The First Years American Red Cross Baby Healthcare And Grooming Kit

The First Years American Red Cross Baby Healthcare And Grooming Kit

For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do. Making helpful, innovative products for your parenting journey is what motivates us every day.

Main features

  • 17 piece kit of healthcare and grooming essentials
  • Deluxe travel or storage bag for home or on the go
  • Includes a comprehensive baby care, wellness and safety guide
  • Excellent baby shower gift
  • Birth and up

Verified reviews


Listen to the reviews- Just buy items separately

I vaguely remember reading reviews for this product when I registered for it. In my pregnancy induced happy haze, I disregarded people’s complaints about some of the item in the kit. I should have listened, so I ask you listen now. You are much better off buying items that you will need separately. It seemed like a good idea to just get this kit and cover all my bases. I’d never had a baby before, I figured that someone had figured out what I needed for me and put it in this kit. This is partially true.In the first few months, you will need a digital thermometer, a bulb syringe/aspirator, nail clippers or file, and hair brush or comb. These are the things from the kit that I have used so far- my daughter is 9 months old. So, out of 17 items, I’ve used 5 or 6. The other 11-12 have not been touched.Of the items, I’ve used, I didn’t like most of them. The bulb syringe is impossible to squeeze and offers no suction- useless. The thermometer seems to take forever to take a reading, which is no good with a squirmy baby. The nail clipper have been okay, I still use it, but I bet there are better ones you can buy separately- I’ve been meaning to get some. I had to remove the plastic cover from the clippers in order to see baby’s nails better- the first time I used them I cut my daughter’s finger because I couldn’t see them well.I like the brush and comb. But I would like any brush and comb, I’m sure.I’ve ended up buying a new thermometer (that I love) and a new aspirator (that I also love). Yes, you will probably spend more money buying items separately, but that is because the stuff that comes in this kit is cheaply made. If you are an expectant parent and trying to plan for your first baby, just get a good rectal thermometer (I have a Vicks that I like) some good nail clippers or a tiny nail file, and maybe a little brush for baby’s hair. The hospital will give you a good bulb syringe when you deliver. That is all you will need the first few weeks, and you should have quality products that work well. This kit will most likely disappoint.

Rosalinda Maywood, NE

very helpful

each element of the case was used, the only thing is that to sterilize not withstand high temperatures, especially implements give medicines

Josefa Fort Mitchell, VA

Haven’t not use any of it

Not as cheap as in the store. I haven’t used any of yet it so it’s really a waste to spend as much as I did on this product.

Marisol Mertens, TX


My wife and i,love it and GOD nows we need itfor my New baby born im so happy. Thank you so much Donna

Charity Blanco, NM

Outstanding Gift

I gave this as a gift to my sister. She was very pleased. That makes me happy. Being a mom of 5, myself, I thought it was a well put together kit of all the essentials.

Alisa Baldwinsville, NY

Everything you will need plus more

I bought this for my newborn son. This kit has everything but medicine, but its very handy and doesn’t take up any space. I would recommend this for any newborn or as a gift.

Antionette Calverton, NY

Is a complete first care kit.

I bought this kit for my brother’s baby and he like it a lot. The kit has the essential items for the health care of the baby and the price was good. You maybe not use all the items in the box, but is better to be prepared.

Della Maysville, WV

Everything you need for new baby.

The set has everything you’re going to need for your new baby. The nasal aspirator is a little hard to squeeze, and the baby thermometer isn’t of the highest quality, but still an excellent set. I would recommend buying a separate thermometer if your looking for the highest quality. The thermometer is good though and has worked well every time I used it.

Marietta Como, NC

Love It!

I have used almost everything in this kit. The Bulb is a baby’s best yet most hated friend. 🙂 The brush along with baby oil helped his cradle cap with just a couple uses too!

Jacqueline Elliott, IA

Not too shabby

It’s got everything you need to start out with your little one. It makes a great gift and I have one for my house. The price is decent and it arrived on time. I would purchase another one.

Sharron Oreana, IL

On time

like the product on time. Good quality and good packing recommend the product for first time baby. good product love it

Simone Bethany Beach, DE

Best One out there!

I love this so much I got another one for my second kid. The rattle is perfect to entertain new babies, the brush is great, and I use the scissors to cut baby’s nails. It has everything you need.

