The First Years Compass Pathway B570 Adjustable Belt Path Booster, Bumble Bee

The First Years Compass Pathway B570 Adjustable Belt Path Booster, Bumble Bee

The First Years introduces a belt positioning booster that truly fits your child Ever worry that the seatbelt is not positioned correctly when you buckle your little one in for the ride With the new Pathway Booster Seat those worries should disappear This new booster from The First Years allows you the flexibility to adjust the shoulder belt path up to so your child will be comfortable and secure each and every time

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Color coded 3 position adjustable shoulder belt path for better fit
  • Color coded lap belt positioning for a better fit
  • Latch attachments for secure installation when not in use
  • Deeper head rest for better head containment and side impact protection
  • Two removable cup holders for easy cleaning

Verified reviews


Nice features and inexpensive update 10-2-10

Update 10-2-10: I use this in my older Audi, which doesn’t have latch attachments in the seat. It constantly falls over when I go around a corner. I would recommend keeping the seat belt over it to prevent this from happening.The Pathway B570 is a belt booster. There is no 5-point harness. It does have a pathway for the belt to follow, which makes it easier for my kids to put the seatbelt on. It has removable cup holders, unfortunately, they do not lock in fully, and by that I mean if you turn it half way it stays in, but keep turning and it will unlock. My kids had a bit of trouble with that, and they are easily loosened. The armrests fold up nicely, incase you need a little extra room. This is helpful if an adult will be sitting next to the seat (though it will still be a bit cramped). The color is nice, but it gets hot fast in the sun. The fabric is not that soft and my kids found it less comfortable…..let me mention that I am comparing this to the Britax Frontier. We have one for each child. It is more solid, softer, and has a 5-point harness. For us, the 5-point harness is key, and while the Britax is more than twice the price, I wouldn’t trade it for long distance/highway driving. Back to the Pathway…..I use it in my car for when I have to take one of my kids around locally, and it works well. One annoyance, and it goes for any belt booster is when one of my children fall asleep in the car, the belt does not give them the same support that the 5 point harness gives. I try to use this (and our other boosters) strictly for local driving and when I do not think they will fall asleep. The Pathway folds nicely and stays folded, though opening it at first I thought I was going to break it because I had to use a lot of force to open it. Once folded, it is not the easy to carry, and can be a bit awkward. Also, it is heavy. This is not a bad thing, because it is a solid booster… just makes it harder to carry around. It fits easily in my trunk, and because it folds, stowing it is simple….in fact, I think it could fit in a plane overhead compartment. This is great if you are traveling and want to bring a good booster with you. Again, the weight is the only issue, as you will have to lug it around the airport if you do not check it. With the cost of renting a car seat from the car rental company’s, bringing this along is worth it! Over all, this fits between a regular sit-on type booster seat that has no back, and the full blown, 5-point harness seat. The seat back does extend up to grow with your child. I am happy with this, and if I didn’t know about the Britax, I would be thrilled with the Pathway…..I am still happy with it, and believe it does serve a purpose, but I will continue to use it as I have mentioned. I should note that last year I tried a different 5-point harness (I do not remember the brand) and returned it because it was junk, and the only one that met our expectations/standards was the Frontier. Please note this does not take away from the Pathway, I am merely trying to show you my point of reference. For the price, the Pathway has good features and good value.

Annette Tarzana, CA

Nice Booster

This booster is well made and looks good. It seems like a very safe way to transport your kids. It’s not as easy to clean as I’d like, but that seems to come with the territory regarding car seats. All in all, I can recommend this product.

Danielle Stockertown, PA

Perfectly fine booster, but the latch isn’t worth paying for on this

I wanted a booster seat with the latch system to secure the booster to the car so I don’t have to buckle the seat in when it is empty and for added stability upon entering the seat and for extra safety during an accident. I needed a second seat and thought I’d try this one out. The latch on this is a useless joke. It does not hold the seat steady at all, I wouldn’t even trust it with the seat empty. Other than that it is a perfectly fine booster. My recommendation: if you want a seat with a true latch system, get the NEW Graco Affix, it is great. If you want a booster and you don’t care about the latch, you can get a better one than this for much less, needless to say, this was returned immediately.

Heather Browns Summit, NC

Much More than a Booster!!!

