The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer

The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer

Breast milk is liquid gold-so it deserves special storage! The Breast flow Milk Storage Organizer has a spring-loaded drawer that freezes milk flat and pushes it up front for easy access. Simply load the rack from the back for “first-in, first out” storage. Snap the cover on to keep breast milk isolated from other items in the freezer, or you can use it to hold bags for extra storage. You pumped it, now protect it.

Main features

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  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Spring-loaded drawer freezes milk flat and pushes it up front
  • Load the rack from the back for “first-in, first out” storage
  • Cover included to keep breast milk isolated from other items in the freezer, and can be used to hold bags for extra storage
  • Works with most brands of milk storage bags
  • Maximizes space by freezing milk flat
  • Works with most brands of milk storage bags
  • Maximizes space by freezing milk flat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Range Birth + Up

Verified reviews


Good idea, but…..

I thought this was a really great idea to organize all of my breastmilk after working so hard to pump it all. Well, I purchased this along with the Lansinoh bags, which I preferred over the First Years bags because they were BPA free and sturdier. Well, even though the Lansinoh bags are better, they don’t exactly fit this organizer – they are slightly wider than the container. So, when the milk is being put into the organizer, the sides of the bags get squeezed and, ultimately, in my case, have caused tears in the bags.So, when I go to defrost bags in the fridge, I notice that they always leak. Now I have to put the bags in an additional ziploc bag to defrost them so that I don’t lose all of the precious milk.What I have started doing is putting the freshly pumped milk into the freezer laid flat, and then, once it is frozen, putting it into the organizer on an angle without using the retractable flattening thing in the container. You can’t store as much, but I use the lid as an additional tray and I can store more that way.

Charlotte Geneva, NY

Doesn’t work as intended

I was disapointed in this product. It claims to “Maximizes space by freezing milk flat.”. In my experience, putting the milk behind the spring loaded plate makes all the milk push to the top therefore freezing the bag in a very awkward way that takes more space. I prefer to lay the bag flat in the freezer then place it in the storage once it’s frozen flat. It also claims “Works with most brands of milk storage bags.”. When frozen flat the Lansinoh bags are too wide for the white base storage; however they do fit in the clear cover when turned upside down and used as additional storage.

Myrtle Childwold, NY

Useful product

I like this product for upright storage, but after using it for a few months I realize that it may have not been worth the money. I end up freezing my milk laying flat in the freezer, and then putting it into the organizer afterward. When I freezed the milk standing up in the organizer, it was always in weird shapes and sometimes had leaking problems. The tension was nice keeping the milk upright by date as it was used, but I have so much frozen at this point that I just use bread loaf pans instead.

Hillary Mount Berry, GA

Helpful, but use caution

The organizer really helped me keep everything organized so that I was always using the oldest milk first, etc. It also keeps things neat and tidy in the fridge and/or freezer. When in the fridge, it was a little too tall to fit on the shelves with the cover on, so I put it underneath and was using it as a base. I’m glad I did! The mechanism to push the bags forward (to help flatten them) is very strong… it actually popped one of the bags! If I hadn’t had the cover underneath, there would have been breastmilk all over my fridge! But I’m still using it and happy with it overall. I’m just not using the mechanism that pushes the bags forward any longer (it clips into the back). My milk is too precious to waste!

June Rushville, MO

So great I bought a 2nd!

Here’s another baby product that looks useless but will be a lifesaver. I received this as a gift (in conjunction with my Medela pump) on the recommendation of my mother’s co-worker.I don’t have an extra freezer, so I needed something to hold in place my growing back-up supply. I used this with Medela, Gerber and Lansinoh bags and had no issues. I ended up buying a 2nd about 6 months into breastfeeding, and they worked great!

Lindsey Tolleson, AZ

Don’t Waste Your Money

The Lansinoh bags do not fit in this container. You have to put them in on an angle and can only fit about 7-10 in there. As long as the bag is sealed, just go to the dollar store and get an ice cube tray or a plastic drawer organizer and use that.

Leola Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

holds milk bags, that’s about it

Not sure what I expected: it holds the milk bags just fine, but seems pricey for essentially just a piece plastic.My freezer is too small to maneuver the lid on top of it all, so had to go lid-less.I do still use it, but also cut a top of old large cereal box and cut a slit on the bottom of it – pile in milk bags flat in there, pull older ones from the bottom, add newer ones to the top. Works great and it’s FREE!

