The First Years Babypro All In One Baby Food Maker

The First Years Babypro All In One Baby Food Maker

Y4629 Features: -BabyPro food processor.-Provides everything you need to make nutritious homemade baby food in minutes.-Simple to use and easy to clean.-Makes preparing healthy meals easy.-Quickly steams fruits, vegetables, meat and then purees.-Compact 2-in-1 design occupies limited counter space.-Food containers easily disassemble and are dishwasher safe.-BPA-free for your child”s safety. Includes: -Includes a steamer and a food processor. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required.

Main features

  • Quickly steams fruits, vegetables, and even meat, then purees food to the consistency that’s right for your child
  • Compact 2-in-1 design occupies limited counterspace
  • Food containers easily dissassemble to clean in the dishwasher
  • Unlike most kitchen appliances, the All-in-One is BPA Free, so it is completely safe for your baby

Verified reviews



You’d have better luck steaming the veggies by just blowing hot air on them. This poorly designed, overly complex, expensive waste of plastic comes with the base, four plastic bowls, two lids and the blade. The multiple bowls are NOT so that you’ll have extras lying around between washings. It requires three of the specially-designed bowls to be stacked in a certain order with only one of the two tops fitting on for the steaming process. To blend, you must get the fourth bowl and the second lid. The blender is probably the worst I’ve ever seen, which is saying something since I’ve bought the cheapest on the market. It just slings everything to the edges requiring that you constantly stop the blending process to scoop everything back to the middle of the bowl where the blades can reach it and, inevitably, sling it to the outside edge again. You must cut veggies into 1/2 chunks to have any hope of ever actually completing the steaming process which is about twice as long as they say it will take in the instructions. This is an utter waste of money, time, and packaging materials. I returned mine as quickly as possible. Believe me, convenient though this concept is, it is anything but.

Hollie Casnovia, MI

needs better instructions

when I first got mine out to use it I thought it was broken because the steamer light wouldn’t stay on. Then I looked up FAQ’s on learning curve’s website and the container that does not have holes in the bottom that looks like it is supposed to hold water is not where you put the water. The water goes directly onto the heating plate. When I was searching online I found a lot of people had this problem, the directions are not very clear. But it does work. The food processor half also makes more smooth baby food than my old food processor. However, the price has jumped for some reason after I purchased mine and I don’t know if I would buy one now. And it is a small gadget so you can’t make much baby food at a time.

Terry Rugby, ND

Love it

I used this to make my babys food when he was 6 months old and still use it now that he is 2. Works great. At first i thought is would be too small but it is just the right size for his food. Its is convenient and saves space. Very easy to use.

Audrey Okmulgee, OK

Great product but breaks easily…

I purchased this item in 2010 when my son was about 6-7 months old. I loved the product: it was space-efficient, fast, and pureed perfectly. I could adjust the consistency of the purees. I did not have any problems with chunks or food pushed to the sides. I also did not have any problems steaming vegetables, even when the food chamber was full. I had to rotate and rerun at times, especially when I had both proteins and vegetables at the same time, but I didn’t see this as a problem. I was using this food maker daily to make complete meals for my baby.However, after about 3 months of use, one day our steamer stopped working! Just like that, while it was sitting on the kitchen counter. The blender was still working but not the steamer. Amazon’s return/exchange period had passed so I contacted the company. They were incredibly nice and helpful, and sent me a replacement immediately.Unfortunately, with the new replacement Babypro, the blender suddenly stopped working after a month’s use! This time the steamer was working and my son was able to eat small chunks by this point so I just kept the product and continued using the steamer only. I was very disappointed that the second Babypro had failed too. As a first time mother, I was really proud of making homemade food for my baby and loved this machine for allowing me to do so.All in all, could have been a great product, but it failed me twice. I will not be buying the BabyPro again for my second baby, I am going to try a different baby food maker.

Joanna Iona, MN

Great Price for a Great Baby Food Maker

I used this baby food maker quite a bit in making my daughters pureed foods. It was very simple and I never had a problem with the unit. I liked how it had the steamer and pureer in one so I didn’t need to dirty up other items when preparing the foods.

Mattie Dustin, OK

Great Buy!

I have been using this product to make all of my son’s food. I have had a lot of success making apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and chicken. My only complaint is that the steaming bowl is not that big. So if you are looking to make a week or two worth of food, then you will have to do it a few times. It’s very easy, however, I did find that I had to steam the chicken twice to ensure it was fully cooked. Otherwise, I really really like this product and would recommend it to anyone!! Hope this helps 🙂

Lacey Thiensville, WI