The First Years Bottle Nipple Brush

The First Years Bottle Nipple Brush

Bottle brush. Two sponge scrubbers make it easy to clean bottle rims and bottles. Soft scratch resistant bristles won’t dull bottles. Swivel out nipple brush store conveniently in handle. 90 day limited warranty. Length: 3.75. Width: 11.6. Height: 2.5

Main features

  • Two sponge scrubbers
  • Nipple stores conveniently inside handle
  • Soft scratch resistant bristles
  • Won’t dull bottles
  • From The First Years

Verified reviews


Loved this til it broke

I love this bottle brush, because it is so convenient to have the two brushes in one, and unlike the Munchkin bottle brush it doesn’t swivel (the swiveling makes it impossible to get the brush on the sides of the bottle, pump horns, etc) but this brush broke after only 8 weeks of use. The brush literally came out of the handle. I almost considered buying another, but at $15 (that’s with shipping) it’s too much money for something that isn’t going to last long.

Jimmie Cedar Park, TX


I use Dr. Brown bottles which have a bunch of little parts to clean. The sponge at the end of this brush has a much denser form than Munchkin’s and held up nicely when cleaning the inner pipes of the Dr. Brown bottles. The sponge has a tendency to slide around which is annoying, but not a dealbreaker.However, after using it for about a month (daily scrubbing of 6 bottles plus bottle paraphernalia) I noticed rust on the inner wire structure between the blue sponge and the handle. Then one day, while scrubbing away, the brush snapped off completely from the handle exposing a rusty wire.I thought at first we had been too rough with it, but the inner wire structure on a product like this should never rust.

Flora Belleview, MO

First Years bottle brush

Although this brush is better than the Munchkin Brand, it only lasted us 3 weeks. Maybe I scrub too hard, I don’t know.All of these brushes seems to have the same flaw. The metal that attaches the sponge part to the handle always ends up breaking.You can’t really expect too much from something that costs less that $5. But I would rather pay more money to have a quality product.We are now using the nuby brush, going on 2 months of use with no issues. But it only fits wide mouth bottles and you have to use the nipple brush.

Esperanza Beaverdale, PA

Works Great – Until it breaks

By far this is the best bottle brush I have tried so far (don’t even bother with Munchkin – the sponge disintegrated in just a few weeks!). The texture of the sponge is great and effective, contouring to the bottles. The design of the sponges are great for cleaning bottles, with the extra blue ring doing a great job getting under the rim, and it even fits and does a great job getting in the bottom corners of the test-tube like breast pump bottles. However, the bulbous plastic handle broke for us after about four months, and as soon as that happens you can’t turn the brush inside the bottles anymore, so it’s useless for bottles!

Millie Burgaw, NC

Best one I’ve tried

I tried the Dr. Brown’s bottle brush and this one is definitely superior. It’s held up better, and I like the fold out nipple brush.

Sandy Trimble, OH

Great brush.

I recieved three bottle brushes for my baby shower.My girlfriend (whose daughter was a few months older than my son) noticed I was using a different brush and asked why I didn’t use this one. She said she wanted one like it and that the one I had would fall apart soon. She was right. That brush lasted maybe 2 months at best. I started using this one and it’s still holding up great after 5 months. I’ll probably swop it out only to have a new/clean one soon. The sponge hasn’t fallen off or fell apart like the other ones and the top sponge cleans that area near the top of the bottle where dried milk lieks to collect very well.

Claire Algodones, NM

Works great

I’ve used this brush every other day for over a month. It works great and I haven’t had any issues with it, though I heeded the warnings from other reviews about the handle snapping after a while. I can feel the handle flexing when I’m swirling it inside bottles, so I take care to swirl my wrist more than the brush. The sponge-brush-sponge design works great at getting into all the areas of bottles, especially the neck. The only thing is that I wish it had a stand or loop to hang from so it could drain/dry. Otherwise, it’s a good product that’s worth getting. Just don’t manhandle it!

Candace Lewisville, OH

Good whle it lasts

This brush actually works very well. The sponge does a good job of cleaning the interior of bottles while the nipple brush is a useful tool for cleaning the nipple insides. The way the brush folds inside the handle is also quite neat. It is also very affordable.However, we have had problems with these brushes breaking – specifically the handle snaps where it attaches to the sponge head. Cheap to replace but irritating nevertheless. Have tried a couple of other brushes and this is the best (in our experience) in terms of how well it cleans so we will probably keep on buying despite the built in obsolescence.

Virginia Vulcan, WV


“~*MUST HAVE! sponge on top AND bottom for extra squeaky clean with store away nipple brush! nearly all bottle brushes won’t come with bottom sponge. buy it!*~

Justina Sugar City, CO

Best brush for narrow breast pump parts

I have 4 month old twins. I LOVE this brush. I was having a hard time getting in the narrow spaces of my pump parts.The top yellow sponge is secured through a wire loop and the blue sponge is just wrapped around the based. Bith sponges are soft and should be handled with care.I am purchasing two more just to have in stock.

Edith Childress, TX

Worked for 5 months

I guess it’s pretty typical for these to break after several months of usage. This did the job for 5 months and then the handle broke off… oh well, it was getting dirty and needed to be changed anyway.

Savannah Shingle Springs, CA

A bit fragile

I keep on buying these bottle brushes because they clean our baby’s bottles well and they are cheap, but they are not very durable. The handle plastic ends up breaking after about a month or two of use. Then I have to buy a new one.I like the foam cleaner part and the nipple bush in the handle–both are great for cleaning our bottles.

Becky Ottawa, WV

works the best

i have gone through three types of these…the munchkin brand does not clean, this one does. with the two sponges it is great and the bristles are soft but do the job.

Kaitlyn Mount Jewett, PA

Best baby bottle brush!

I found this brush when I had my first child 3 years ago. I had to try several others because I needed a new brush and couldn’t find this one in the stores. They were all too flimsy, too big or lacked a small enough nipple brush to be useful. I came back to this one. Great for cleaning pump equipment too.

Sophie Saint Francis, MN