The First Years Compass B540 Ultra Folding Adjustable Booster – Pacific

The First Years Compass B540 Ultra Folding Adjustable Booster – Pacific

The new Compass B540 features color coded pathways for ease of use and EPP foam for superior side impact protection and comfort The Compass B540 provides the answers for both you and your child Belt positioning boosters are the biggest advancement in child safety in years Automobile seat belts are designed for children above 57 tall Safety advocates suggest that your child ride in a booster as long as possible Most states have enacted legislation to keep children in boosters until ages 6 to 8 years But what it takes to keep an older child content are not the same as a baby This is an age when children are busy in activities and moms dads and grandparents are all involved in dropping off and picking up the children The patented folding feature takes moving the seat from car to car and storing in the trunk to a new level of convenience It s not just for travel it is a seat that fits your daily lifestyle Deluxe padding and larger interior seat dimensions will keep your child comfortable and content even on the long trips Rotating arm rests and color coded belt guides make installation easier The rotating arm rests also improve the ease of use because children have an easier time climbing in and out by themselves The no gap height adjustment means the back stays fully enclosed at all height adjustments This means side support and protection in every position The head rest has a full EPS foam bicycle helmet foam liner to absorb energy in an impact And the deeper side wings provide additional protection for your child The 6 position height adjust will grow with your child Designed for children 3 to 10 years old 30 to 100 lbs and 38 to 57 tall Wide seats really fit the larger older children Narrow bottom rails provide a better fit when installed in today s small cars Taller higher belt path 2 to accomodate children with larger torsos Rubber armrests provide additional comfort for the child Deep and supportive no

Main features

  • Received FIVE STAR EASE OF USE government rating from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Narrow bottom rails allow the seat to fit into sculpted bucket seats even in small cars
  • Head rest has a full EPP foam (bicycle helmet foam) liner to absorb energy in an impact
  • Head rest now accomadates newer vehicle head rests
  • Luxurious fine fabrics and thick, triple layer padding for comfort

Verified reviews


Tips over, unsafe

I ordered this booster seat because of the 4.5 star rating, but it was a BIG MISTAKE!!! This booster seat will tip over at the slightest turn, leaving your child unprotected. There is no latch to secure it to the seat, and if the booster is unoccupied it can serve as a projectile in an accident. I actually bought 2 of these, one for each car, but unfortunately it was a waste of money. I ended up purchasing another brand to replace them.

Hollie Rainsville, AL

A bit heavy for travel

I am reviewing from the perspective that I wanted to find a car seat easy to travel with. The folding car seat is ideal because it is inexpensive, you can easily remove, fold, storage in a car bag to carry on a flight and then simply unfold and attach to the back seat of a car upon arrival. Upon receiving this product, I knew it would not work for me. The weight is listed as 9 lbs, but I think it’s more like 20 lbs. Once you give consideration that you would need to lug this from parking lot, through security to gate, it’s like a good arm workout that’ll surely make you break a sweat.After much consideration, I decided to purchase the Go Hybrid by Safety 1st. It’s three times more expensive but weighs less than 10 lbs. I’ve traveled with the Go Hybrid many times and it’s light enough to carry around on shoulder in the travel carry bag that comes with the purchase.Pros:inexpensivefolds for easy storagecons:not good for travel, especially for airlack shoulder belts for in between toddlersstill bulky after folding.

Esperanza Cunningham, TN

Easy to install

Easy to install, comfortable, soft and perfect for my 2.5 year old. She loves it. I was able to install it by myself.

Savannah Neelyville, MO

Wonderful Booster as your child grows! Don’t hesitate with this one!!

