The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale

The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale

Parents often seek the reassurance of weighing their baby in between pediatrician visits, but this experience can be intimidating for baby. The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale has reliable digital accuracy to + or 10g 0.022 pounds. The Inviting, contoured design is comfortable for lying or sitting baby max and min capacity is 44 pounds to 0.44 pounds. The additional features include easy read LCD display, memory recall of last weight, soothing music option to calm baby, tare feature to accommodate a baby blanket.

Main features

  • Reliable digital accuracy to + or 10g 0022 pounds
  • Contoured design comfortable for lying or sitting
  • Easy read LCD display
  • Memory recall of last weight
  • Soothing music

Verified reviews


Does it’s job

Pros:-Simple & Easy to use (only two buttons how hard could it be?)-No assembly (unless you count putting in batteries)-Clear readings-Allows you to put a blanket down before weighing and accounts for the blanket weight-Good price seeing as our pediatrician’s office charges $80 for a weight check!Cons:-Music has one setting, LOUD-Music button works whether or not the scale is on-No idea how you’d get a toddler to lie/sit stillAll in all it was as I expected. Good but not great, gets the job done.

Sadie Cayuga, TX

Great to view incremental growth

Our baby wasn’t gaining weight at first. We bought this about week 5 and started using it before each bath. This item isn’t good if you need to measure daily gain of less than 1 ounce. BUT it’s great if used every few days to give the parents piece of mind the baby is growing (which ours wasn’t). I wish I would have had this at her birth…so we would have seen her weight decreasing sooner than her 6 week doctor’s appointment.Remember, though, the weigh can vary during times of the day, so if you are worried about weight gain…weigh at the same time of day in the same way! I’m happy to report our little one is gaining wonderfully now…so we now only weigh her every week or two…just to confirm what our arms are already telling us…she is growing.

Elisabeth Gardners, PA

Practical and money saving!

When my daughter’s pediatrician insisted she bring her baby in twice a week for weight checks at $35 a visit this was a no brainer. The doctor didn’t even check the baby during the visit. We overnighted the scale and the baby’s weight could be checked each morning. Doctor and Mommy happy. Baby is healthy and happy. Scale is still in use several times a week at 5 months. If doctor is concerned about accuracy, take it to a visit and compare. At least it shows the baby’s weight progression and this one was very accurate in comparison to doctor’s scale. If there is a real medical reason to be seeing the doctor, though, be sure you go to the visits!

Janine Hines, OR

Great for the slow gainer

Our daughter was born 3 weeks early so her doctor was worried about gain, we also breastfeed so we were worried she wasn’t getting enough. We got this to monitor weekly to ensure she was growing at the proper rate, along with the doctor checks! It is super easy to use, just push the on button and put the baby on!

Kaitlin Plainfield, MA

Definitely NOT a must-have, but why not?!!

Definitely NOT a must-have, but why not?!! 🙂 When you have a new born you always wanna know how he/she is developing and don’t wanna wait until the next docs visit. If you can afford it and have space for it. Get it! 🙂 It will get use!

Carmela Belgrade, MT

good affordable scale

works pretty well. However is the baby wiggles it is hard to get a measurement. I didnt think I would use the music feature but I do.

Tasha Sherwood, AR