The First Years Deluxe Fold and Go Diapering Kit, Black/Gray

The First Years Deluxe Fold and Go Diapering Kit, Black/Gray

The perfect solution for those diapering accidents! Our kit comes with a refillable wipes container, and has storage for diapers too. Unfolds to a full size changing pad with easy access to these diapering essentials, yet folds for compact, convenient carrying. Hangs on peg vertically. From birth.

Main features

  • Holds two to three diapers
  • Moisture-resistant surface
  • For on the go parents that don’t want to carry a diaper bag
  • Attaches to stroller with velcro handle
  • Birth and up

Verified reviews


great, compact, convenient kit for those who hate to carry a lot

this is a great diaper pad. sure it’s not fancy, embroidered, blah blah blah. but it’s small and fits all the necessities for a short outing. and if you have someone to watch your stuff while you run to a changing station, you can take it out of your gigantic diaper bag and only carry the little bag. and the zipper compartment can hold a couple of plastic bags for chucking #2 diapers while out and about. if you want to save some money, go with this.REVISED ON 5/29/09: i had no idea that the price went up to over $14!! (i got it at an embarrassingly low price that i cannot mention…) still it’s cheaper than other brands. also. if you can get a better wipe dispenser from a hospital swag bag or something, switch it.

Juanita Elburn, IL

pretty decent product but needs improvement

this is a convenient thing to have as you can lie your baby on this diaper kit and change him. the big issue with this is that it holds only 1 or 2 diapers and some wipes. otherwise, the entire bag gets too thick and you can’t fold the bag like the way it is shown in the page. i think the product has good intention but it needs improvement.

Kathryn Navasota, TX

A very useful product, with 1 caveat.

You’ll need this, for the diaper changes. Safely place the diaper, then the baby fold, hold and tuck. Great product, nice quality of material. Has storage place for few diapers and wipes (wipes are inside a supplied plastic container) and very, very useful while travelling. Only caveat, as the material is synthetic on top, in cold climate – placing the baby on it, welllll he/she might not like it! Could have had a cloth cover on top.

Eleanor Nettleton, MS

Great for diaper bag

I use this regularly as part of my diaper bag. It’s great! It’s a fairly decent size for changing baby, it’s nicely padded, it can hold diapers and wipes easily, and the green color is so vibrant and fun. I love it!

Ina Green, KS

Just Okay

Durability: 5 starsFolded Size: 5 starsUnfolded Size: 2 starsPadding: 4 starsValue for the price: 4 starsStorage pocket: 3 starsWipes case: 2 starsIf you just want something very basic, this one is okay.I got this when my son was a newborn; he is now almost 2 1/2 and I have been using it as my all-the-time changing pad at home. I felt a little uneasy about using it in public restrooms, because it doesn’t give a lot of coverage. If you decide to buy this, the coverage problem could be remedied by carrying some of those disposable changing pad and putting that over top, or putting paper towels over top. I liked changing my son on this if he was in the stroller (if you have a stroller that reclines flat).The reason I am giving this 3 stars: The storage pocket doesn’t hold anything with much bulk, so I couldn’t put diaper rash ointment in there with the wipes. Or at least you cannot close the darn thing if you put anything with bulk in there. The wipes case that comes with it requires both hands to open it.It has been very durable, though. I just noticed a small crack in the interior of the pad, and I think that’s actually from my dog. The black exterior of the pad has worn well–nice tough material.If you lay it on burber carpet or certain types of upholstery, the Velcro closure will stick to the carpet!The pad that came with my Skip Hop diaper bag works just as well, without these problems, but it doesn’t have a storage pocket.All in all, is compact, cushioned, waterproof, and less expensive than almost anything else on the market.

Liz Swanton, NE

Just too small

I had an older version of a First Years diapering kit that we loved. We lost that one somewhere and I bought this to replace it. It’s pretty, and compact, but it’s just too small. It only holds two size-4 diapers, and I have to struggle to fit those in the pockets. The wipe case is fine, but I’d really rather be able to fit a small package of wipes in the bag, rather than having to fill the little plastic box with them all the time. The changing pad is small too. Overall, not really useful for any baby older than 6-8 months, I think.Edit: We went with the Skip Hop changing pad, and it’s much better for fitting things into. Still not as good as the original First Years kit that I lost, but much more usable than this one.

Geneva Wendell Depot, MA

Great Product!

Although the description said black and pink which black is the color of my diaper bag this is definitely brown and pink. Other than that minor detail I love it, it is way bigger than the one my diaper bag came with so it will last me for a while. I also love that it has places for things if we are really on the go I can just grab that and it will all be in the one place!

Cathryn Monson, ME

Great product, Useful and Affordable.

