The First Years Carry Me Near Sleep System, Cream

The First Years Carry Me Near Sleep System, Cream

The First Years Carry Me Near Sleep System is a portable sleeper, bassinet, play seat and changing table all in one convenient product. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, you can comfortably carry your sleeping baby from room to room while in the portable sleeper. A night light is built into the handle along with the following options: gentle vibration and five peaceful audio selections. You can also put the portable sleeper in the full sized bassinet that features a sturdy base that you can rock back and forth or lock into place. The portable sleeper also folds for easy travel. The bassinet has a removable mattress cover for easy clean up and when you need to change your baby’s diaper in the middle of the night our easy to clean, vinyl covered changing table offers a separate surface from the sleep area. When you just want a secure, comfortable place for your young baby to play, the bassinet becomes a play seat complete with fun plush characters that dangle from the canopy. The large lower storage keeps all the necessity close at hand. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Portable sleeper, bassinet, play seat, and changing table all in one convenient product
  • 100% cotton, easy to clean, vinyl covered changing table
  • Three sleep modes allow you to keep your sleeping baby close to you wherever you go
  • Ergonomically designed handle

Verified reviews


Great buy!

I love this item. We keep it next to our bed because my daughter will not sleep in her crib. The changing table is great, along with the storage at the bottom. Not hard to put together. I did it myself in about an hour. It is very pretty and convenient to be able to carry baby around.

Stacie Flomot, TX

almost perfect…a few minor adjustments should be made

As a lot of other reviews have stated…this bassinet has everything! I live in an apartment so space saving is crucial. The only feature that I haven’t used on this is the bedside sleeper. The first week or so my baby slept in our room…I really didn’t want or need something so big in my way of getting out of bed every morning. I got tired of pulling the big thing from my room to the living room…I just didn’t like my baby practically sleeping on the floor all day when you use it as a portable bassinet, so I just moved the whole thing into my living room. I only use it during the day now, but it was still worth buying. (Plus it gave me a chance for me to get baby used to her crib at night.) She loves to nap in it & the vibration & the song Fur Elise helps soothe her. (She actually now perfers that song than the one her mobile plays…not a good thing at night!) I do use the changing table a lot…it is a little hassle to lift of the top since it is a little bulky…but no biggie for me. I also use it as a portable bassinet sometimes when she is awake & just wants attention.There are a few minor complaints about this bassinet. One of the most important pieces of material on it (the material on the changing table) isn’t removable…so I use the Huggies changing pads on it…they are big enough to cover most of the surface area. Also the sheet isn’t a normal bassinet sheet so its not like you can use any store bought one without cutting out slits to pull the straps through, which isn’t a good idea because you will get loose strings. Oh & the part that goes between the legs that the straps plug in to…sometimes that needs to be washed too..but no, that too is permanently attached.

Nelda Arbyrd, MO

This bassinet does it all!

I just love this bassinet for many reasons, and I don’t even use half of the features. The night light is wonderful, although my bulb blew out after just 4 weeks of use (easy to replace, but very inconvenient). The canopy is extremely useful when trying to put down a fussy little one. I have not had any problems with the changing table sagging, although I do not use it regularly.There are a few shortcomings to this bassinet. The pad is not very supportive, so I purchased a bassinet pad/mattress for some real support. The fabric is not removable for washing (or ironing), but can easily be cleaned with some Shout wipes if needed.I still think this bassinet is fantastic, and loaded with features. Great value for the price, and my son loves sleeping in it.

Geraldine Chestnut Mound, TN

Great bassinet

We received this for our son & used it every day for 3 months until we transitioned him to his crib. We didnt find the changing table all that useful but all of the other bells & whistles we used. The height adjustment was great as our bed is very high & we wanted our son level with us in bed. The light was nice at night when he woke up and the heartbeat was a great way to soothe him when we first arrived home from the hospital. Will definitely use again for my next child.

Eddie Bremerton, WA

Fancy options don’t work very well. Not worth the money.

