The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

Deluxe nail clipper. Fold away 4x magnifier to increase confidence and reduce eye strain while trimming baby’s tiny nails. Features precision, stainless steel blades, and ergonomic sure-grip shape. Sized and scaled for tiny nails. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. Carded. Made in China.

Main features

  • Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Deluxe nail clipper
  • Fold away 4x magnifier to increase confidence and reduce eye strain while trimming baby’s tiny nails
  • Features precision, stainless steel blades, and ergonomic sure-grip shape
  • Sized and scaled for tiny nails
  • Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross
  • Deluxe nail clipper
  • 4x fold away magnifier
  • Features precision, stainless steel blades
  • Sized and scaled for tiny nails
  • Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross

Verified reviews


useless junk

I read the reviews. I read that baby’s nails wouldn’t cut with clippers, but alas, I didn’t believe. So, I had my baby and pulled these out…and NO WAY to cut the nails with these…you clip down and the nail just bends. Also that little magnifying glass doesn’t help you see at all. It just makes you more confused about what and where you’re trying to cut. Get nail scissors. They do the job better than any clipper can.

Marina Holland, MA

Don’t bother

I’m convinced that all nail clippers for babies suck. Don’t even bother buying any (same goes for baby nail files). We’ve found that tiny Swiss Army knife scissors work best. Those scissors are small and easy to operate. These clippers do not chop through baby’s soft nails well and the magnifying glass on these makes the whole experience even more terrifying.

Reva Reedley, CA

Great nail clippers!

Okay, so the magnifying glass is utterly useless. It’s awkward and doesn’t help see anything better. But, you don’t have to use that, it can be folded away. The nail clippers alone, though, are awesome. They are sharp and get the job done (preferably while baby is asleep). I have yet to cut too short or cut her skin, don’t know if that is credited to the clippers or me.

Kathleen Forman, ND

Good, but some design problems – there are better clippers out there

We’ve tried 3 or 4 different infant nail clippers. This one has its pros & cons.I was excited about the magnifying glass, but it doesn’t help. It’s cheap plastic, gets fogged/scratched easily, and doesn’t really magnify much.Also, there is no guard on the clippers to prevent cutting skin or the quick. The best infant clippers, in my opinion, have a guard to prevent cutting too much.The biggest design flaw in this is that the pin keeps falling out – and it almost impossible to get back in (I’ve had to do this twice). If you own (or are buying) these clippers, do yourself a HUGE favor – put a dab of superglue or even clear nail polish on both sides of the pin (at the head of the clippers). It is not welded in there or attached in any way – it will definitely fall out after use.Finally, we found NO clippers that work for babies younger than 2 months. Don’t bother looking – you just have to bite off the nails with your teeth. After 2 months, we used a variety of clippers (different ones for fingers, toes, thumbs, whether she’s asleep or moving around, etc).I also use theFirst Years Red Cross Sure-Grip Nail Clippers. They have a guard & are safer to use. But you have to read the instructions (or watch a Youtube on how to use them) – most people who have reported problems just haven’t read the instructions.The best clippers we found have a guard (like the Sure-Grip), but are a no-name brand we found at a church rummage sale.Hope this information helps. Good luck!

Alissa Monte Rio, CA

Good Purchase

Item came extremely fast and is exactly as advertised. The magnifying glass is perfect for the job. Will try to update my review after my daughter is born.

Tanisha De Land, IL


The magnifying glass on this is pretty useless, but it is a good set of nail clippers. Of course, as with all clippers, it’s hard to use with a squirmy baby.

Rosalind Bonnieville, KY

Nicked my baby’s finger

On the first try, I nicked my baby’s finger and caused it to bleed – there isn’t anything that helps prevent you from taking skin along with nail. To be fair, I didn’t use the magnifying glass because in reviews people said it wasn’t necessary and in person, it was bulky and hard to see through. Maybe for an older kid this is fine, but I’ve moved onto the Piyo Piyo nail scissors which are faster and easier to get trims in.

Cathryn Uniopolis, OH

do not like it

hard to use, scared to clip baby’s finger … i using my regular manicure scissors to cut babys nail…works much better

Sara Quitman, MO

Good nail clippers for baby

We started cutting our daughters nails – as opposed to using a nail file – recently. These do the job great. I don’t use the magnifying glass. I go outside where the light is good on our porch. Cut nails after a bath when they are the softest.

Priscilla Lyons, OH

Comfortable grip

Very nice clippers with a comfortable grip, perfectly sized for tiny baby fingers. Although the magnifying glass on top is too blurry to actually use, it makes things look as if you’ve got bifocals on that aren’t yours, it’s more for show than function.

Catherine Syracuse, NY

Good clipper

This clipper worked well. The size was adequate for my daughter’s tiny fingers and the product was sharp and clipped her nails well. However, there is no real need for the magnifying glass and therefore not an added advantage.

Eva Lagrange, WY


It’s a great nail clipper when you’re NOT using the magnifying glass… that honestly just makes it even harder to see than without it.

