The First Years Clean Air Diaper Disposal System

The First Years Clean Air Diaper Disposal System

The Clean Air Odor Free Diaper Disposal is the only system to both contain and eliminate odors…for the most odor free solution available. The Clear Air system combines ultimate odor protection with a unique air filtration feature. It doesn’t just trap odors it eliminates them. Specially formulated carbon filter with odor eliminator. Uses standard kitchen trash bags instead of costly refills saves money. No plunging or pushing of messy diapers, simple one hand operation, and ultra quiet.; From the Manufacturer; The Clean Air Odor-Free Diaper Disposal is the only system to both contain and eliminate odors…for the most odor-free solution available! The Clear Air system combines ultimate odor protection with a unique air-filtration feature. It doesn’t just trap odors – it eliminates them! Specially-formulated carbon filter with odor eliminator. Uses standard kitchen trash bags instead of costly refills – saves money! No plunging or pushing of messy diapers, simple one-hand operation, and ultra-quiet.

Main features

  • Unique air filtration feature
  • Uses standard kitchen trash bags
  • Simple one hand operation
  • 4 D Alkaline batteries required

Verified reviews


BEST Diaper Holder with NO Odors ! ! (NOT ANYMORE!)

~~~~Updated Comment~~~~ Oct. 26, 2008The lid broke for the second time. I called Customer Service and they wouldn’t help me. (No thanks to Jennifer and ‘Manager’ Sarah who never returned my call.) So, the top broke again in less than 9 months and they said it was past warranty and that was that.This item has now broken on me TWICE. Despite my former rave reveiws, I’d love to also give it ZERO stars because now it’s only a receptacle for us–as good as a plain old garbage can.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OLD, NAIVE REVIEW:We had a Diaper Genie, it’s a total waste of money and plastic. The Diaper Genie was so hard to use and didn’t do anything to stop odors. My son’s room smelled as if we threw the diapers in an open garbage. We replaced it with THE FIRST YEARS CLEAN AIR DIAPER DISPOSAL SYSTEM. It’s awesome!The greatest thing about it is that it can store about 6-7 days of my son’s diapers without NO yucky odors. WOW!! It has a “clean air” venting system which is totally 100% silent. I actually though it was broken because it made NO noise! It runs on D batteries that last about 9 months. There is a little light that briefly flashes to let you know that the lid is secure and the vent system is working. It uses regular tall kitchen garbage bags–saving us money.The only drawback is that occasionally you will shut the lid and it won’t fully secure. You’d know that by two clues, the first being that the little green light won’t flash. Later you’ll get the second clue–your baby’s room will start to smell! I now check to see if the light is on each time I put a diaper in to make sure the lid is secure.We love this product so much. Our son’s room smells clean with no poopy odors, and we save money by using our own tall kitchen bags. It’s also very easy to change–no confusing bag twisting.I highly recommend using this diaper holder, it’s the best!

Glenna Ritzville, WA

Terrible product

This product seemed like it would work so well, but in reality it is terrible!1) Lightweight diapers don’t actually fall through hole. You have to poke them through.2) It is really loud when you close the lid. The clamps snap shut and are way too loud.3) Top heavy – it wants to fall over and has fallen over multiple times4) The lid does not want to latch half the time.

Bernice Ecru, MS

If Only

The only drawback to this product is the loud noise it makes when you close the lid and the fact that it only takes D batteries and doesn’t have a plug in option. But then again who cares about the noise? Who really changes a diaper while their baby is asleep. And while the noise is nothing more than a loud pop if it bothers your baby then you seriously should start exposing your child to some noise, silence isn’t good for children, LOL, just adults.Besides my complaints, it is ingenious. for the first time I don’t have to spend additional money to buy refills because it uses my kitchen trash bags which is a HUGE plus! ! ! And it has a clean cut stylish look to it. It doesn’t look like just another trash bin. The air filters last a full 90 days before you have to change them which is also about the time you have to change the batteries. Each air filter refill box comes with two air filters for $10-$14 and you can’t beat that. Thats only approx. $20 a year plus the cost of batteries and trash bags. And inside the lid are two additional compartments for storing extra filters and batteries so they are right there when you need them.To use all you have to do is open the lid drop in the diaper and close the lid. The trash bag doesn’t actually open up until you are already closing the lid so at most you only catch a quick sniff of the contents.

Maribel Fort Leavenworth, KS

better than any other diaper pail

I’ve been using this for 4 months now. We are not very happy with it. Still very odorous! Not any less odor than other pails we’ve had. The pail is also small and we have to change it more often than others. The loud closing noise is also annoying – especially when you are trying to be quiet during the night. I like the Diaper Champ better.