My daughter slept in this bassinet from birth to around 4 or 5 months. She never had a problem sleeping in it. There is a comfortable pad for her, a night light for checkups in the middle of the night, and a vibrator feature. That said, this thing annoyed my husband and I so much, we cursed it almost daily! The vibrator feature seemed to have a mind of its own – if it felt like it, it would go on, if not, we were out of luck. I put this item on our registry because I was looking forward to being able to carry around the top from room to room and to wheel it around when necessary. Well, the top weighs a ton when there’s a sleeping baby in it, so I didn’t even try to lift it as I was recovering from my c-section. And the wheels seem to only want to go forward and backward, so when I would move it around the room (which I had to do every day) I had to shove it with all of my might to turn it. All in all, it was way too much money for the limited use of all of the fancy options that you pay for. A stationary bassinet with no removable top would have been just as good, and a lot cheaper.

Desiree Montgomeryville, PA

I love it and Im a very picky mommy !

I really like this bassinet! My favorite part is the vibrating option; I don’t know what it is but babies love vibration. I had a cradle with my first son and didn’t even come close to this. The only negative thing I can think of is the bassinet unit it self just sets into dock and I wish it clicked or something just for a little added security, but besides that no complaints from me and I’m a very picky mommy!!!I would defiantly recommend to anyone who wants to get the most for their money

Helga Vernon, CO

Flimsy, music do not work

Well, I was expecting to get 5 in one for price of one… had to return the item…. Flimsy construction and music and vibration do not work, moreover, all fabrics is 100 polyester, smells like factory and it is not possible to remove for washing…

Stephanie Portal, ND

Pretty but with unnecessary features… Needs thicker mattress!!!!

The sleep system looks pretty and matches any decor. I love that it is light and moves easily around the house. I also like the mesh material that allows airflow and helping prevent SIDS. It is also at a nice, comfortable height and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I very much like the large storage area underneath.Unfortunately, there are many aspects that are unnecessary. The change table is inconvenient to get to…if you have to move the bassinet off – where are you going to put it? Also, lowering the height makes the storage area and its ties look slouchy. So I never adjusted the height and thus could not use it as a cosleeper. My newborn also wasn’t responsive to vibrations, the sounds, rocking, or the toys hanging from the canopy. She never even looked at the toys.My biggest complaint is the 1/4 inch pad they call a mattress. When I put my hand on it, I could feel the straps underneath (they came out of the middle), which we didnt use, and the three sections of the bassinet base (I guess which are supposed to incline). I got a 2-inch bassinet mattress, which helped to soften the bumps and uneaven bottom of the bassinet.To be honest, I would have preferred to have the baby sleeping next to me, especially during those exhausting frequent night feedings. But out of concern for her safety, using this bassinet wasn’t too bad.

Barbara Fairview, MO

Great Idea; Not-So-Great Design

The idea of this bassinet is great: just unhook the basket from the base and take your baby with you. Add the features of soothing sounds, nightlight, play seat, and changing table and it all just sounds too good to be true. Well, it is too good to be true.Let me be clear, the bassinet is useful and I will continue using it. However, it does NOT work as expected. I would have been better off buying a simpler, cheaper bassinet.Here are the problems:- It won’t go low enough to line up with my bed, so I can’t just look over in the middle of the night, I have to sit up to check up on baby.- The base is too wide to fit through doorways. When baby was sleeping, sometimes I tried to roll the whole bassinet our of the bedroom and into the office so I could get some work done. But no, the base would get stuck in the doorway.- The rocker function, for me, was pointless. It was too cumbersome to switch from wheels or stable feet to rocker, so I never used the rocker.- It’s too heavy and awkward to carry around. Much easier to simply take baby out and carry baby around in my arms.- The vibrator stopped working. The sounds still work, but the vibrator stopped working after just a few weeks of use.- The straps to attach the basket to the top can get confused with the straps for the changing table. They should have color coded the straps or used a different method of attachment.- The fabric is difficult to remove if/when it gets dirty.- The mattress has holes for the play seat straps. It makes the mattress lumpy and weird.- The play seat function should have varied reclined positions. Or perhaps it just shouldn’t have a play seat function.