I can honestly say that between the Consumer Reports and reviews on Amazon, that’s how I based my purchase of this seat. My DDs (2.5yrs apart, but both petite and only 5lb diff between them) were both ready to move from their Graco Nautilus into a booster after we decided to add to our family. I have a Buick Enclave with the 60/40 second row and was having trouble finding boosters to fit the contoured seats properly. As described in the listed features on Amazon, the base of this booster is designed for such a seat!! The padding is very plush and both girls have yet to say anything negative about their seats. We have honestly never used the cup holders, as the Enclave has them in the doors.Safety, well, I guess technically you could say we were in an accident, but as you will read below, you will understand why I did not purchase new seats. My DDs had no issues related to the accident.Cleaning is a breeze! I washed on gentle in my front loader several times (long story short, turkey [no, not kidding] flew in threw my windshield while driving on the interstate [I pulled over safely with only injury to turkey] causing glass to go EVERYWHERE and I wanted to ensure glass was gone before allowing my DDs back in to their seats!) before laying out to dry. Covers fit back on with no problems!As far as our new addition, the baby is in center seat riding in a Chicco Keyfit (22lb) and there are minimal issues with buckling in with the boosters. ONLY DOWNSIDE is on the Buick, not 1st Years, the female component of the seatbelt is on a stationary bar, so there is little give when buckling in, making it only slightly difficult. One of my DDs has a tight fit to buckle in when sitting in the booster located on the 60 bench. A tight fit, however I can get my hand in to buckle, but once buckled, it’s a perfect fit!! The booster located on the 40 side has no issues with buckling in! And by looking in from the side, the seats in no way looked crammed together!One last nice feature, the seat easily folds up for compact storage and even has a small slit in the headrest to be used as a handle!! Perfect for those that want a safe, lightweight car seat for air travel.If considering this seat, your decision is easy–click ADD TO CART

Georgette Dayton, NV

Awesome, can I get this in adult sizes?

My son was getting too big for his car seat. He’s almost three, and about 35lbs. The seat he was using said it was recommended for kids up to 40lbs… uh yeah, no way. This is a great transition seat, at a great price… here’s why I am loving it:- It’s light.- It folds in half easily.- The back is adjustable (in terms of height) to accommodate fairly large/tall kids.- The bottom separates for a simple booster seat, later on when they’re bigger.- It looks great.- It’s comfortable. We put it in front of the TV at first and he wouldn’t leave it.- It has two cup holders to accommodate whichever side you place it (passenger/driver).- The back area has a lumbar support area for smaller kids which is removable for older kids.- The seat belt kind of hooks in, so you don’t have to fish it through every time you load ’em up.- I has a small footprint so you can move the front seat all the way back. The car seats we’ve had won’t fit unless the front seat is moved up.A couple things to be aware of:- It obviously has much less protection that a baby car seat.- It uses the “adult” seat belt. It doesn’t have a four-point belt.- It’s very upright. Your kid won’t be able to sleep too well in this seat.If your kid is done with sleeping in the car everytime, and is tall enough so the adult belt doesn’t go across the head/neck, this is the seat for you. No need to spend more money on a high-priced six month solution.

Elizabeth Derby Line, VT

A GREAT choice after hours of research

After hours and hours of research I decided on this seat. We took it for a ride this morning and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Listed below are the reasons why I chose and LOVE this seat:-This specific seat (the B540) got the highest safty ratings by consumer reports, by 10 points!!!!! 10 entire Points!!!!-Deep side headrests seem the safest for side impact crashes and are great for car nappers-Unlike a LOT of other seats, the armrests on this seat move which is HUGE for ease of use-Very sturdy-Great fabric-Height adjusts easily-Cup holders flip in for storage-Large enough to be comfortable without being enormous-I can fit this and 2 Britax marathons across the middle of a Honda OdysseyI do wish they had a pink choice for my daughter, but the red flowers are cute, and looks are second fiddle to safety! I know that you can get some decent safety-rated seats for $40 or so. Spend the $80 and get this one. It’s the same price as a decent pair of shoes and your child’s safety is so much more important. Compared to regular car seats, these are a bargain anyway. It will last for years.I haven’t used it long, but if I encounter problems or something else worth noting, I will update my review immediately.

Latasha Durango, IA

better than pricier options

We originally got my daughter a Recaro Vivo, but in our Minivan, it didn’t function properly (the strap was getting twisted up and not retracting like it should). We ordered this to replace the original seat. We’ve only had it for 2 days but last night my daughter fell asleep in the car, her head was well supported and she seems comfortable in the booster. She loves that she has her own cup holder too! The fabric is really plush and soft (like Britax/Recaro seats).

Faith Nanuet, NY

Still Great After Three Years

I purchased this booster seat over three years ago for my daughter. She enjoys the seat and even stated she will be sad when she is too tall for her booster seat (she is now in 2nd grade). She said that she likes the seat much better than the backless booster seat which is in her grandparents’ car.I also like this booster much better than the backless model. The padded side panels on the headrest will keep her head from being thrown sideways in the event of a vehicular accident. She is also able to safely fall asleep during long trips without slumping over or resting her head on the back window, which keeps her safe from our vehicle’s rear airbags.She uses the armrests and the cup holder often (the cupholder was excellent for holding sippy cups, but now holds juice boxes, crayons, Beanie Babies, tissues and hair barrettes just as well).The booster is easy to adjust and my daughter has been able to buckle and unbuckle the car’s seatbelt herself for almost two years. The belt path is easy to use and my daughter is able to readjust the belt through the path if necessary.I honestly believe this is one of the best purchases I made for my daughter. Five stars for the product and five stars for me!

