The First Years 6 Pack Ziploc Snacks To Go

The First Years 6 Pack Ziploc Snacks To Go

Ziploc Snacks to Go, 6 Piece Set. is the latest in lightweight, dishwasher safe, convenient snack cups and bowls. The twist on lids provide you with the added confidence that they are on tight. These sippy cups are available in assorted fun colors, while being translucent to allow you to see the level of contents remaining inside.

Main features

  • Twist on lid for added trust
  • Perfect for taking snacks on-the-go
  • Includes three 4.5 oz. snack cups with lids, and three 8 oz. toddler bowls with lids
  • Dishwasher safe and Microwave safe

Verified reviews


Good containers

I like how they screw on so that little hands can’t take the lids off. I haven’t yet used them in the microwave.

Meghan Morton, PA

Fantastic containers, almost air tight

I’ve been using these for more than a year now. My first set was a gift from my mom and then I came back for more.You can push the lid in to take out some of the air and create some vacuum inside (less air, less food decay). They’re good in the freezer, good in the microwave. The lid is semi-transparent so you can figure out what’s inside most of the time. We’ve used them for all situations: storage, feeding, freezing, traveling. Even for us (mom and dad) to have some desserts or small portions of food.I highly recommend them. They have never leaked either!ONE THING TO KNOW: colors will vary. My set came green and yellow. That was not important for me, but I could be for you, so I hope this helps you decide wether to buy or not to buy this set.

Cathryn Middleport, PA

we use these everyday

Someone gave these to us as a gift and at first I had no idea what we would use them for. Now, we use them almost daily. When our daughter was young, we’d use them to hold the clean nipples when we were going out (until we were ready to pop them on the bottle). Then we started using them to take snacks with us on the go (still do this) and also to just serve my daughter snacks in a container. We’ve also found other creative uses for them (we’ve packed meds in them when traveling so we didn’t have to take a bunch of bottles, tupperware for leftovers, condiment holders for packed lunches, etc).Once you get the hang of the threaded tops, they won’t bother you. My daughter can even use them now (20 months).

Jolene Cortland, NY

Pretty Bad

The threading on these is horrible, every single one. The small ones are the worst. Try and screw it tightly shut, and it can be impossible to open. I think I’m just going to toss these, I really hate them.

Deborah West Roxbury, MA

Impossible to open

I wish I had read all the reviews. These are frustratingly impossible to open. I hate them and am throwing them away.

Ingrid Soap Lake, WA

Just right for the price

I bought the The First Years 16 Piece Take & Toss Infant Spoons and loved them! so i thought i would try another "The First Years" product. These are not intended to be heavy duty but more of a take ‘n toss product.The lids don’t seem very secure but then i don’t use them for liquids. currently, i bring along food jars and pour 1/2 jars into the bowels since my son is only 9 months. Then i use the lid once we’re finished to make sure nothing spills until i can hand wash them at home. I also use these to mix cereal in at home. i warm the materials in another container (like a food jar or breast milk storage bag) and then pour into the bowel.

Kaitlyn Wappapello, MO