Gayle Lafe, AR

Didn’t get good use out of this

My son only slept in this when we took him into the living room in the carrier. He would cry and cry even when we used the vibrating or music feature. Be careful b/c you will trip on the legs! Just put your baby in the crib don’t waste extra money on a bassinet!

Nadia New Century, KS

Wouldn’t buy again

This looked like a great product for the price. I’m not going to list the things I do like about it, because nothing special comes to mind and the manufacturer’s description talks about it enough. My baby isn’t even born yet, but I don’t think I’d buy this again, for the following reasons:1. I opened the box and could find NO instructions. I finally gave up searching — the only place they could be was something I couldn’t figure out how to open without instructions — and found some on their website instead. The first vague step told you to open push some tabs to open the carrier portion, which I finally found, and sure enough, the instructions had been locked inside the folded carrier, which I never would’ve figured out how to open without instructions. SERIOUSLY FRUSTRATING!2. The remaining instructions were a bit less vague, though a few steps did make me wish I had about six hands. I did manage to complete it without calling for my boyfriend’s help, though.3. The pictures and instructions claim that there is a pocket for diaper-changing accessories. Mine has no such pocket. Not a huge deal for me, but still — NOT as advertised.4. By far my biggest issue with this thing is the wheels. First, because of the rocking feature, it is built with the bars making the whole thing MUCH wider than it would be otherwise, and even though my apartment has *wider* doors than normal, it’s still a pain to move around because there are a lot of turns, some of them more than 90 degrees. This is complicated by the fact that the wheels are crappy plastic and don’t turn well in the first place; by the fact that it’s easy to accidentally lock the wheels so they don’t turn at all (though it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re locked anyway because the wheels turn so poorly in the first place); and by the fact that only two of the wheels are casters — the others are fixed and do not swivel. So basically, the wheels are completely worthless, and in order to move it around, I have to shove/drag/lift the whole thing. I suspect this will get old fast, but I’m not sure what else I can do.Overall, this item is far less mobile than I’d hoped. I probably should have returned it immediately.

Robin Corona, NY

Natures Peace

I was nervous about ordering it becasue the reviews were mixed but I am happy to report that everything went fine. The instructions are not the best but it was very easy to figure it out.I love it and can’t wait for my little princess to arrive.My only complaint is that the vibrating function is broken!! Other than that everything was great!

Sabrina Fulshear, TX

Good bassinet, but something needs noting

We’ve been using this bassinet for 4 months now and plan to continue using for a few more at least. It sits beside my side of the bed. We have it on the lowest position, which is still a bit higher than our bed. Nothing I would really complain about. Getting the bassinet, my biggest concern was the mattress, but I find it really really fine. Based on the reviews I read here, I was worried about it being too hard and too thin, but it’s really fine. No problems there. I did buy a very soft bassinet sheet and I use that over the sheet it came with. That’s just personal preference though. I wanted really soft sheets. I really really love the rocking feature. With my first son, we used a pack and play. And my two biggest complaints with that were that I couldn’t rock him, you more have to shake it, which is not so easy to do at 3am. And I think the space is too much in a pack and play when they’re so tiny. I think (and my experience of two kids has shown) that they sleep better in a slightly more confined space. They’ve gone from this tight tight space and then we throw them to sleep in this huge thing with all this space around them. Um, no. So, I love the rocking. My biggest complaint, and the reason this is getting 3 stars, is the footing of the bassinet. It sticks out A LOT. And it’s awkward the way it sticks out. My husband says to give it 2. I would give it 4, so I split the difference. You can see it in the picture. It’s an unexpected way that those legs stick out. I’d say an extra two full inches on each side and it has been tripped over many times, with the baby in the bassinet, or the baby in our arms. Either way, you have to be extra careful. So, I wouldn’t say it’s a reason not to get this. I did extensive research, and found this to be the best one out there. But I would definitely want to be aware of this issue and to remain extremely careful.