I love everything about this. I was afraid it might be too short to provide adequate coverage, but the most I can imagine happening as my now 3mo old grows is that her head needs to be placed above the mat (she was 22" at birth, and I’m imagining this happening maybe at 12-16mo). It’s easy to clean, the case keeps the wipes moist (I wouldn’t recommend just leaving them in there for a month, though), and everything being right there is super convenient. You /do/ have to roll it tightly when it is fully stocked with diapers for the velcro closure to reach and stay (I usually put 4 in and bring extras in the diaper bag if it’s a longer trip), but that just means don’t be lazy! This is a wonderful product and makes outings so much easier, whether they are small or large.

Kay Wilson, OK

Easy to Clean!

I love this portable changing pad! I get so finicky and weird about changing tables…I think they are gross! What I love most about this changing pad is that it is made out of some material that allows for it to be cleaned so easily. You just wipe it with a cloth, spray some Lysol and viola! you’re ready to go, again.I do not choose to put my diapers and wipes in it. It doesn’t fit well in the diaper bag that way. I prefer to keep my diapers and wipes out of it so I can arrange things a little better. I think that when the baby gets older, perhaps once she’s reached a year, it will come in handy as I expect to be able to ditch the diaper bag but will still carry this with diapers and wipes folded up into it. It is good, and I will definitely keep it around for the next kiddo.

Mina Lynch, KY

Easier than a diaperbag for quick trips!

I LOVE this! I stuck with the wipe holder I had but I can carry a couple of diapers and throw a couple of small things in the pocket on the outside. It folds out ig so we’ll be able to use it for a while. The only thing I’d change is to make the strap big enough for a wrist. I bet it would work well on a stroller but I wear my baby and would love to cary this on my wrist instead.

Lelia Calhoun, GA

Compact but perfect for a backup!

I bought one of these at a dept store because we’d arrived at a restaurant and realized we’d forgotten the baby bag. (It cost me dearly – Amazon’s prices are much cheaper!) Now it lives in my car, stocked and waiting.Trust me… you’ll forget your baby bag eventually. It’s cheap and easy to stash a spare in the car. Plus, it could save evening or errands from being ruined.This is a great baby shower gift!

Melisa Ewing, VA

So convenient

I didn’t need one more thing to add to my already stuffed diaper bag but I wanted a mat when I have to use the diaper changing stations in public bathrooms. What I found in this product was such a huge convenience! I don’t have to take the entire arsenal with me anymore into a store, just the Fold and Go kit, I leave the diaper bag with the binky, extra onsie, bib, etc in the car now. I have a disposable diaper or cloth insert, wipes and a clean mat all in the size of a small clutch bag (even smaller).

Mellisa Charlotte, NC

Worth it!

I must say I researched this quite a bit before making a final decision and even went into local stores to see some of the other brands in person which cost a lot more. This is worth it and it is compact and in black too! So not too baby looking, matches any handbag or diaper bag, small but practical with it not only having a front pocket, wet wipe case and storage for a few diapers for the day when on the go in town, but also at a great price! Opened, it might be a bit small and thin but that’s how you get it in such a compact and practical size but for the short time you use it while changing your little one’s diapers, it is good enough. Definitely would buy it again.

Nellie Manvel, ND

Travel changing station of the future

I bought this to replace the bad changing pad included in my diaper bag. I won’t disclose the name or brand of that diaper bag because that’s not what this product review is for. This product review is for the First Years Deluxe Fold and Go Diapering Kit.They call it a kit but it’s really just a foldout changing pad. There’s a small zippered pocket with a place for those wet wipes but no one buys it for the zippered pocket. We bought it for the pad.It folds nice and is a great color for The Boy. The only issue is that the day after we used it for the first time we went to a thrift store and found the same product for half the price. It was used, but by that time so was the one we had just purchased so we could have saved a couple bucks.But that’s not the product’s fault, that was just a digression.

Deirdre Cypress, CA

Handy for travel

Overall I am pleased with this product. I like that the mat is easy to wipe off after use or if there is a mess. I also like that I can just grab this and go into a bathroom and change my kid.One thing that I found is to leave the wipe container at home. I have chosen to use the go wipes in the disposable packs instead. I take one with about half left and place it into the mesh pockets.To use this product I take in my wipes a few diapers and a shirt. It all rolls up into the mat without the plastic wipe container. I did forget a shirt once and my. Baby had a blow out and we had a problem:) she just went to the car in only her diaper.Overall worth the money and very useful! I will be giving This as a shower gift from now on!

Adrian Boothbay Harbor, ME


This is a little too small and I hate that the compartments for the diaper and wipes does not have a closure not even velcro so it.s easy for them to fall out

Francisca Diamond, MO


I don’t want a diaper bag so I bought this to hold wipes & diapers in & then just store it in my purse. It works amazingly & I never have to worry about my baby girl lying on a dirty surface or her dirtying a surface.