Pat Stinesville, IN

works great and compatible with medela storage bags

very thoughtful design from the tray sizing to the extra piece of plastic you use to separate frozen from new unfrozen bags. Great find and great deal! compatible with medela storage bags and fits great and discretely in my freezer.

Helen Ironside, OR


Whoever invented this is a genius!! This little storage container keeps my milk bags upright and flat so that I can store them easily side by side in our deep freezer. This is seriously so much easier than trying to story them by laying them flat or upright and having them not fit nicely together in the freezer. It’s also great to take to daycare. I just fill it up with already frozen bags and take it to my son’s daycare. The take out what they need each day and send it back home to be refilled at the end of each week. Very convenient and easy to use!

Leeann Wedgefield, SC

It does what it is meant to

Well I purchased this organizer so I will have a designated spot for breast milk when I start accumulating a stash. Over all I am happy with this product. It does what it is suppose to, just the design is slightly bulky.Pros:
• Big to hold a lot of breast milk
• Keeps the milk all in one place
• Helps you use the older milk first
• Will work with most brands of bagsCons:
• Too big for freezer
• First Years bags are slightly too big
• Lid doesn’t fit snugly and falls off

Estella Solo, MO

Excellent way to store breastmilk!

I really like how easy it is to organize my breastmilk in this. You just lay the bag down flat, on top of the organizer lid, then file it in the next day. My only complaints: It’s somewhat cumbersome to get the lid off in the freezer, so I end up having to remove the entire organizer before I can add/remove milk. It would be an easy fix to move some freezer shelves, but we just don’t have the space to do so. Also, the lid doesn’t fit very snugly on the organizer, so it falls off easily when bumped by other items in the freezer. Other than that, love this way of storing frozen milk!

Jessica Williamsport, IN

great milk organizer!

Space is a premium in my household. I knew I would need something to help keep the breast milk organized and stumbled across this product. And it worked beautifully! I actually used the lid in the fridge to hold storage bottles. It holds about 8 or 9 medela storage bottles at a time…It kept all the bottles together and from getting lost in the fridge. I used the bottom portion to actually put bags in the freezer. I had no problems with this and I used the lansinoh bags. It helped keep everything organized and again, from the bags being lost under the frozen peas! ha! 😉 I have recommended this to other new moms to use and do no regret buying this at all!

Nell Hamburg, AR

Hard to use

The lid doesn’t close properly. The spring works only some of the time because it gets stuck. I would have done better with a tupperware container.

Geri Bowling Green, KY

Excellent product, didn’t get 5 *s only because there’s limited space in my freezer…

This is an excellent product, and fits the Lansinoh storage bags very nicely. It’s all I wanted, and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it’s bulkier than the other options we’ve come up with since purchasing this.We can’t devote an entire freezer to breastmilk, and after filling this container very quickly, we took the lid off and filled the lid (worked nicely, dual duty). Then it was a debate about buying another one or thinking outside the box. I googled storing breastmilk and found that other alternatives are ziploc bags and shoeboxes, and they’re more compact for putting in the freezer, so we’re now trying those out.However, for organizational and functional purposes, this is definitely the best product I’ve seen out there!

Tabitha Albia, IA

great for keeping pumped milk organized

I got this to help organize my pumped milk and it does the trick. It helps store the breast milk so you can easily get to the oldest pumped first and also store it flat so it takes up less space. It is a little bulky for a normal size freezer above a fridge but I keep it in my chest freezer in the garage (breast milk keeps longer in a stand alone freezer anyway). Overall, it is a nice product and comes with couple First Year breast milk bags to try. I use my Medela Pump and Store bags and they fit perfectly.

Antonia Sikes, LA

Now own two

I first received this as a gift when my older daughter was born in 2010. I nurser for a year and this storage unit came in very handy. Keeps milk flat and upright for compact storage. With my current daughter my milk production has been very generous and I filled up the unit quickly. I tried other methods of storing the milk but nothing was as convenient or compact as this. So I ordered another and I’m glad I did.