Dorothy Bowlegs, OK


These are great. Easy to grip, which is a must when trying to wrangle a squirmy baby’s fingers. The magnifying glass is useless, but that’s ok.

Jillian Eden, AZ

Love it

Love it, and almost 2 years later we still used it. Never really needed the magnifier, but it was a "just in case" kind of thing

Paula New Salisbury, IN

Great instrument

What I really love about this is the magnifier glass that’s attached to it. My son’s fingernails are so tiny, it’s hard to get a good angle at times so the magnifier glass really helps. Recommend.

Phyllis Charlotte, AR

Works but not great

I was excited about the magnifying glass on these clippers- I thought it would help to make sure I was clipping accurately. However, it is completely useless and is in the way much more than it helps when it’s out.I have owned 3 clippers and this is the one that I use the most but only because I haven’t been able to find anything better. I am careful but seem to constantly clip too far down and make my poor squirming baby bleed. She fights me like crazy because she doesn’t want her hands restrained and I often have to clip each nail 3 times, once to get the center of the nail and once on each corner so she doesn’t have sharp edges. It takes forever and she screams the whole time. There has to be a better solution than this!!!

Allie Ripon, WI

Good clippers

We received these clippers as a gift and they have been really wonderful. The handle is comfortable and I feel I have a better grip when clipping my son’s nails. I wish they made grown-up nail clippers with this kind of handle.They lose a star because the magnifying glass is useless, the baby has to be perfectly still for it to be of any use.

Petra Duncan, AZ

Great for moms too

This is a wonderful nail clipper that I not only use if on my kids, I use if for my fingernails as well! I have 3 of these because I put one in our bedroom, one in the diaper bag and one in my daughter’s room! I dont really care much about the magnifying glass feature though but the fact that it cuts well makes me give it 5 star rating!

Patrice Irwin, OH

Great for New Parents

I love this clippers-I am a new parent and was skeptical on cutting her nails. This gives you great control and allows you to see where you are cutting with the magnifier.

Rachelle Farmer, OH

nice clippers

These clippers are well made. The magnifier doesn’t really work because it kind of throws off your depth perception but still a good product.

Caryn Calumet, IA

Easy to use

We really like this product because of the magnifying glass. It makes it easy to see baby’s tiny fingernails and get the job done quickly. This price can’t be beat anywhere, either.

Ava Springlake, TX

Magnifying glass is kind of useless

I am not able to use the magnifier to cut my infant’s nails because I really need it to see in the side of the clippers so I know how deep on the nail I am. I just use these for clipper part; works like regular nail clippers.

Betty Pine Beach, NJ


I have not using this product because my baby is too young I worry about hurting him, but the price is good, I will use it later.

Roslyn Bingham, NE

Works well enough

These work well enough for my baby’s nails. I have tried using the magnifier portion but it is pretty much useless to me. If these clippers were perfect then I wouldn’t be nipping the skin on my baby’s finger so often and she wouldn’t be able to scratch herself right after I’ve cut her nails as short as I can. But I guess you can only ask for so much. I might just need to buy mitts. I’d still recommend.

Isabel Elgin, IA


it is easy to use! although the magnifer not really useful, but the clipper is in very good quality!!!!!!! good for baby

Julianne Heaters, WV

great infant nail clipper

This was a great nail clipper for both baby/toddler. We haven’t found it necessary to use to magnifying glass, but it tucks away and isn’t a bother.

Tessa Isle Au Haut, ME

Best clippers out there

I previously had 2 different clippers from Summer Infant and thought that the clippers didn’t work because my baby’s nails were so soft. Well, I was at my brother’s house and used his clippers for his kids, these Red Cross clippers, and could not believe how well they worked. That same day, I ordered these and when they arrived, the summer infant clippers went into the trash. These work so well that clipping is a breeze.

Lynn Brownfield, PA

Comfortable to Hold, Easy to Use

This baby nail clipper gives me confidence, and I enjoy using it. The mechanics of it are very smooth. The clipper is lightweight but has a nice sturdy feel. The magnifier wasn’t as much help as I thought it’d be, because it limits the angle at which you can cut nails. However, it’s easy to tuck out of the way if you choose not to use it. I’d recommend it to anyone trying to clip baby nails for the first time!

Bettye Leachville, AR

Great for little ones!

This is the 2nd pair of these I’ve had over the past 3 years. The first one held up extremely well…I only had to replace it because I dropped it on the tile floor and bent the pin. The grip is large and soft, the clippers do their job and stay sharp. It’s soooo hard to clip tiny finger nails, this makes it easier!! The magnifying glass doesn’t add much…the little fingers I was clipping didn’t stay still long enough to focus on anything. But it doesn’t get in the way. For the price these can’t be beat!

Veronica Stanton, MO

Is what it is…

This is my wife’s department, but she is happy for this purchase. It is difficult to use adult sized clippers on those small digits. Works as advertised.

Octavia Windber, PA