Ava Newburg, WI

Short lived

I LOVED this diaper pail at first. It used regular kitchen bags, I liked the feature of the lid disposing of the diaper, and there was virtually no odor until it came time to change the filter. However, I had two of them…one upstairs and one downstairs. They had BOTH stopped working around 8 or 9 months. One of them breaking would be unfortunate, but both of them breaking means that they are junk.

Ivy Bristol, GA

Horrible…don’t waste your money!!

Ok, I have so many reasons why I dispise this diaper disposal. When I first bought this diaper disposal, I was happy that it took regular kitchen sized garbage bags…They should point out that you need to use the kind with the drawstring, otherwise they slide right back into the unit! Second, the way that you “push” the diapers into the bag is by simply closing the lid…well the lid is so loud, it sounds like a guillotine. If I have to do a latenight diaper change, I let the diaper sit until morning because the sound wakes my son up everytime! Next, I loaded it with 4 D batteries..the green light blinked a few times, but that was it. I never heard a fan sound or anything like that. Also, now that my son is eating solids, his diapees are pretty ripe (TMI, sorry), but his room smells like a dump if a few diapers pile up, and I’m talking about a day’s worth! Wasn’t the whole reason why I bought this was to keep the stink out of the room?? Don’t waste your money. I’m thinking of donating to Goodwill, and getting a Diaper Champ!

Teri Winnabow, NC

We love this diaper disposal! No smelly nursery.

This product is great. We love that no special bags are required and bags are easily changed. It really does stop the smell.The only downside is that opening and closing requires the use of both hands.

Abbie Lakeview, NC

An Amazing Product!!!!

Dont believe the other reviews. Its really not all that much louder then closing a door. This product has kept our daughters room smelling nice. We have been using it for almost 2 months now and have had no problems with it. You just have to remember to replace the batteries and the filter(can be purchased at stores) every 3 months. I can tell this product works every week when I take the bag out… It really stinks, but yet my daughters room still smells nice! I highly recommend this product! Its soo easy to use our 3 year old opens it for me so I can dispose of the diapers.

Kelsey Barnet, VT

No problems here

I like this diaper pail. I love that it uses regular trash bags; that is so convenient. It will keep almost a week’s worth of dirty diapers from smelling up my baby’s small room. There’s no odor at all until you open the lid – ew! It definitely smells down in the pail when I change bag, but there’s not a trace of bad smell in her room. The only thing I don’t love about it is that the lid is really heavy and cumbersome when changing the bag and can make the pail fall over. It’s not a huge problem though.Update 1/2011: We are still using this diaper pail after having it for 2 years. We still like it. We happened to have lost both of the interior parts — the circular part that holds in the back, and that pyramid that pushes the diaper into the pail — and I called the company to try to purchase replacements. They sent them to us immediately at no charge! I was shocked and very thankful!

Krystal New Durham, NH

Better than diaper genie

I used a diaper genie with my older daughter. It was such a massive pain that I was going to get a regular small, lidded garbage can for the nursery and just change it daily or every other day. That’s how turned off I was to diaper systems. A friend gave me this after potty training her son, so I decided it would be worth a try. I am extremely impressed! I can’t believe all the negative reviews.I used the filter and there was absolutely no odor in the nursery. When my batteries died I decided to see what it would be like without them, so I didn’t change them. We still have no odor in the nursery. I do use Febreeze garbage bags in the unit though, so that might be a contributing factor as well as that my son is exclusively breastfed and his diapers aren’t that stinky. I’m sure once we start on solids that might change. But, the design of it keeps everything well contained, so I’m not sure how necessary the filters and batteries are, I guess I’ll see with time. The unit has never fallen over because the lid is top heavy, I’m not sure about how people have had that problem. Closing the lid does make a sound, but nothing that startles my son. It doesn’t bother me at all.This has been a wonderful diaper pail for us. My older daughter thinks it’s so cool that the diaper disappears when you shut the lid. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to buy expensive, specialized bags, I can use my kitchen bags with the nice Febreeze scent. This is definitely a worthwhile addition to a nursery.

Maude Mount Carmel, SC

Not Great!!!