Selina Rush Springs, OK

Love the Compass seats! Great quality, comfort and convenience!

This is the Second Compass seat we’ve purchased from Amazon – the first is now in the babysitters car.I absolutely loved the first one we bought back in 2007 – it had a giraffe print and most all the same features as this one. However, one major improvement I noticed with this newer model from our older one is that it has significantly more cushioning. The seat, back, headrest and wings (on each side of the head rest) are significantly more padded. This is great, as our daughter would sometimes complain of being uncomfortable on long drives with the old seat.In general, the main benefits to the Compass seats are as follows:-lightweight: easy to carry when needed-folds in half: again, making it easy to carry when needed. Also great if you put it on an airplane, as it protects it somewhat with only the outer shell being exposed and the softer cushion areas closed up in the “clam” part of the seat.-have two cup holders: once you have these any seat without them seems a hardship. You’ll use them for more than just sippy cups! Think crayons, odd shells and rocks picked up at the beach, snacks, toys, etc.- SUPER EASY to use: This seat is classified as a booster, so it does not latch or any of that. It is held in by the seatbelt, which is also what holds in your child. The seat has easy to see guide paths for where the seatbelt should go. It’s almost dummy proof, which is great.-Armrests: This, again is something that once you’re used to them, any car seat without them seems a hardship. On long drives kids want somewhere comfortable to rest their arms just as adults do. The armrests are at a great height for kids and can also be pushed up and out of the way if needed.-Cover easily comes off for cleaning: This is also great, as I’ve had a few car seats that removing the cover seemed like some crazy jigsaw puzzle (and even more so when trying to put them back on!) There aren’t any hard to do/undo snaps, just pretty much elastic.-Rear headrest easily adjusts: You can raise or lower the headrest as needed so that it is the right height for your child or other kids who may be riding along of a different size. You just push two levers on the back and it slides up and down – you can easily do this 20x per day if needed as it only takes two seconds to do.-Cushy Padding on newer models: The newer model compass seats, such as this polka dotted one, have much more padding than previous models and most other competing brands. This makes the seat much more comfortable for your child.-Side impact rated: Not all seats offer side impact protection, but this one does. My friend was recently hit from the side and both of her kids (5 and 3) were fine. However, she said based on the experience she’ll always have the side impact seats, as it prevented a whipping motion of their heads from side to side with the impact. The wings on the headrest act like bumpers to prevent their little heads from whipping side to side during a crash or swerving. In addition, they also offer head rest support for sleeping children. When our daughter falls asleep her head is always resting on one of the side wings of the head rest.These are great seats and we love them. We’ve gone through many different models of seats, including Britax and Ricaro (both much more expensive) and the Compass seats are our favorites overall. They fit in every car we’ve tried as well, whereas the Ricaro and some britax would not fit my husband’s MDX.

Trina Bronston, KY

Excellent booster, pink butterfly color is lovely

I agree with the excellent reviews of this booster car seat. I have the pink butterfly color, and my 4 year old daughter loves it, and is very comfortable with it.The folding feature is great when you travel. I used it during a trip to Seattle, and was able to carry around the car seat as a gate checked in car seat, and changed planes, walked from terminal to terminal on aiport with it.The car seat has excellent quality materials. The side hand supports are folding, which is a neat feature, it helps in putting the seat belt more easily. The cup holders also fold in and out, again a nice feature.The folding of the car seat and opening it up again is a bit difficult in first attempt, but once you know the trick it’s easy. Do look at the manual for that and try to figure out the metal spring hinge at the back, and once you do, you know the trick. Again you don’t have to fold if you don’t need to, but it’s good when travelling.The seat itself is pretty ok weight wise for its category, and I can easily remove and use in friends car.The seat seems to have excellent side protection as well, I would really not want to find out in real life about how good it is! But it does look robust and well made.My family is very happy with this purchase.

Aileen Central City, PA

Amazing price and pretty good carseat

This is a pretty good booster seat for the price and its very compact. It folds easy and unfolds even easier.its well worthy , def. good buy

Henrietta Verbena, AL