This is called a “booster seat” but really it is so much more.When I think of a booster seat, I think of a little boxy thing like we see in the restaurants, but this is a “big kid” car seat. The bottom portion is softly padded and just enough lift that a child as young as 4 (and meets the three requirements for use of the seat) can see out the window of the car. This lack of vision is a complaint for many children and why there are so many arguments about who will sit by the window. But with the Pathway/First Years, the child is high enough to see out all windows.It is easy to use and easy to install. The seat folds up when not in use or moving from one vehicle to another. It has arm rests and two *yes TWO* cup holders or goodie holders that come out for washing! Yea! The fabric is durable and appears to have some water proofing treatment as witnssed by my spilling something accidentally on it. The beading was instant and gave me a chance to wipe up the spill.I especially like the shoulder/side and side head impact padding. In case of an accident, this booster car seat will have better protection for a child than for the adult driver. And, the headrest is adjustable to fit the child and the seat back is adjustable to fit the incline of the vehicle seat.Another excellent feature is the adjustable seat belt guide. The way this product is made the car seat belts come through the guides so that the belt is in the proper position on the child and does not cut into his or her neck, which causes the child to wiggle out of the restraint seeking a more comfortable poistion. With this booster seat, the belt is in the proper location across the chest and lap and keeps the child in the correct sitting position.This is just an excellent product, and I am so glad to have it!

Miriam Zeigler, IL

great seat!

I opened the box in excitement after i discovered that it was among one of the top tested is ready to go right out of the box, just remove the plastic wrap. its incredibly light for its size and feels durable.measurements taken in planning and developement were dead on. i mean this fits my son very well when he sits in the seat.we LOVE the cup holders. i agree with other reviewers that the cups holders, as simple an idea as it is, is the best part.if you want a top of the line, sturdy, well fitted car seat – this is for folds up well, has little bells and whistles all over, and actually looks great in my me – take a chance on this!

Milagros Kipling, OH

great booster

I love this booster seat and so does my son. He will be 4 in a couple of months, but he is very tall (44") and 40 pounds. This seat is 30-100 lbs and up to 57". Mysin says it’s very comfortable. The seatbelt positioner is such a treat. There are 3 adjustments so it fits perfectly. I, personally, suggest getting a rigid seat belt extension so your child can reach the part where it clicks in. It could also be my car, 2010 Ford Escape, which I want to say, I have this in the middle position and it fits perfect. The latch system isn’t like a real latch. It’s super loose and if there is an adjustment, I just can’t find it. Either way, with or without the latch, it stays in place. I am so glad that I bought it.

Lupe Homewood, IL

Great booster

Just after I got this booster seat, I read that it was one of the best in a recent test. That’s a huge comfort to me when choosing a seat for my child. We got a Compass booster seat about four years ago for another child and we were very happy with it. This seat has us just as pleased.It came assembled and was ready to go straight from the box. It is lightweight and easy to put in the car. The padding is comfortable and it fits really well around my child’s head. It has two arm rests and two cup holders. The best part about the cup holders is that they are removable to easily wash off any sticky juice or other spills. It says they are dishwasher safe, but I hand wash mine. The fabric is liquid repellant, so that too is easy to keep clean and it goes in the washer on the gentle cycle quite well. The seat belt fits nicely into place with the guides and it looks like my child is buckled as securely as she can be. It also folds easily for storage.It’s designed for my child to use for a long time, so I’m sure we will enjoy it for years to come. Overall, it does the job and I couldn’t be happier with its performance.

Faye Avalon, NJ

Comfortable and Easy to use

My oldest daughter actually had an older model of this booster seat (B505) and we loved it! However, that was years ago and things have changed. This one actually has a LATCH system to keep the seat anchored when not in use which is brilliant. It also has a belt positioning path to keep the seat belt properly sitting across my child’s lap. Very nice to know it’s not hiking up my child’s stomach since that could severely injure her in a car crash. I have to say my favorite feature about this booster seat is the fact that the arm rests flip up making it so easy to put the seat belt on my daughter. When she gets a little older, she will be able to buckle herself in but it’s still a little difficult for her so the arm rests moving out of the way while I buckle her in makes it much less of a hassle for me. These are very well made booster seats. If you are debating between this and a Graco, go with this one! I usually have a Graco booster seat in my car from carpooling and they are flimsy and frustrating! This one is sturdy and user friendly.

Aimee Orchard, IA

Don’t look any further, this is the one to get. Right price, right features.

So easy to install and un-install. My daughter currently does not prefer the arm rests and so I am glad that they rotate out of the way.I really really really like how the cup holders come out for cleaning.I am happy that this model will recline to fit the shape of the seat well. My daughter always falls asleep in her car-seats. In this one when the car’s seat was not reclined, her head slumps and looks so uncomfortable. My solution in my SUV is to recline the seat just a bit, this car-seat reclines right with the car’s seat.Prior to this seat, my daughter was in Britax only.I wasn’t sold on their high-back booster model.I am so happy with this purchase.

