The First Years Breastmilk Thaw & Warm Cup

The First Years Breastmilk Thaw & Warm Cup

Product Details: The first and only product to help heat breast milk or formula quickly and safely using just the kitchen sink. The majority of moms intend to breastfeed, and this product allows mom to safely and quickly warm her breast milk without harming any of the milk. This product gives them the ability to easily know if they are safely heating their milk. Developed in conjunction with certified lactation counselors.

Main features

  • Safer and faster for breastmilk
  • Indicates if heating temperature becomes too hot
  • Works with all bottles and milk storage bags
  • Developed in conjunction with certified lactation counselors.
  • Birth +

Verified reviews


Must have for breastfeeding mommies

It’s the perfect way to warm up your milk (formula or breastmilk) while traveling or without having to buy an expensive bottle warmer. Sometimes we even just put the milk in zip-locks and put it inside the warmer. I bought one for my house and my moms.

Jamie Wapella, IL


don’t waste your money! this is just a plastic container to put bags or bottles in and fill with water. the handle doesn’t fit on my faucet, it’s just easier to put the bag in a bowl and fill with water

Rhonda Cambridge, ME

Great, but not dishwasher safe

This was great, until we put it in the dishwasher. It says top shelf dishwasher safe, but after running it through the the temperature sticker started coming off and the top ‘cap’ no longer held in place. One of the benefits of this over a bowl is that the lid keeps the bottle being warmed from floating out of the water. This helps the bottle warm faster since all of the milk is submerged. We tried contacting Firt Years to get the top replaced and were told they were not able to and to return it to the store. Surprised at the hassle and the warmer now serves limited purpose.

Rosanne Hamburg, PA

it’s ok

It does what it says…but I don’t think it’s all that necessary. You could get the same result by using a colander and letting water run over that.

Nina Franklin, LA

Does exactly what we want it to do.

In hindsight though, we could just fill up the bottom of the sink with hot water. This uses much less water though and we can take the warming bottle to another room. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. All the pieces come off and are easy to put back on for cleaning. Its best to put the bags of breastmilk in here, it warms super fast. The hot sensor is silly though, we peeled it off. We just use the hottest water that comes out of the tap, and it is about 130 degrees F, the milk is warm in a few minutes even from frozen. There is no need for boiling water or anything like that.

Dorothy Ellenboro, WV