The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 4-Piece Feeding Set

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 4-Piece Feeding Set

This four-piece set has a lot of character! Kids will look forward to meals with their favorite Disney friends, and you’ll love the features. Dishwasher/microwave safe and BPA free, the sectioned plate provides a perfect place for finger foods, while the bowl has deep sides designed to make scooping easier. The flatware is stainless steel for grown-up appeal with durable plastic handles that are easy to grasp. Matching at mealtime is fun!

Main features

  • Make mealtime fun with their favorite Disney characters
  • Four-piece set includes plate, bowl, fork and spoon
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Plate and bowl are microwave safe and BPA free

Verified reviews


Love it!

I bought this for my new grandbaby for Christmas. My daughter loved the set. My granddaughter is only 3 months old, so still a little young to use the set, but my daughter was very happy with it.

Susana Troy, NY

My daughter’s favorite plate!

My daughter loves her Mickey plate! I got this set for her and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of it! The First Years has never disappointed me in terms of quality. My daughter loves it because it has Mickey and I love it because it is easy to clean, sturdy and affordable! Overall, 5/5.

Hazel Fieldton, TX

Awesome set– we still love it after 2 years!

I got this set with the plate, bowl, fork and spoon when my daughter was under a year old. She’s over 3 now, and it looks almost like new.The only flaw is from when I accidentally set the plate on a hot burner. The back side has a burn mark, but somehow the front never got damaged- even with that heat, the image never bubbled or peeled.Other character plates start to show cut marks from silverware really easily. This set never did. The bowl is like new and the plate nearly so. The images on the silverware are also like new- you’d think they’d rub off, but somehow, no.I am considering getting another set just in case ours ever does start to age and they stop making this one… but not sure if the Pooh theme will still be a hit in another 3 years!All in all, a great set, worth every penny. Buy it!

Cortney Switzer, WV

Fun plate set

Perfect for any Minnie loving little girl. Love that the plate and bowl are microwave safe and thats it’s BPA free.

Marisa Lockhart, AL

Disney fans

My son loves this Mickey feeding set. He uses it at every meal. It is of high quality and durable. The only thing disappointing is that spaghetti sauce stained the bowl.

Peggy Chilhowie, VA

no slip grip that bums me out

This product would be awesome if it had the rubber no slip grip at the bottom of each dish. We got some similar sets from IKEA and they were super cheap and had the rubber ring on the bottom that hold plate in place when toddler is eating. Bummed that I paid as much as i did and they are not even as good as the cheap ones I got from IKEA.

Leslie Sycamore, AL

Makes my little one feel special!

This is a great product. My little one really enjoys eating out of this and the utensils are the right size. Just don’t put these in the dishwasher if you want the image to remain. A tip for getting your kid to eat fruit or peas- put them in the ears! Somehow it is more fun that way.

Lora Sawyer, MI

My son loves Mickey so he wants to use the …

My son loves Mickey so he wants to use the set. Doesn’t seem very durable although has made it through a few runs in dishwasher. Not microwavable. silverware is okay and has held up to repeated banging on table/chairs and dishwasher as well.

Greta Randolph, MA

So cute!!

I got these for my grandson. He loves Mickey Mouse and just loves this set!! The ears are perfect for ketchup or syrup for dipping!

Kate Yulee, FL

Adorable and sturdy

My grandson loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I got this set for him. It’s so cute and holds up really well in the dishwasher

Nell East Bernstadt, KY

Good for 15 month old

Silverware Size is perfect for 15 month old. The only down side is the size of the second compartment on plate. Weirdly shaped and can’t put much of anything in it.

Deanna Arkoma, OK

cute.. but only for 1 meal option

the plate has the worlds smallest ears you cant fit food in them. the plate its self is huge & the bowl works great even the cutlery is good! but the ears which are for side dishes fit ketchup and honey mustard.. not green beans & carrots!

Mona Massena, NY

Overall, very happy but…

Bought a set of these in Mickey and Minnie for my girl & boy. These are their favorite feeding set. I particularly love the shape and size of the spoon and fork. It’s well designed that it’s easy for little hands to grasp, the handles are not too long or too short, not too heavy that they can’t hold it and not too light weight that it’s an effort to control the food on it. The wide spoon is so much easier to feed with as the food stays on the spoon.The set has had it’s fair share of washes in very hot water as well as the dishwasher. The only con is that the picture on the spoon and fork is completely gone. So now we have a spoon and fork with all white handles for this set. The picture on the plate and cup are still vibrant and is as good as the day I received it.

Lela Lane City, TX

Toddler place setting

Love the extra space for keeping some foods separate.Comes with a bowl and two compartment plate along with a fork and spoon set.Wish it came with a matching glass but that isn’t hard to find somewhere.

Lily Aspinwall, IA

Nice, but Plastic

I’m not a big fan of plastic utensils for kids, but other then that, it is good quality, nice pictures and my daughter likes it a lot. The fork is fine the spoon for me is a little small.

Gwen Carbon, TX

Great product for Mickey Mouse lovers

My son is 12 months. He loves Mickey and enjoys using these items. THe fork is perfect for him, fits well in his mouth and easy enough to hold. All have been through the dishwasher many times and have not faded.

Elaine Theriot, LA

Great as your toddler’s first tableware set!

I got this for my 16 month old daughter and I love it. The pieces are high quality and have stood up to being thrown, microwaved and dishwashed. The design is really cute and matches great with my daughter’s other Disney Fairies items. However the color is not the same as the picture. Not a big deal for me. The one I received has a purple/lavender color scheme on the bowl and plate which I prefer over the blue anyway.

Valeria East Granby, CT

Fun Plates

My grandson comes to my house and has this fun plate set to use. Cute and good size for younger children.

Jeannette Walls, MS

Good product but can’t choose pattern.

It’s a really good product and I love it. I’ve been using it for 5 months now and my son still loves it. My only issue is that you can’t choose the pattern: I tried my luck with this product and received exactly the same one I already had 🙁

Iris Grover, PA

Good quality

Bought the set and it is of good quality, have had this for a few months now and the art work does not peel or scratch as other imitations or cheaper kids feeding sets

Christina Sycamore, AL

Loved it

My 2.5 yrs old is a Minnie fan and she loved this set. The plate is a tad small for food but we accomodate it. She loves it and eats it all just to try to see Minnie.

Alba Borrego Springs, CA

Very cute!!

My son just turned one year old and we have been using this feeding set for about 3 months now and I am very pleased with it. It was affordable and the quality is very good. The colors on it are very vibrant and my son recognizes Mickey on it. It has stayed clear and nice through many washings and the fork and spoon are perfect sizes!!It is very cute and it’s been great for starting solids.

Alfreda Houma, LA

Cute set

Great set for an early eater. Utensils are perfect for small mouths. The plate and bowl are very cute. I had the Mickey set before and my dishwasher eventually killed the plate. Washing it in the top rack would have fixed this, I think, but it wouldn’t fit in the top of mine. The bowl and utensils have held up for over 3 years of that set. We’ve used this set regularly for 3 months and it still looks new.

Eula Cee Vee, TX

Cute and functional

My daughter loves these! She loves that she can see Minnie and Mickey when she gets down to the bottom of her food. The pieces are cute and appear to be well made.The ears in the plate are kind of small but work good for a little fruit or veggies. The silverware are very small – nice for small mouths but the spoon doesn’t pick up much.

Mildred Marion, IN



Minerva Wappingers Falls, NY