The First Years 4 Pack Ziploc Straw Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

The First Years 4 Pack Ziploc Straw Cup, 10 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Ziploc Straw Cup, 10 oz. 4pk. is the latest in lightweight, dishwasher safe straw cups. The twist on lids provide you with the added confidence that they are on tight. These sippy cups are available in assorted fun colors, while being translucent to allow you to see the level of contents remaining inside.

Main features

  • Twist on lid for added trust
  • Tight lid seal helps to prevent leaks
  • Fast flow straw keeps liquid away from developing front teeth
  • Interchangeable lids fit other Ziploc cups

Verified reviews


A good idea that doesn’t work due to poor materials/design.

There are no words to describe the frustration level you experience trying to get the lid on or off these cups. You have to have the (very bendy) top perfectly aligned to get it to screw on properly, and it will almost always take several tries. If you screw it on too tight, you can not get it off (again, owning to the bendiness). The straws are flimsy and if your child removes them and plays with them at all, they bend and crack, becoming useless.The regular Take & Toss were no longer useful to us when my child figured out how to take the top off. I got him some of the Munchkin straw cups because of the twist on lid, but could not find more than one set at the time. I got these thinking that they would be similar. They were recycled a short time later.

Christy Emelle, AL

awesome for cheapo cups

very good quality for the price. The screw on lid is awesome and the straws are high quality so won’t break right away. They are air tight though so our kids have to release their suction pretty frequently due to vacuum lock. of course that also means they don’t spill easily or fast when dropped. The lid almost always stays on even when dropped half full from the high chair.We’ve started using these instead of food packets, filling them with veggie/grain smoothies and popping them in a cooler bag. The kids can suck up a snack in a minute with almost no mess.

Joyce Mango, FL

Ziploc Straw Cup

I got this cup mainly to put my toddler’s smoothies in. She likes the cup and overall, I do as well. The lids fit tight and the straw makes a good seal that prevents spilling if it’s knocked over. However, if you move the straw up and down at all in the cup or put the slightest pressure on the outside of the cup, the liquid in it overflows through the top of straw. It makes quite the mess.

Joy Tiline, KY

We love them

These are the best little cups for teaching toddlers to use real cups with straws. They’re very durable and can withstand being tossed onto the floor. They’re dishwasher safe and easy to clean (so much easier than sippy cups!). And theyre cheap enough that its not a big deal if you lose one here or there. My only complaint is that the straws should be a bit more durable. My toddler bites them and they break, but luckily you can use bendy straws instead.

Adelaide Alanson, MI

I wish they were just a little shorter

These are good training cups. My 17-month old toddler daughter seems to like using them, and she can sip from them fairly easily on her own when standing. They are super cheap, dishwasher safe, and get the job done. However, while I can see how these are a good size for older kids who sit in normal chairs, I wish they were just a tad shorter for toddlers since that’s probably who they are really made for.When my daughter sits at a high chair or table, these are eye-level for her because they are so tall. Furthermore, they don’t really fit behind the tray with her while she’s in her high chair, so there’s no way for her to sip from the top without tilting the cup almost horizontally, which kind of defeats the purpose of a straw. The same is true in a high chair if she’s pulled right up to the table.Imagine trying to drink out of an eye-level glass – it’s awkward! If these were stubbier 3-4 inch tall cups, I think they’d be better for toddlers.

Kayla Sutersville, PA


We had used the take and toss kind that had the pop on lids. But my kids would literally bump into something while holding the cup or sit on one and the lid would come off with liquid everywhere.These screw on take and toss ones are just wonderful. My 19 month old twins took right to them. There is little leakage considering that it is a straw cup without a valve. I also really love that it does not have a valve. It is much easier to get the liquid out and much easier for learning to use a real cup.

Kristina Ripley, OK