Beryl Brunswick, NC

Great, convenient product

I would have given this 5 stars, but I deducted 1 star for poor quality control. With the first one we received, we couldn’t move the handle down — no matter how hard we pressed on the buttons, the handle wouldn’t budge. I contacted the company and they suggested that it was defective. So we returned it to Amazon and got a new one back very quickly! The new one works like a charm. It’s great being able to easily move him from our room (where we keep the stand) to the living room. We never tried the changing table since we decided to use a cabinet with changing pad on top. The bassinet seems a little low for changing diapers.

Lara Changewater, NJ

Useful crib

Good crib for a living room or for temp portable sleeping solution. Rocks nicely and is very stable. Changing table is useless, sounds are rough. Otherwise cute and useful.

Rosalia Mc Neil, AR

Good product

We ordered two since we had twins and they worked great. We were able to fit two into our bedroom and it was nice to have them in the same room as us.

Hillary Linden, IA

Convenient sleeping solution!

I purchased this bassinet as a temporary sleeping solution as we transition between apartments. Assembly was easy enough (I put it together nine months pregnant) and the finished product looks just like the picture. The actual sleeping part of the system can be moved from room to room and comfortably fits my 10 pound, 22 inch newborn. The changing table is vinyl and cleans up nicely. The storage underneath holds so much (right now I have onesies/bodysuits, blankets, socks and mittens, towels and pajamas) and is really convenient. Overall, I have to say that I’m really impressed with this system.Just a note: the picture looks kind of pink but the cream is a really gender-neutral cream. I love it.

Jade Remsen, IA

It’s worth every penny spent!

We appreciated this easy-to-assemble product, which took one personless than half an hour to put together. It is very versatile and can be used for a girl or a boy. We liked the nightlight rdature, which offered a handy way to keep baby’s sleeping area gently lit. The soothing lullabies, nature sounds and vibrations helped to lull my little one to sleep. I could rock my son back to sleep not only without getting up,but even without as much as lifting my head from the pillow. And when I wanted to get some more uninterrupted sleep in the morning, my husband was able to take him in the Portable Sleeper to another room.This sleeping system is one of the best available on the market today.It’s worth every penny spent!

Claudette Santa Fe Springs, CA

seems like it would be too heavy to carry baby around

i put this together this afternoon. i was taking my time and it took nearly two hours. I re-read the instructions a few times to make SURE i was doing it correctly. It was easy to assemble and everything made sense once i read it a few times. The storage part is huge. The changing area is huge as well. The bassinet just clicks onto the changing area/base with two clips. The handle has easy to use buttons for the variety of functions. The night light seems bright enough. The wheels work well to roll even on carpet. It was too big for a door way so i had to angle it as i entered the doorway. The product seems sturdy. It is very tall on the highest position. For my bed height it is on the lowest position and is perfect height. My bed however is high b/c of a thick mattress pad i have on it. I was hoping to carry my baby around in this from our upstairs bedroom to downstairs during the day.. just the bassinet part.. but the bassinet is heavy! Adding 10lbs would make it hard to carry!! Especially after giving birth i dont think i should be lifting that much weight with one arm as i go down the stairs so i’m not so sure that this item will be as helpful as i thought. I bought it for that purpose, being able to carry it around, like they show in the picture… but it is heavy.. and i lift weights regularly. I’ll hope for the best 🙂

Millicent Doddsville, MS

Love, Love, Love!

I LOVE this bassinet. It has great music and vibration settings, a night light, and it is super cute. You can store little toys (or whatever) underneath. However, my daughter is not a big fan. She will sleep in it, but some nights she is not having it. I would still recommend though because it is a great bassinet and should get a great review even though it is not my daughter’s favorite. The only reason i gave four stars is because it is a little difficult to move, but not bad at all. Oh, and it only took about 30-60 minutes to set up.

