The First Years American Red Cross Comfort Care Comb And Brush

The First Years American Red Cross Comfort Care Comb And Brush

The First Years American Red Cross Comfort Care Comb and Brush Set make coming your baby’s hair easier. The comb features comfort tip teeth for tangle-free combing. The bristles & teeth work equally well for fine, thick, curly, or straight hair. The brush has soft, nylon bristles that are gentle on baby’s scalp. Both the brush and comb have sure grip handles, sized for adult hands.

Main features

  • Comfort tip teeth for tangle-free combing
  • Bristles & teeth work equally well for fine, thick, curly, or straight hair
  • Soft, nylon bristles are gentle on scalp
  • Sure grip handles are sized for adult hands
  • Ergonomic comb and brush set
  • Soft bristle brush and tangle-free comb
  • Sure grip handles
  • Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross

Verified reviews



Works great. nice soft brush for the baby’s hair/ head. I have not yet used the comb. a a a

Selina Lagrange, GA

Perfect for my baby

I haven’t used the comb yet, but the brush was perfect for baby. My son wasn’t born with a lot of hair, but enough that it had to be brushed. His hair was fine and rather long. The brush is nice and soft and easy to handle. It does have a short handle, but that doesn’t bother me because I tend to grip the back of the bristles anyway.

Celina Englewood, FL

Perfect first comb and brush set

I needed a soft brush for my son hair. This does the trick perfectly. He is starting to learn to comb his own hair and the handle is perfect for his little hands. We don’t use the comb much yet, but it is a good size and shape and the tines are not too pointy for a sensitive head.

Roberta Richland Springs, TX

Standard brush; does what you’d expect.

This is a nice soft brush for baby’s hair. I don’t know how it would work on long hair; our kid has been rather slow to grow it. But I have no worries about scratching his head when using it because the bristles are soft and flexible while retaining enough strength to tidy up his hair. I have not used the comb.

Gabrielle Macomb, OK

Brush is very soft

The brush is very soft. I purchased this set for my newborn who, bless her heart, started losing her hair and then had a lot of flakiness. Good news is her hair is growing back and this brush works well for our needs. I do not think it would work well for a baby with a head full of hair but maybe the comb would?

Leticia Fairmont, MN

Great Comb & Brush for Babies!

Our baby was born with a lot of hair. Combine that with the fact that babies spend most of their time lying down, and you’ve got a recipe for major bedhead!Most baby brushes are adequate – they usually have thin nylon bristles that are reasonably soft enough for use by infants. But I’ve had trouble finding a decent comb, which I really need to work on the serious tangles and knots that our baby gets. Surprisingly, most of the combs that are included in sets for babies that I’ve tried have sharp teeth. Even the ones with rounded teeth feel very stiff. They just don’t feel safe.So I gave this set a try, and it is perfect! The comb teeth are rounded and flexible, so it should be gentle enough for even the youngest infants.And the brush is very soft as well. I like the shape of it, which gives you a good grip – it’s designed so that you can hold the back of the brush firmly, not just by the handle.All in all, this is a perfect set that does exactly what I need it to do. I’m very happy I found it.My only wish is that it would be great if they sold the comb separately. I’d love to have extras on hand but not buy the whole set again.

Maura Napanoch, NY

Best brush, very soft

Brush is very soft, a MUST for baths! I scrub my baby all over with this brush. Love it. 🙂

Tricia Stone Mountain, GA

great for soft curly hair

This comb works wonders on our son’s soft, fine curls. Every morning he wakes up with the back of his hair a daunting tangle. We spritz with Oyin products’ Greg Juice and this comb detangles with no pulling and no fussing. We lost it on vacation this weekend, so are ordering two more! We don’t use the brush, but as another reviewer has noted, the comb is worth the price of the full set.

Nola Garden City, MN

Second Purchase!

We bought this set at a local store when my first child was born. When I couldn’t find the same set locally for my second child I turned to Amazon. The brush is so soft and the comb’s two different width tines work perfectly for both baby and toddlers. Great set!

Twila Arlington, TX

soft bristle

We used for cradle cap. This works pretty well :). Haven’t use the comb much but will be using it soon.

