The First Years Breastflow Disposable Bottle System Gift Set

The First Years Breastflow Disposable Bottle System Gift Set

The First Years Breastflow Bottle System is perfect for breastfed babies. The patented nipple-within-nipple design requires babies to use the same suction and compression motions they do when nursing. Using Breastflow will allow baby to easily switch from breast to Breastflow and back again; so you are able to breastfeed longer. The nipple also lets baby take in less air while feeding, which reduces discomfort. Breastflow is available as a Disposable Bottle System and works with Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners and other bottle liners as well. Includes three 4 oz. nursers, three 8 oz. nursers, three 2pc Breastflow slow flow nipples, three 2pc Breastflow medium flow nipples, six collars, six hoods, five 4-oz. Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners, and five 8 oz. Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Patented nipple requires suction and compression, the same motions as breastfeeding
  • Alternate easily between breast and bottle
  • Less air helps reduce discomfort
  • Works with Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners (samples included) and other bottle liners
  • Includes three 4oz bottles, three 8oz bottles, three Breastflow slow flow nipples, three Breastflow medium flow nipples, five 4oz Ziploc Brand Disposable Liners, five 8oz Ziploc Brand Disposable Liners

Verified reviews


Milk Everywhere.

It is no joke. i read the other reviews and ignored them.. These suckers leak. leak bad. Leak often. Leak everywhere. Leak QUICKLY. And get everywhere quickly. We’ve tried everything and eventually got rid of them. We hoped they’d help with a baby who was refusing to nurse but they didn’t.

Bridgette Tererro, NM

Maybe a good product???

When I saw these I was sooooo excited because I used the Playtex drop-ins system for my first and like the idea of the drop-in, but prefer the Breastflow nipple. So this seemed like the best of both worlds!!! When had my second son, I decided to try the regular Breastflow bottles (the drop-in Breastflow wasn’t out yet) and it was okay. My son liked the nipples, but sometimes they leaked-not all the time though so maybe user error??? So when I bought this system, I had both this and the original system…which would be fine if the tops were interchangeable. But since they aren’t and they look almost identical, it’s hard to tell if you have the tops to the original Breastflow or the drop-in Breastflow until you put it together and the drop-in one won’t close. Also, my husband and sitter say these bottles leak. I exclusively breastfeed so I am not usually the one to give my son a bottle so this could also be user error?? I don’t know. All I know is we ended up going back to the Playtex drop-in system.If this system worked (didn’t leak) it would have been great…the marriage between to great products. But since it didn’t, I only gave it two stars. Maybe someone else could get it to work better than we did???

Andrea Lineboro, MD

Top will not secure

As has been said previously, these bottles don’t work. the only one that works is the one that isn’t for use with the disposable drop ins. The tops simple will not grab the threads on the bottle when the drop in is in place and I too have spilled milk. I even tried filling the drop in with water so i could experiment and found no way to get the darn thing to close. DONT but this. Buy the ones that are not for th drop in disposable insert. the nipple is great (that’s why i give it one star)!

Juliette Force, PA

Not the greatest

I had only looked at the regular version of the bottles but decided the disposables would be easier to clean and didn’t look at the reviews. Big mistake. As others have said, they leak if you do not screw the tops on just perfectly. Too tight and it will pop off spilling milk, angled 1 degree and you leak all over baby, too loose leaky mess. I found that the 4 oz bottles were horrible about this but once we used the 8 oz bottoms, it worked. Maybe I got a bad batch of the small ones. It also sucks that the last oz will not come out of the nipple. Just got a supplemental system and hope it brings baby back to the breast and we won’t have to use these anymore.

Britney Shelby, IA

Not well designed

The majority of reviews for this product were pretty accurate. The tops do not securely attach once the liner is in the bottle, and after the third time the breastmilk (aka liquid gold) spilled, these bottles were in the trash. Not recommended until they are redesigned to seal.

Ebony Robertsdale, PA

bought for a friend

my friend says they are the best bottles. I was pleased with the packaging. everything was in original packaging and easy to put in a cute basket for a gift.

Dora Sloatsburg, NY