Dominique Leonardsville, NY

Very satisfied

My mother bought this bassinet for me and my new baby girl, so I had not read any of the reviews myself. I can say that after reading some of the negative reviews, I am surprised because I have no real issues with this product.Many people comment that the mattress sags in the middle. Mine does not, so I have to wonder if this is a defect. Yes, it did come folded, but once unfolded it seems just fine and my baby seems to sleep comfortably enough in it. I do agree with a comment I saw on the non-removable harness; I am not using it so my baby does lie on top of it which seems like it would be uncomfortable. Fortunately she does not seem to mind. I’m sure the harness is a good idea for older children with more mobility, however I plan to switch to a crib at that point.I personally really like this product. I find detaching the top and adjusting the handle to be a breeze (I know others have said they do not) and it’s great to be able to have baby in whatever room I am in. I noticed at least one reviewer has said that there is no way to attach the top to the base, but there are actually straps on either side that latch together and it seems perfectly snug when properly connected.I particularly like the light, sounds, and vibration feature. The light is just handy. The vibration helps baby fall deeply asleep, as does the heartbeat sound. They all shut off automatically, which is great, although I wish they lasted a bit longer before turning off. Sometimes she is not completely asleep when the sound and vibration stops, and I have to turn them on again before she rouses or we have to start falling asleep all over again!I also found the product fairly easy to assemble. The instructions seemed pretty clear to me and it took little time to put together. However I am one of those people who don’t mind assembling products even with crappy instructions, so I may not be the best judge of this.One last comment I can make is that the wheels on the bottom are a problem for me if I try to move the whole structure. It won’t fit through my doorways unless the wheels are in which defeats the purpose of the wheels. However I have been just detaching the top and leaving the rest where it is anyway, so this isn’t as much of a problem for me. I know someone else has said that it fits their doorways just fine, and doors do tend to vary a bit in width, so it could just be the doors in my house.

Charity Harwood, TX

Great Bassinet

I have been using this bassinet for the past month and I am very happy with it. It was easy to assemble, and looks good. The lowest height setting is perfect for bedtime, the bassinet is level with my bed. The tallest height setting is good during the day for changing diapers and what not. I can move it from room to room, the wheels clear the door frames, but honestly it is easier just to carry the top bassinet part around the house. I love the light that is on the handle. I use it at night for diaper changes, it is bright enough to let you see what you are doing, but not too bright to blind both mommy and baby. The handle easily goes up to carry it around and is very easy to put down out of the way.Downside: I don’t really care for all the ruffles. You have to move the ruffles every time you want to attach and detach the bassinet from the unit.

Elba Newport, RI

Great bassinet, but some changes should be made

I bought this bassinet so that my son could sleep in my room for the first couple of months of his life, before he moves into his room and his crib. We shopped around and read reviews of a bunch of different bassinets, and we decided on this one. I was excited about its portability and the built-in changing table, and while I read that the bassinet portion did not attach to the rest of it, I also read that the changing-table straps could be used to secure it, and so I wasn’t concerned. However, when it arrived, I found that the bassinet really does just rest in the changer, and the straps MUST be sort of wound around to attach it for the sake of safety. This makes the carrying portion of the bassinet and the changing table both extremely inconvenient to use, as I have to unfasten and unwind the straps each time I want to move it. It’s just not worth the effort, and so I don’t use either feature. I do not know why the company has not changed this. It would not be terribly difficult to create a way of securing the bassinet to the base that would be safe and easily detached for use. This is why I deducted a star.Other than that, though, we have no complaints. The bassinet is right next to the bed so that I do not have to get up to feed my son in the middle of the night. I love that the height was adjustable because it allowed me to create a co-sleeping type experience without having the baby in the bed. However, I would say that my bed is quite tall and the bassinet had to be set on the lowest setting, so I can see how it would be too tall for some people’s beds. I have not had the problems that other people have expressed in their reviews: my bassinet is level, and the bassinet bottom feels very flat and sturdy to me, with no dipping or caving. Although the mattress is quite firm, my son has no trouble sleeping on it, and he seems comfortable. He doesn’t really look at the hanging decorations, but I like that I can put the hood of the bassinet up or down, which helps keep the light from his eyes. My son also doesn’t appear to like the vibration or the sounds, but they work well.Additional sheets can be purchased from The Learning Curve for a very reasonable $5 per sheet plus $2 shipping per order. Overall, the bassinet has more frills than we needed, and the company should change some things, but we’re still very pleased with our purchase, and would recommend it to anyone.

