The First Years Car Seat Cover, Gray

The First Years Car Seat Cover, Gray

Keep your baby protected and warm The First Years Car Seat Cover, the weather-resistant exterior shields baby from wind and rain, while the cozy fleece interior keeps baby warm and comfortable. The blanket-style design eliminates the need for bulky jackets. The elasticized outer band quickly and securely wraps around infant car seats or standard sized strollers.

Main features

  • Outside Fabric: 100% polyester; Inside Fabric: 100% polyester; Filling: 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Weather-resistant exterior shields baby from the wind and rain
  • Cozy fleece interior keeps baby warm and comfortable
  • Elasticized outer band quickly and securely wraps around infant car seats of standard sized strollers
  • Blanket-style design replaces bulky jackets and loose blankets
  • 0 months and up

Verified reviews


Safe and Warm

This car seat cover is PERFECT! We have the Graco SnugRide 35 car seat and this cover fits very well. I was worried about the reviews that say there is a big gap where the handle meets the seat. We do not have this problem at all. The cover keeps the baby very warm (much warmer than I expected) without actually being inside the car seat. (We didn’t want one of the cover that goes inside the seat because those can affect the safety of the car seat.) I also love that the cover is water resistant. We live in the Chicagoland area (cold winters) and haven’t even needed to use a coat or an extra blanket with this car seat cover yet. It hasn’t been super cold this year, yet, but even still the baby is always very warm when we take him out. Works wonderfully!

Dana Bakers Mills, NY

Definitely not suitable for cold weather climates

I purchased this item in a blind fashion, relative to my other Amazon purchases, because there were no reviews. I thought after looking at the pictures and product description, that the car seat cover would suffice. We have a Graco Snugride 35 car seat. This item fits the car seat just fine, but we live in Fargo, ND. The material is fairly thin and there’s not a lot of bulk/warmth to it. There’s no way it would protect our baby from a howling 40mph wind or subzero temperature, both of which are common here.Aside from the thickness/warmth (lack thereof) of the cover itself, its biggest downfall is that the flap does not velcro up or down to keep it in place. It’s just loose. So if you’re taking your baby out in any kind of wind, no matter where you place the flap, it’ll blow elsewhere. You’d need to sew on velco or bring a giant safety pin with you!We ended up getting the Jolly Jumper Arctic cover and are much more satisfied with it. Very thick and warm, the flap is much smaller and it has velcro components at the top AND bottom to keep the flap open or closed. Well worth the extra cost, trust us.

Tracy Lordsburg, NM

Doesn’t fit Graco Snugride 30

We bought this cover for the Graco snugride 30, and it doesn’t fit properly. Its VERY loose and hangs inside of the carseat, which would mean it would be laying ON my baby’s face. The cover itself is very soft on the inside, and I would have liked it if it had fit properly. We sent it back, and are looking for something different.

Stefanie Numidia, PA

Nice product

Appears to help keep him warm on cold December mornings while I’m loading him into the car for daycare. I just wish the flap could velcro down, my kid is always pulling it over his face.

Brigitte Barbourville, KY

Medium Weight Carseat Cover

This is the perfect weight. Any heavier makes baby sweat. It fits well over our BabyTrend carseat. The zipper is much more practical than on other products we have used.

Fannie Commodore, PA

Love it

Sooo soft, fits perfect. Nice pink color. Durable and warm. I have an Eddie Bauer regular car seat and it has room to be bigger

Joan Wing, ND

Soft but did not fit properly

I have one of the Graco car seats. The cover is very soft and does its job in keeping the baby warm, but does not fit snuggly like the picture shows. The top of the cover is constantly slipping down and gets on my babies head, which she does not like. I left the sun/wind shade attached to try and keep it off her head. It is aggravating, but it does keep my baby warm. Maybe this would be better if you have a little one. My baby is eight months old and is just about to big for this type of car seat.

Alma Ivanhoe, TX

Easy and cozy, works well with Graco snugride

We really liked this car seat cover for its ease of use. We liked that it could slip on and off or our Graco Snugride car seat easily and our baby always seemed nice and toasty when we took him out.

Leeann Birmingham, AL

Must get

This cover is amazing!!I live in Buffalo NY so it gets pretty coldwith all the carseat safety standards with the jackets being to big & nothing can be between the baby and car seat so it was a given that a snow suite & the bundle me were outYes I’m that mom that follows the safety word 4 wordI have 2 car seats I tried this on one was a Garco snug ride 25 fit great only place it had a small gap was where the handle is & my second carseat was the Eddie Bauer not sure what seat but its the trail maker travel system. Good fit but there’s a little slack so I just pull it a little more at the bottom. The Eddie Bauer is a smaller seat then Garco but I have the same problem with the Eddie Bauer that o did with Garco there’s a gap where the handle meets the carseat I think all car seats are gonna have this problem ..In one of the reviews I read that the cover don’t stay up over the baby. When I got it I looked at it and yes that might be a problem might not haven’t had that problem yet but you can put another blanket on the outside when going from the car to where like a carseat canopy or you can attach Velcro to it both easy quick fixesOver all i would definitely recommend this to a friend

Lauren Beaver Meadows, PA

Works great and doesn’t void the carseat warranty!

Fits the car seat perfectly, and kept our daughter nice and cozy 🙂 It also just fits around the top of the car seat, where as the covers that also go under baby while he/she is in the carseat actualy voids the warranty for the carseat.

Mallory Ardmore, TN

Good Quality Cover

This carseat cover is a good quality product and so far I like it a lot. My only complaint is that it doesn’t fit quite as tight on my daughter’s carseat as shown in the picture. I was hoping for something just a little more snug. Overall it does the job and keeps the icy cold air off my baby so I’ll be using it for the rest of the winter.

Jeri Brookeville, MD