Deana Brownwood, TX

Organization Heaven!

I love my milk storage organizer! It allows me to pump and store extra milk without taking up a lot of room in the freezer. Because of the spring loaded feature you can store a lot of milk. It fits nicely on the top shelf in my freezer and it works like a charm!

Gina Bergen, NY

Too small

I couldn’t fit very many of my milk bags in it. Also, please note they must be flat or this doesn’t work well. I took another reviewer’s suggestion and just use ziplocs, now.

Madeline Fayette, NY

Best for medela breast milk bags

I use the medela breast milk bags and this organizer helps compact them to such nice and flat bags so that they are easier to pack away in the freezer. I know a lot of people just lay their bags flat in the freezer to get the flat shape but i m always worried that the milk would spill that way. this way , no spill, nice compacted bags and it takes up such a compact space in the freezer that it makes my life easier. I couldnt find anything like this in the market. And i would totally vouch for this. I use the lid as an additional milk holder.the organizer comes with a plastic divider to keep the fresh milk bag from sticking to the frozen one and on days that I ve to keep more than one bag in, i just use cardboard sheets cut to the same size as the divider to separate the bags

Berta Brogan, OR

I like this storage system

I like this storage system, It definitely serves its purpose but I wish it functioned a little easier, the back inside of it to hold up the bags often gets stuck and its incredibly tough to push back!

Roberta Wharton, NJ

Five Stars

works great, will use with my next baby too

Myrtle Forsan, TX

Best Milk Storage

Super easy, reasonably priced out milk storage. Makes it absoultely easy for working moms to store their milk and ensure their baby is able to continue drinking their breastmilk. I have recommended this product to a few of my friends. If you plan to breastfeed after you return to work this is a must buy!

Julianne Pendroy, MT

Not needed

I wanted this to organize my milk. I liked it but a shoebox would have probably worked just as well. Now that I am done breastfeeding I use this for his squeeze pouches in the freezer and I think I like this use better.

Effie Boon, MI

best storage system

I purchased several types of storage and this is by far the best. I can stack them in my deep freezer and the container helps compress the milk to maximize storage space.

Elma Olga, WA

It works, but there are cheaper options

This storage organizer does what it’s supposed to, and it’s nice to have the spring function for keeping milk bags upright when it isn’t full. However, I have found that a $4 ice storage bucket works just as well (if not better) because the Lansinoh milk bags fit better. I freeze my bags flat before storing in either this organizer or the ice bucket.

Caryn Singer, LA

Its okay

I liked how it compacted the milk bags (you can store a lot then), but the container itself with the cover on top does take up quite a bit of room in the freezer (especially if you have a compact apartment type freezer).

Martha Pleasant City, OH

Great product

This is a great product to help flatten out breastmilk bags. I use the NUK bags and it works great. Sometimes the bags do get stuck together after freezing though.

Effie Buckner, IL

A must have for freezer storage

I use mine is the deep freeze for milk storage. I put in a few bags at a time and freeze them flat then transfer the milk into ziplock bags. Usually I can get this holder to hold between 30-50 oz. I’ve used it with medela, nuk, and lanisoh bags and they all fit fine. I don’t use the cover on this thing though.

Jami Crescent, OR

best breast milk storage container!

I had an abundant supply of breast milk in my fridge and freezer. It was getting to the point where it was taking over everything! I used the top in my fridge and the bottom in my freezer since that had the spring part to push the bags together so they’ll freeze flat. It worked great! Once the bags froze, I would take them out and put them in ziploc bags to store in another freezer. I would just keep adding bags to freeze. It was a pretty good system. I used different kinds of bags (Medela, Lanisoh, Babies R Us, Target…) and they all fit which was a plus. Definitely something you should buy if you need to organize your milk bags in your fridge or freezer.

Jodie Lecanto, FL

Great space saver, organizer

I used mine with Honeysuckle bags, and it worked great. Commenters who said the bags end up with a "lump" at the top are compressing them too much. You can play with the tension a bit until you get them to the shape you want (flat, with a space at the top for expansion during freezing so that the zipper doesn’t pop open). Once they are frozen, you can take them out and store them in ice bins, if you have a large freezer supply.

Carmen Lenox, MO