Robert Spring Hill, TN

Happy but don’t use all bells & whistles

I have a newborn who sleeps in this bassinet next to our bed. I bought it based on the high reviews. I’m very pleased with this product, but found that we don’t use a lot of the bells and whistles. For instance, I don’t really use the storage container in the bottom of the bassinet because I keep all her baby supplies elsewhere in the room. I’ve never used the changing table, which lies underneath the bassinet because it’s just as easy to change the baby on the bed, especially in the middle of the night. I’ve also never had a reason to actually carry the baby to another room, thereby, using the “carry-me” function! I’ve also never put the wheels down to use as a cradle. The thing has a vibration mechanism…why would I need to manually rock the bassinet??That said, I LOVE the vibration and sound functions on the handle of the bassinet. My baby likes the vibration and there are many sounds to choose from that helps to lull the baby to sleep. The nightlight on the bassinet is also TOTALLY helpful when checking on baby or doing a midnight feeding/diaper change. You don’t have to turn on the bright lights in the room…the light given off by the bassinet is plenty and at the same time, it’s not bright enough to completely wake up baby and hubby.Complaints: The vibration and sound mechanism shuts off after a few minutes so you have to keep turning them back on. I wish you could set it to go for 10, 15, 30 minutes, etc. This thing does eat up batteries, too, but what do you expect I guess! The batteries last me one month. Also, it took me over an hour to assemble it and the manufacturer’s product stickers on the handle were TERRIBLE to remove. I had to use a blade and Goo Gone to get the stickers off. So stupid and unnecessary to put them on with that much glue!Would recommend but you may not use all the functions that come with it.

Lorna East Elmhurst, NY

this is nice, but very bulky and takes up a lot of space.

We actually borrowed this bassinet from a friend whose daughter only used it a couple of times. We didn’t end up using it for all that long either. We live in 2 bed/2 bath condo, and don’t really have a lot of floor space, also considering all of the other big baby items that come with a newborn. We planned on keeping this right beside my husband and mine’s bed, which we did for the first 2 weeks, but because of the floorplan of our condo, it basically blocked 75% of the doorway into our bedroom, so we stopped using it. Infact, we actually took it over to my parent’s house so our son had somewhere safe to sleep when he spent the night over there, until he outgrows it anyhow. He is 4 months now, starting to roll over, not sit up yet. We are retiring this completely and giving it back to our friend in the next couple of weeks. It is very cute, neutral which is great for parents who want to use it for multiple kids, has the storage at the bottom, and I thought the mattress seemed just fine for our little guy. I can’t say anything about the construction of it, as we didn’t put it together. It has little buttons on the side that provide a nightlight, soft music, and a vibrate feature. Our son loved the vibrate feature. It seemed to knock him out a lot quicker those first couple of weeks. My main complaint about this bassinet is the size. I know there are larger ones out there, but the bulky construction of the bottom half’s frame is just gigantic. Myself, my husband, and both of my parents have stumped our toes multiple times on the huge plastic wheels and legs that stick out on this thing. It’s usually going to be dark when you are picking up and putting down your little one, so watch out for your toes!!! We haven’t used any of the other features this thing provides. Just didn’t need them. For child number two in a few years, I plan on getting one of those bassinets that goes in the bed between the parents. I’m all for saving space, and this bassinet is all for becoming it’s own centerpiece!

Maryann Evington, VA

Great bassinet for the money!

If you haven’t already, please read the review posted by Matthew A. Fuller in February, 2010. I purchased this product based on that review and it’s all true. I can not speak for using this bassinet as a co-sleeper, but all of the other negative comments posted by the other appear to be user error. Or, perhaps those folks have older models that do not have the features of this bassinet (I purchased the cream with the star & lamb mobile toys.)While this is not the most beautiful bassinet in the world, it will be completely functional for the arrival of my little one. Since I’m only going to use it for a few months, I did not find it worth the expense to purchase one of those other gorgeous, more pricey bassinets.If you’re looking for a well-priced bassinet, I hightly recommend!