Lakeisha Denison, KS


I researched boosters like crazy. At first I wanted one with a removeable seat back and then read that boosters with removeable seat backs do not provide as much support in an accident as ones with attached backs. So, I turned my attention to ones with attached backs. I also went to Consumer Reports and this seat and the same line of seats was at the top of the list in slot #1 for ease of use, features and most importantly, safety. Also the price is great too. I was surprised to find that it outranked boosters by Britax by a mile (we have standard Brixtax car seats and I was shocked to learn this especially since Britax does so well in ratings). Anyway, this seat feels great to the touch. The sides have foam and softness. The bright read seat belt guides help my son make sure he is “on track’ for safety. The armrests move up and down and that is awesome! But the other MAJOR selling point for me was the LATCH system. It’s loose, but its sole purpose is not to secure a child. Here, the LATCH SYSTEM’S purpose is to keep the booster from flying around in the car in an accident if it is unoccupied by a child. Other boosters I Looked at do not have the LATCH. Therefore, if the seat is vacant, and the car has an accident, the empty booster will be free to move or fly around, possibly injuring other passengers. What keeps the child safe when the booster is in use, is the actual car seat belt that passes through the shoulder clip and over the lap into the car’s seat belt latch. I love the shoulder clip! The seat belt does not come out of it. No need to reroute the shoulder strap for each use.

Susana Fox, AR

The booster seat to have!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the booster with the back or just the seat. I am glad I bought this one. I feel that this is the safest option to have. I would highly recommend. It is easy to install, easy to fold and store away.

Magdalena Simms, MT

Very pleased with this booster seat

I did a lot of research before buying a booster seat for my son, and this one came up at the top of the list. Ease of use is important to me, since if it isn’t used properly then it won’t be safe. This seat is both safe and extremely easy to use. Furthermore, my son loves it. Just know that most kids can undo the seatbelt- it’s not a harness. So far that only happened once with my son, but it is quite upsetting for a parent to be driving along and suddenly you notice your baby is sitting in another part of the car like it’s no big deal. We explained that is IS a big deal and hopefully he won’t do it again. I do like the fact that he can get out by himself, as long as it’s at the proper time and NEVER when the car is moving. I would suggest to parents buying this seat to explain the right time and wrong time to get out of the seat right up front.

Kathryn Sharptown, MD

Comfortable and Secure – Belt Path a Bit Tricky

The First Years Compass booster seat will keep your young child secure using your car’s own seat belts. Installation is a snap since the seat just sits atop your back seat. There are LATCH connectors attached as well in order to keep the booster in place in case of a crash, but it’s not necessary to tug them excessively tight.The seat is very comfortable and comes with features like removable cupholders and adjustable fold-up armrests. The textured fabric remains surprisingly cool and is easy to clean.The seat does suffer a bit in everyday use because the pathway that your seatbelts use is tricky to thread. We often have to help our four-year-old with guiding his seatbelt through the booster. However, with older children, this will likely not be an issue.

June Kent, MN

Great chair

While my 6 year old legally doesn’t need a booster chair anymore, the booster chair makes small children more comfortable by helping them see out the window, and preventing the seat belt from cutting into their necks, and holding their drinks.One of the great things about this chair is that the back is adjustable for growing children. In addition, the cushion is extremely comfortable. Not to mention the cup holders are very convienent, and sleeping in it in the car isn’t too bad for the tilting head. The seat covers are also easily removed to wash as well.The only problem I had w/ this booster chair was that I had a little difficulty installing this product to fit next to 2 infant carrier chairs in both my Toyota Avalon and Toyota Tacoma. By itself and if you don’t have other infant or children chairs next to it, then the product fits great.I would definitely purchase this product again when my twins are of the correct age.

Tamera Palenville, NY

Nice upgrade and comfy to boot..

My young niece often visits and we’d had a hand-me-down booster that often choked her with its straps.The way this booster manages the seatbelt is wonderful. Securing her well and keeping her comfortable at the same time.I love that the seat folds for more compact storage and easy portability aswell, since we aren’t always using it.The only thing I don’t care for with this (or any booster for that matter) is how annonyingly difficult it is to buckle the seatbelt. Invariably one leans against the seat to reach the buckle, but by doing so the seat shifts and blocks the buckle.That annoyance aside, I find this be a well thought out and designed seat that looks like it will outlast use by my niece and eventually my own son.Will update down the road.

Rosario West Henrietta, NY

Riding in style!

First of all I have to point out that the style and comfort of this booster was a major hit with my 5 year old! The arm rests move up so he can easily put his own seatbelt on which has been a major problem with other seats due to his short height. The dual cupholders rotate out when needed. I was really impressed on how nicely and compactly this folds up – almost flush. However, the best part for me other than the high saftey reviews was that there will be no more messy sticky cupholders since these include REMOVABLE yellow cups that can go straight into the dishwaher! The seat also provides a removable and machine washable pad that easily comes off, comfortable support for the head, back as well as bottoms, and a style that my husband doesn’t complain about when he needs to take him in his antique chevy truck. I rated it 5 stars because of the convience of being able to clean it, its comfort, safety standards and something that never happened before – a child that cannot wait to sit and bukle himself up for car rides. Really, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Dessie Gravois Mills, MO