Amazon, but I didn’t mark down the item for this issue.

Katharine South Deerfield, MA