I have owned this diaper pail for more than a year now, and I am less than happy with the product.CONS:- Top heavy – It’s very hard to change the trash bag in the pail. You must first lift the lid, then remove a blue rig that holds the trash bag in place, then lift the entire lid off in order to remove the trash bag. The problem is that the entire pail is top-heavy when the lid is lifted, so the pail tends to fall over as I’m trying to get the trash bag out of the pail.- Arms stick – The concept of this diaper pail is good. When a dirty diaper is placed in the top compartment and the lid is closed, two “arms” open up to let the diaper slide into the containment compartment at the bottom. The arms should then close back up to contain odor. The problem is that the arms sometimes stick open causing two problems: first, the smell in the container leaches out, second, the built in fan continues to run to try to eliminate the smell, wearing down the numerous D batteries this thing requires in no time flat.- Odor – After a year of use, this thing smells even when there are no diapers in it! I had the same problem with my first diaper pail, the Diaper Genie, so perhaps this is an issue with all plastic, porous diaper pails.PROS- Takes regular trash can bags – I do enjoy that this diaper pail accepts regular 13-gallon kitchen trash bags. No running to the baby store for Diaper Genie refills.Overall, I’m not happy with the diaper pail and will be getting rid of it in favor of using a small regular trash can and grocery bags that will need to be emptied nightly.

Rita Carolina, RI

Good diaper pail

My husband and I really like this diaper pail. I like that it is a simple color/design so it can discretely sit in our nursery. We’ve been using the pail for almost 2 months and so far it has done a fantastic job of keeping the room odor-free. We have not yet had to replace the batteries or the filter. My only (minor) complaint is that a tall kitchen bag really is a bit too big for this pail. You end up having to replace the bag before it’s actually full because the pail isn’t large enough to accomodate a full bag of diapers. So I feel as if the bag is being wasted somewhat. But that’s a small tradeoff for not having to buy specific, expensive bag refills. Some people have mentioned that the pail is loud when closed. That’s true- it does have a loud slamming noise when you close it all the way. It hasn’t bothered us or our son, so I really wouldn’t let that deter you from getting this pail.

Jenifer Glennie, MI

Odor containment two stars, otherwise crappy, crappy, crappy.

Let me start by saying that there are some very GREAT quality First Years products out there. We use their True Fit carseat and LOVE it. So, don’t rule out the brand entirely, but definitely pass on this particular product.I just put a few more diapers in the thing, and was reminded that I need to write this review warning other parents. The other reviews say it just as well, but I wanted to add my own voice to the outcry. ;)First, it does a pretty admirable job of containing the odor. We’ve got two kids, and nobody has ever commented that our house, or even that particular room, smells at all stinky. So, it does its job in that way. However, the cons outweigh the pros…1) The lid mechanism is weird. And annoying. There is a loud clunking noise whenever you close it. We’re not talking about a little click, here. If Thing One is sleeping, Thing Two’s diapers sit on top of the pail until Thing One wakes up, or else I run the risk of waking Thing One every time I change Thing Two’s diaper. It clunks no matter how far you lift the lid, so sliding a dipe in undetected just does NOT happen. So, we end up with a pile of dipes on top of the pail instead of in it.2) The diapers don’t go easily into the pail. You should be able to place a diaper under the lid, close it, and the dipe falls down into the pail – that’s how it SHOULD work. Unfortunately, if the diaper is in the wrong position, it does not go down into the pail. It lays there, blocking the lid from closing, clunking every time you try to close it. It sometimes takes four or five tries to get the thing closed, and we often have to reach in and turn the diaper a different way to get it to go. This is VERY frustrating, especially when your children are waiting for you to move on to the next task in your day. Yet another reason to end up with a pile of diapers on top instead of inside.3) Fan…? …What fan? In the two and a half frustrating years that we have had the thing, I have yet to hear ANY kind of whirring, buzzing, or humming from the pail. As another reviewer said, the batteries must be there just to power the little green light.4) Top heavy. Changing the bag involves propping the pail against the wall and hoping the lid doesn’t come crashing down on your hand, because that is the only way you are going to change the bag while the pail is upright. It is far too top-heavy to stay standing while the lid is flipped open. And make sure you carry it with two hands, because the one “handle” they give you is little more than a corner, and is 1/2 way down the back, which means that when you try to lift it, the top tips forward and the pail falls off of your fingers.All that to say, as a mom of two, I probably put dipes in the pail about three times a day, in bunches, and the rest of the day they sit on top until I have time to fight with it. We keep it in a bathroom so we can close the door. So, the odor containment is great, but kind of useless given the other issues. We have kept this pail only because we have yet to find another that doesn’t stink. Otherwise, it would be out the door and in the dumpster.

Ebony Prairieburg, IA

Works Rather Well.

