The First Years 3 Pack Gumdrop Slim Neck Bottle, Pink/Purple, 8 Ounce

The First Years 3 Pack Gumdrop Slim Neck Bottle, Pink/Purple, 8 Ounce

The GumDrop Slim Bottle has the same nipple as the GumDrop Pacifier and the slim design makes it easy for baby to hold on to. GumDrop bottles feature a slim neck design and include a leak-resistant travel cap. The 100% silicone nipple is the same nipple as the GumDrop pacifier. Three 4 ounce Slim Neck Bottle.

Main features

  • Leak resistant travel cover
  • 100% silicone nipple
  • Same nipple as the GumDrop pacifier
  • Slim neck design
  • Easy for baby to grasp

Verified reviews


Cute bottles but no air release capabilities…

The bottles are definitely adorable, and my 6 month old baby seems to be able to hold them a bit easier than the regular sized NUK ones we have. My only complaint would be that there is not an aspect to the nipple that allows air to be released so the baby has to take the bottle out of her mouth regularly to let the air fix itself.Not a deal breaker though. I would still repurchase.

Vonda Chanhassen, MN

Not for any infant less than 6 months

The bottles are adorable, however, the nipples are for 6mos and up, my 2 month old couldn’t handle the fast flow, so i had to replace the nipples with the Nuby no spills. However, these bottles are great aside from that, I just wish it would have listed the nipple size on the product info

Leeann Clayville, NY

Awesome Bottles!!

I cannot even tell you how much I love these bottles. I had always breastfed but then we began foster/adoption so I had to learn how to bottle feed. I went through plenty!! I found these and I think they are just the cutest things ever!I love the shape too so that as they have become older, they can helphold the bottle too. They have withstood my brood and we wash in dishwasher all the time. I would get the big and the small. They are awesome!!

Tanisha Douglassville, TX


I really wanted to like these bottles, especially because my daughter loves Gumdrop pacifiers. However, these bottles are the worst ones we’ve tried (and we’ve tried them all)! They are super cute, but no matter what I do, they leak, leak, leak! Save your money and get the $1 bottles at Walmart. They are way better than these, and they do not leak.

Taylor Ringoes, NJ

No confusion

These were good for doing expressed milk. However, the ounce markings didn’t quite line up with the ones on the pump bottles. My baby liked the feel of the nipples on these and we didn’t have any nipple confusion.

Kitty Girard, GA

waste of money

They are cute looking bottles and do not spill but my poor little girl could not get the milk out of these! i would not recommend this!

Odessa Selawik, AK

Great little bottles!

My son got used to the similac nipples (the individually packaged ones they give you in the hospital) and I ordered these because they seemed to be the same. I was right they are almost identical and my son loves them!

Patricia Knoxville, AR

Pretty much the same as the .97 bottles

1st!We got this bottle because we were hoping that our daughter would like it since she uses the soothie pacifier. It didn’t end up working out for us. And much like I suspected the bottle (and nipple) are pretty much identical to the .97 walmart (or gerber) traditional bottles. The difference is very minimal. So, if you are suspecting that this bottle might work with your little one because they like the soothie or gumdrop pacifier you could save the $1.50 extra and just get the cheapy cheap traditional bottle.In my opinion you are paying extra for the cuteness of these bottles. Which is fine if thats why you like them…but misleading if you are expecting something special since they are “like the gumdrop pacifier.”Not worth the extra money in my opinion.However, if you would like to add some color to your Dr. Browns standard bottle or any other standard bottle the colored nipples will fit those.

Elisha Lindsay, OK

cute, but leaked too much and design was flaking off

I wanted to like these because of their cute design. But the designs started coming off (I hand wash, no dishwasher) and the nipples were not to my baby’s liking. I switched them out with Nuk Narrow neck silicone nipples which worked like a dream. But in the end, I threw the three away due to the flaking off of the design and that it would leak when I put a cap on it.

Ollie Sebastian, FL

Okay, but…

They work fine as bottles. I like the colors and the baby likes the nipples so that part is fine. One of the bottles, the design has started to flake off. It’s been washed the same way as the other two in the pack so I’m not sure what happened there. It’s not on a part of the bottle that goes in the baby’s mouth so I’ve continued to use it, but it’s a little annoying.

Gabrielle Dixon, CA

bubble gum

is it just me or does the insides of these bottles smells like bubble gum? great value for your money. they dont leak and the colours are eye catching for your baby! would recommend to anyone!

Rosemary Chichester, NY

Our 9 Month old loves these

Our youngest is very small for her age. She’s 9 months, and very strong, but she wears 0-3 month or 3-6 month clothes and has small hands to go along with her petite build.These "slim neck" bottles are much easier for her to hold than wider bottles.Work great for our littlest lady.

Suzette Horse Shoe, NC

Nice bottles

I liked the shape and the colors of these bottles. But when my smart daughter learned to push the nipple inside to loosen the cap and then unscrew it – she would spill the milk all over her… No matter how tight I would close them, she would mess with them, so I took them away.

Sheryl East Hartland, CT

The Only Bottle She’ll Take

These are cute, high quality bottles. We got these as a gift and they’re the only bottle our daughter will use. We’ve tried Gerbers, Playtex Drop Ins, Avents, and Medela. Another bonus is these fit my Medela pump. We ended up ordering more and we love them.

Elnora Grosse Pointe, MI