Claudia West Palm Beach, FL

Pretty Bassinet

This bassinet was one of my first purchases, it’s a little on the small side, but very easy to put together, very sturdy and you can move it from room to room (wheels on the bottom) It’s very cute, you can also detach it from the stand and carry the baby around. I like the fact that the height of this bassinet is adjustable- not sure why the other reviews said it’s too high. Also the bottom basket for storage is handy as well.

Charlotte South Prairie, WA

Absolutely perfect

I was a but weary because of those reviews that complain about the quality of this bassinet, but I have nothing negative to say… I assembled it all by myself at 7.5 months pregnant, and I found it very easy. A few steps but nothing hard, no crazy tools needed… And it looks so pretty! I did iron all the textiles first (obviously it was wrinkled!) and find it very pretty. Out bedroom is all in cream/vanilla/champagne colors and I love how it looks great with our own bed! Doesnt look cheap or anything. The toys hanging from the hood are adorable, the pad inside is removable for easy sheet changing, and it is waterproof, easy to wile clean!I love, LOVE, all the functions it has, the light is so very useful for night time feedings! My baby loves the vibration and he likes the nature sounds the most but there are a few, with adjustable volume.The bassinet in itself is easy to pull up from the base, which is the changing station, and I have actually taken it to my neighbor’s house one day in case baby wanted to nap during our visit -it is that light and easy!One single complain: the bassinet position is either all the way flat, or very high almost in a 90 degree angle. I would like some position to recline him a little bit without having him sitting up (when they use it, they are too little to be seated). I propped it up by putting a blanket between the base of the bassinet and the changing pad.

Adela Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX

Life Saver – so easy to use

This bassinet has been a life saver for us! My son who is now 5 weeks old sleeps so wonderfully in this bassinet. I love the mobility that this bassinet has to offer. I am constantly bringint he bassinet from my bedroom to the living room to the upstairs, etc. It is very easy to remove from the stand to access the changing table. I placed the legs on the highest setting and it is a perfect height for changing diapers while sitting on the edge of my king sized bed. The bottom basket has room for plently of storage. I keep several receiving blankets, pee pads, diapers and extra onesies/pajamas stored underneath.THe only thing that does bother me a bit is the wheels tend to self lock quite frequently on carpet. I slide mine back and forth from the side of my bed to my bay window and the wheels keep locking even after I’ve unlocked them. This is a minor thing though, really. The bassinet is very lightweight yet sturdy so it’s not hard to move out of the way even when the wheels are locked on carpet :)The music feature is great too. It has a nice variety and one thing that I did not realize until after purchasing is that everything on the bassinet (night light, music/sounds and vibration) have an auto-timer which is great for putting your baby to sleep. You can turn on the music/sound of your choice, night light and vibration and not have to get back up again because it will turn itself off.Great buy – would recommend this to any parent. Oh yeah, should probably mention that I’m a mother of three so this isn’t "my first rodeo."Carters easy fit jersey bassinet sheets fit perfectly on this bassinet as spare sheets.

Lucinda Lempster, NH

Like height, but too wide and wheels don’t roll

ROCKINGAfter a month of using it, we finally put the wheels up and used the rocking function. We were worried one of the older brothers would rock it over, but it will not tip, due to it’s…WIDE BASEWe love the height of our bassinet, but to stabilize it, they had to make the base so wide that it doesn’t fit through our bedroom doorway.WHEELSThe wheels are extremely cheap and don’t roll well (when they do) on the hardwood and don’t roll at all on the rugs.SOUNDS/VIBRATIONWe like that there is a +/- for volume and vibration. The music sound is a bit cheezy, but we like the rain sound for a little white noise.One extra word of warning, my mom bought us a fitted mattress pad that said it could be used with this bassinet, but the sheet won’t fit over it and it doesn’t have holes cut out for the buckles. Check before buying a sheet for this if you will be using the buckle!

Melinda Ohiowa, NE