Leticia Tillson, NY

great, cool product. Not comfortable for baby to touch

This is great looking and very functional, however I wish it were slightly padded for baby to lay on, and it is always very cold so my daughter doesn’t love it. It works really well though and it large enough for larger babies and kids!

Celia Calypso, NC

Love This!

We’ve used this everywhere, including on the floor of some pretty gross bathrooms! I love that the wings fold in before it rolls up, keeping the surface baby lays on clean, even if you can’t get to cleaning it until you get home!

Marva Mansfield, PA

Nice changing pad but the wipes case is lacking

As other reviewers have posted this is a nice changing pad. It is large, thick, and padded with two mesh pockets for diapers and wipes. I comes with a small wipes case which can be pretty frustrating because it does not have a hole on the side from which to pull the wipes. In order to access them you must open it completely. This makes it especially difficult to pull one wipe while trying to coral a squirming, dirty little one. I replaced this wipes case with one of similar size from a popular diaper brand (beginning with H). It fits in the pocket and the design is much easier to use.

Magdalena Wasco, CA

Really usefull. Love it!!!!

I hate diaper bag. That huge nursery looking sag will be always with me? Hell noooooooo!!!!! But i needed something that holds few diaper and wipes. This deluxe fold and go is amazing. Everything i needed. It holds 3 size 3 diaper. 1 travel case ( huggies) wipes diaper rash cream ( mustella). In that zipper bag i put my credit card cash and my keys.And its a good 6 hours outside. I am breastfeeding mom so i dont need anything besides my fold and go. 10$????? You cant beat the price. Just 2 cup of frappucino price something useful for long time.

Dixie Mannington, WV

Great diaper kit

Very convenient and useful product. Holds up well. We lost our first one on a trip and I liked it so much that I bought the same model again rather than trying out something else.You do have to restock it for every outing since it doesn’t hold many diapers/wipes, but I wanted something that is small and easy to carry so I am OK with restocking often.

Emilie Burnside, IL

Not bad but there are better options

I was looking for a second diaper kit that would mostly be used in my gym bag and in the hiking baby backpack. This seemed perfect but in reality once you fill it it doesn’t fold up nice and neatly like in the picture, in fact the velcro closure hardly reaches. Maybe if you were only bringing one diaper… Our SkipHop Diaper Kit is far superior in terms of design. It has all the same parts including the wipe case but once you fill it the kit still closes! And I can fit 6 size 0-3 diapers and probably 3-4 diapers in size 4 or larger. I wasn’t real excited about spending 2x as much on a second SkipHop kit but I think it will be worth it.

Gabriela Mukwonago, WI

Bought two, for both baby bags

We bought two of these, one for each of the baby bags (my husband and my own). This wrap works great for changing the baby in public so the baby does’t have to be on the icky changing tables. Still folds up a reasonable size even with the little wipe case and two diapers stored in it.

Tina Moweaqua, IL


Love this product. It’s sturdy, cute, and very good value for the price. Who would think that I can find it with less than 12 $?!!I have a diaper bag with a hanging pad, but I decided to buy one of these pads from Amazon after I saw how useful and durable it’s.Definitely recommend it.

Bertie Vienna, VA


Gets the job done. I can store 1-2 diapers, the wipes case, hand sanitizer bottle, and diaper cream with no trouble. I recently took it on an airplane trip. It was way easier to take this little kit than a huge diaper bag to the cramped plane bathroom. My husband likes how compact it is too.

Frances Bartlett, NE

Does the job.

I like this bag. I never had another one, so I cannot compare, but it does the job for me. I use cloth diapers. Forget putting any cloth diapers in it. It is just too small for that. However, I can fit in about 2-3 disposables and wipes. Also, I carry a diaper rash cream in the outside pocket. My 2 year old son fits on this mat with no problem. Over all, I am satisfied with my purchase. I just wish the velcro closure was wider, because when you overstuff the bag you cannot close it well.

Bethany Valley Lee, MD

Perfect Size for Diaper Bag and Perfect for Changing on the Go!

I got this as a baby gift when my son was born. I absolutely loved using this changing kit! It folds up so easily to fit into the diaper bag and was perfect to take into restrooms when we were on the go. It was comfortable for my baby to lay on to be changed. It also was nice to have on vacation. The kit comes with a container to store wipes in and has a holder for that inside the kit. There is another pocket that can hold around 3 diapers inside it. You have everything in your reach! There is also a zippered pocket on the very front of the kit to hold other things. It folds up nicely and is held together by Velcro and doesn’t come apart if you don’t want it to. I would so recommend this because it is so handy and saves a lot of room in the diaper bag!!

Kasey Three Rivers, CA

Very useful

A tidy carry all that holds just what I need for a quick run out with my grand daughter. Much easier to carry this than the whole diaper bag.

Mindy Pooler, GA


functional roll up with good storage. not made for cheap plastic either. sown well together, though it has stretched from over stuffing it. easy to clean too.

Ophelia Horace, ND