Valeria Gloverville, SC

There are better

Honestly, I haven’t even used all of the items, but of the ones I have used, not all of them were good quality. The nail clippers are fine, as are the comb, brush, and little trimmers. The aspirator is crap. You can’t even squeeze it. I’m not sure what the purpose of the rattle is. If I wanted to distract my kid I would have something much more interesting- even a mirror would work better. You probably won’t even need the two toothbrushes that are included- I got a training toothbrush and it’s a lot better. Overall, I would say definitely order the pieces separately and make a gift basket that way.

Lourdes Ewell, MD

Good buy

This is good and well stocked. It has virtually all we need to start taking care of our new born. It could be better I know but this is good the way it is. Will recommend.

Jerri Carrollton, KY

Don’t need all the pieces

We have only used the brush, nail scissors, and eye dropper in 14 months. The other pieces are superfluous. The nasal aspirator DOES NOT WORK. The only nasal aspirator we’ve found that works is the blue one from the hospital or the Nose Frida.

Lola Shannock, RI

Just buy what you need

You will not be needing all of this stuff, and most if it will get in the way when you do need something. You are better off buying a regular digital thermometer with removal tips that the whole family can use. Good luck giving medicine to a baby with a spoon. Just get a syringe (most meds for babies will come with one). The Booger Sucker (I know that’s not its official name) is absolutely useless. Read that again, 100% useless. Go buy one of those giant ones in the store. You don’t need the little flap to clean one out, just fill it with soapy water and squeeze until empty.I think this is seen in the store with the Red Cross logo, and it attracts new parents like flies to a bug zapper.

Ursula Texas City, TX


Lots of little things in the packet. Some rather cheap looking though. It was a nice surprise to the mom.

Tamara Tingley, IA

Five Stars

Very good option for babies

Marisa Madison, NJ

Nice kit

I was very pleased with this kit. It has all of the essentials in it for caring for your infant.

Margot Glasford, IL

Don’t waste your money!!!

I thought this would be incredibly useful for my new baby but I was wrong! All of the items inside are junk! The only item I was able to use is the hairbrush. The aspirator is too hard to squeeze, the nail clipper is impossible to use on little fingers and the comb is way too rough to ever use on a baby’s head. I would suggest buying only the items you need from another company.

Thelma Croghan, NY


Everything is useful..the hair brush is not the one in the picture, but I actually like the one I got better than the one shown. The baby nail clipper has a weird safety feature that makes it hard to use and the nasal bulb is useless because it doesn’t suck anything at all, it’s got a piggy bank type plug in the bulb , hospital one much better

Anne Saint Regis Falls, NY

Cheply made- useless kit

It seemed like a good idea too have all the items in one kit. and it would be a great kit if the items were actually made well.The bulb/respirator is to wide and to hard, can’t squeeze it- need to but a different one.The thermometer takes forever- need a touch one.Out of all the items I use only the nail clipper and the brush. the rest I needed to buy separately.

Marlene Victor, IA

Just what i need.

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago for my car.Great for road trips and easy to keep in the car just in case of any accidents. It really came in handy when I needed it . It is a little expensive for a first aid kit but it has well worth it.

Annette Dodgeville, MI


Baby shower gift. Shipped on time. Exellant will order again if on wish list. Will tell people to shop here.

Rachel Bozrah, CT

Poor quality – buy items separately.

The nasal aspirator is garbage – doesn’t work and caused my son’s nose to bleed. Same goes for the nail clippers – they cut him as they don’t position well for small fingers. The medicine measurer is useless as medication you buy already comes with this. You can use any comb/brush for a baby. The rattle was mildy entertaining. Waste of money.

Caitlin Mount Laurel, NJ

Great Product

We still use the nail cutter and comb this is the best nail cutter for kids that i have come across in any store. Though all the items in the kit were not usefull or of great quality.

Christian North River, NY

Recipient liked

Got for an expecting mother and she is happy to have a just in case bag for her and baby when she is on the go.

Patrice Golden Gate, IL


My son came early and we were missing a couple of things, luckily I bought this a couple of months ago trying to prepare for him. I had no idea what was in this until we opened it. ITS AWESOME!!!!!! Has just about every little item you will need for things like boogers, nails, hair, and etc. Must buy

Robbie Adams, KY

Very good

The kit is very good, I use almost all items. The only product that does not pleased me was the manual nasal aspirator.

Victoria Leck Kill, PA

Great set

My son is 16 months and it is still useful. I purchased this when I was still pregnant. It has all you needs in a cute little case. Everything is still in great condition.

Gabrielle Yatesboro, PA