My wife and I were blessed with a baby boy in early October. We had the baby’s room ready months in advance and one of the new items was “The First Years – Diaper Disposal System.” It fit nicely in between our changing table and the dresser and looked nice as a part of the room furnishings. Of course, the real test was how it worked.The baby is now a month old and hundreds of diapers have been run through this disposer. In general, we’re rather pleased with it although it has a few characteristics I find awkward. For example, when the soiled diaper is placed in the available slot and the lid is pressed shut, the diaper doesn’t always go through into the bag. Sometimes diapers plus baby wipes pile up and occasionally have to be manually forced through. Oh well, it’s minor. More annoying, the device is very top heavy with a narrow base. Changing the disposal bag can be awkward and difficult. When the disposer is opened to retrieve the bag, the disposer will easily topple over unless held upright by one means or another. Getting the old bag out and the new bag in is an awkward task. OK, it takes a little practice. A heavy weight in the bottom of the disposer container and/or a wider base might help the problem. I’m tempted to use sand as a weight, but haven’t found the problem that great as yet.One of the reasons we bought this model is that it uses readily available and inexpensive kitchen bags, not costly specially designed bags. That’s a big plus. We’ve had very good results with the odor control. No one would ever guess that there’s a bag of dirty diapers in the room. My wife has pointed out that this is with a newborn and a diet of mother’s milk doesn’t result in serious odors. She’s correct. The real test will come later when he starts eating solid food.In any case, we’re rather pleased with the disposer. It has a few design problems, to be sure. I can’t really understand the large number of negative comments generated in some of the reviews. So far, we’ve had very good service with this product.Gary Peterson

Olivia Wading River, NY

works great!

I read the reviews, some people saying that the lid was very loud when closing, others saying that it didn’t work period, others loving it. I decided to try it for myself and am so glad I did. With respect to the lid being loud – it is only loud if you snap it shut with force. If you simply push the lid down gently, it barely makes a sound; the same goes for opening it. I enjoy the fact the you can use simple 13 gallon trash bags with this disposal and don’t have to buy special bags like other disposal systems. I read one reviewer who suggested using only bags with no drawstring and I do agree. The disposal filter system works great. I know this because my daughter’s room does NOT smell at all and believe me, what is in that bag can smell pretty bad!! I changed the batteries after 3 months of use which I thought wasn’t that bad at all and changed the filter after 6 months per the product recommendation. At no time have I had a problem with this product. It is very easy to use and VERY QUIET. I have had friends and family with babies of their own admire my disposal over the genies that they have. I would recommend this product to someone else since it’s affordable, easy to use, cost efficient (being able to use standard trash bags) and works great at it’s main job which is keeping the odor inside it and not in the room!

Blanca Chloride, AZ

A waste of money –

The diaper pail was great for the first 6-8 months…and then stopped working completely…It is also so completely engineered without the consideration of having an actual baby. It’s very loud and easily tips over. Because it doesn’t work it always smells, even after putting only the diapers with urine in the pail, and throwing the others in our garbage in our garage. Our garage doesn’t seem to smell from the diapers either. Hmm…The only good part of the pail was that you could use regular tall trash bags instead of having to by expensive refills.I would not recommend this product to anyone. I replaced mine with Diaper Champ Deluxe and this works much better…quiet, easy to use with one hand…cheaper…uses regular trash bags…and I found out the pediatrician uses the same one at their office.

Shannon Dunkirk, MD

Own bags makes this one stand out above the rest

Excellent diaper pail – only one on market that allows us to use our own bags or pail liners. This pail is ideals for cloth diapers!

Ora Parker, CO

Not a favorite

I read reviews and had mixed feelings but I bought it anyways. I am almost wishing I hadn’t. I like how it uses regular bags, but that is about all I like. It is top heavy so when changing the bags I have to hold onto the top because I can’t let it go or the hooks that hold it on will snap. The arms don’t open so I either have to hold the lid slightly open till the diaper falls in or I have to push it in – ya love that. Otherwise it just gets stuck in the arms and the bag doesn’t seal. The diapers also just fall straight in so there is a mound under the opening and there is just wasted space in the back. So when I push the diapers in I try pushing it towards the back. I just feel that this should not be necessary. It is really tough when the pail is 1/2 to 3/4 full. The lid is also loudish when opening and closing. The fan and filters didn’t do that great a job of keeping the smell down. We installed the batteries, which was VERY difficult to get to. You have to pry it open with something and pop it open. We couldn’t use a screwdriver so we had to use the broken metal tab on a pants hanger. As I was changing the bag one day, the lid, again being so top heavy, slipped and fell off. The fan has not worked since. So we are just using it as a pail and the smell seems to have permeated into the fabrics in the room. It just reeks. And I’m not just talking about the smell.

Ada Little Rock Air Force Base, AR