Luella Elmore, AL

Perfect for Baby’s hair

My little girl was born with a full head of hair and now three months later, it’s gotten thicker. This set is perfect for her and I love the design of the comb- it’s super gentle on baby’s head and she doesn’t mind me using it. The brush is nice, but it does make my baby’s hair frizzy, but that could just be her hair. Overall very pleased.

Lakeisha Nunda, NY

Very nice. Wish my puppy hadn’t chewed them up

Very nice. Wish my puppy hadn’t chewed them up.

Rosalind Searsport, ME


the brush is very soft on my daughters hair much softer than other brushes I’ve saw/used. the comb also has a detangling end that would be good for babies with longer hair or older kids.

Sonia Brierfield, AL

what I was looking for

Haven’t used the comb but the brush is what I was looking for. The handle could stand to be a bit bigger but other than that it is fine.

Delores Beechmont, KY

its a brush

it does what it does and just find. I am not sure how you can review it more than that. It flattens out easily. But leaving it up after will straighten it back out fine.

Wendi Kunkletown, PA

simple. all you really need.

This is a simple comb and brush. Works just as well as any fancy brush set. Great as a backup. Very affordable.

Amanda Neola, IA

Softest one I’ve found

I’ve tried a lot of baby brushes and this one is by far the best and softest. We ordered two!

Ursula Larned, KS

Comb Is Good, Brush Too Soft

I was looking for a soft brush but this one is too soft to do much to my daughter’s hair. She does have a lot of hair so maybe that’s the problem, but the bristles are just too soft to brush through it. I do love the comb though so it was worth buying the set. The comb is gentle on her hair and the curved shape makes it easier to use.

Kathie Lake Como, PA

Does the job.

You can’t beat that price. You get a brush and comb that do its job, what more can you want?

Marion Lanham, MD

it is what it is

I wish it came with two brushes instead of the comb, but the brush works just like it should. Very soft, good to use for removing cradle cap also.

Claudia Milledgeville, GA

Does the job

This works for its purpose, combing a baby’s fine hair. The brush is very soft. I’m sure any of the combs you buy at target or a baby store would work just as well, so get the cheapest.

Renae Joanna, SC

I wish I liked it more…

The comb was perfect for my newborn/infants hair (teeth are rounded off and durable), but the brush was a tad bit too stiff and coarse for baby’s soft and sensitive scalp.

Deidra Bridgewater, CT

Best set for little ones and toddlers

This is the best set for a little one. Specifically, I buy it for the comb. It gets out all the tangles but doesn’t scratch my little ones head. The brush was good when she had little hair because the bristles are so soft it was nice on her head. Now it just makes her hair frizzy.

Juliet Poquonock, CT

Five Stars

Very good material

Elda Randlett, OK

Very nice Comb & Brush

I bought these as part of a larger set and we liked using them. Somehow they have gotten lost in my daughter’s house. So I bought a set from Wal-mart that were not this brand but was not as pleased. So I am buying this set from Amazon because I think they are nicer quality.

Shauna Elkton, VA

Cheaply made – not worth the money

Cheap cheap cheap! Keep looking for better quality items. The brush came to use with bristles falling out. Item was returned to Amazon.

Selma Lostant, IL

Nice product

The brush bristles are soft enough for my baby’s hair, but it actually works to brush his hair – so adorable.

Leticia Davis, CA

First Years Comb & Brush is a great product

I love everything about this product! My baby loves her hair being brushed by this product! The brush is great for the top of her head and the comb works wonderfully to manage her tiny circles in the back!

Flossie Moscow, KS

Great product

I use this for my newborn. Very pleased. Great quality. Gentle comb and soft brush. I recommend this product to anyone.

Elvia Ritzville, WA

Good brush and comb for my baby.

It’s not too expensive. My baby boy loves the gentle brush. The comb is nice too. Both are good quality. Not poorly made plastic. I love the rubbery handle. Keeps my hands from slipping after putting on baby oil on my baby. It’s a good pair. I’d recommend to my girl pals and family.

Aurora Genoa, AR