The First Years Disney Junior Jake & The Neverland Pirates Soft Potty Seat

The First Years Disney Junior Jake & The Neverland Pirates Soft Potty Seat

For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do. Making helpful, innovative products for your parenting journey is what motivates us every day.

Main features

  • Place seat on your family toilet to make training more appealing
  • Soft cushion for comfort
  • Easy- grasp handles offer security for your child
  • Easy to clean
  • Age Grade: 18 months+

Verified reviews


Really Great For Pooh fans…

I think my son will kill me later in life for writing this BUT the handles really helped him with going #2. Sometimes he felt the need to shake or grp on them. Whenever he sits he used this potty topped, he has Two…one with and wiltout handles.. (hey two is fine…as long as he goes in the potty…I’d have more lined up if he wanted…lol)I am not a fan of any shield.. Unless you lift and place your son on it. He may scratch himself down there. My son hurt himself and complained for over 5 hours… so we took it off.. Highly reccommend, no need to make the first potty trips a bowl full of trama… Having a familar character always helps as well.

Renee Bigfork, MN

Not for big kids

My son is on the large size. He is 37″ tall & 39 pounds. These seat is too small for him. The hole is too small which requires him to push forward right up against the splash guard. The guard is hard plastic & cuts into his legs leaving deep red marks. He hates it. He tried it a couple times & now refuses to use it.I switched to a combo potty seat that has a removable soft seat & a much bigger hole. This one will be placed on Freecycle. I only recommend this for those training very small children.

Reva Donora, PA

Inexpensive and effective

We got this seat when our 14 1/2 month old daughter showed a real interest in potty training. We had looked at potty units but they were awful pricy and seemed like they would be a total pain to keep clean. We opted for one this seat and a step stool instead.The seat doesn’t take up hardly any room in her bathroom. Most times we just leave it on the seat for her. It is easily cleaned with a bleach clean up wipe. Plus it is very convenient and easy to use. There isn’t anything to empty or try to keep clean. Plus this unit doesn’t do any of the silly and destracting things like play music which some of the chiars did.She also likes the handles on the sides. They give her something to hold on to as she still a bit unstable. They also keep her hands off the toilet paper which she loves to unroll. All in all, this has been an inexpensive and effective way to start potty training her. At he rate she is going she should be completely done by mid-fall and I think it has alot to do with this seat.

Kelsey Collierville, TN

Perfect for transitioning

We potty trained on a little potty first, then when she was taller used this and my daughter loved it. She liked the princess look and I liked that it had handles so she could resist the urge to hold onto the sides of the toilet. Kept for from falling in too!

Deidre Poquoson, VA

potty seat

my son has been using this potty seat for over a year now. it is cute enough and easy to clean. he sometimes complains that it isn’t comfortable when he sits on it for more than a few minutes. i’m not sure if it is really uncomfortable or if he is being fussy while potty training. he has gotten a mark on his bottom from the material a few times though, and he was only on the seat for a handful of minutes. not sure about that but he and i didn’t like it. the material is starting to tear in a couple of small spots to i am about to go out and purchase a new potty seat cover for him and i will look around and try a different one this time.

Yolanda Spanishburg, WV


Traing time is here….so you put this on the toilet grandson on it…he makes one and two… well made..easy to clean…and the front guard keeps my floor dru

Meghan Nashville, TN

not good

This item i not sturdy and is universal, which means it might fit some seats and not others. It comes off easily from our seat.

Ruthie White Lake, MI

Just okay.

The seat seems fine but my son was not a fan.The penis guard would scratch him.We ended up going with the price lionheart potty seat and its been great!

Bethany Melrose, NM

Works fine for us

Works fine for us. The fit is not as good on an elongated toilet (will slide front to back), but it does still work. I have 2, one on a round toilet and one on elongated. No problems. The pee blocker thing has worked for us, too.

Yvette Betsy Layne, KY

Hate it

I was very excited to receive this but it was a huge disappointment it was not well made smaller than I expected. Over all not very good, I tried to return it but I was told to dispose it and I got my money back.

Jacklyn Peach Springs, AZ

It’s a potty seat

When we needed to purchase a second potty seat I toyed with the idea of going for one of the fancy, pricier ones. But really, my 24mo son loves Cars.Our most frequently used potty seat is a 4yo Spongebob Squarepants model with no handles or a buttrest. It works just fine.With both seats, regular cleaning of the pee-stop cup is necessary because it’s a game for our little guy to trying to arc over the pee-stopper.I have to say that I prefer the handle-free seat as my little guy is starting to get off the toilet on his own and the handles obstruct that.Overall, it’s a decent seat for the price and that’s all you really need it to be.

Estela Lordsburg, NM

Wonderful product

It slides around a bit for a little one learning how to use it. But so far its been sturdy, and my 2 1/2 yr old can get on and off by himself.(Though it took me a hour to get him off of it the first time he used it, He loves it) I just wish the cushion secured to the base better. Over all its Easy to clean. And the pee shield is wonderful, And a larger size than some I have seen which is perfect for little men that wiggle around.

Kristen Potsdam, NY

Fabulous seat stays clean and secure

I love this seat. The features are excellent and seem to be better than the features of potty seats that LOOK similar but are by a different manufacturer. The splash guard is one piece which reaches all the way to the bottom of the seat, so there is no chance of urine seeping under the foam of the seat onto the plastic base. The bottom of the base has rubber feet that keep it nice and secure on the potty. I love the handles which make it nice for carrying and for him to hold while he sits on the potty. It is very cute and my son is excited to use it! No complaints!

Sharon Emerson, NE

Great Potty Seat

My son has been using this seat and loves it. I think two greatest things about this potty are how soft it seat is and how good the guard is. I will agree with some reviewers that say the guard is hard plastic but my son works around it and doesn’t complain. Would definitely purchase again.

Selma Wright City, MO

Great for Little Bottoms!

I bought this seat because my son wouldn’t sit on the whole potty system we bought him. The seat was made entirely from hard plastic. He would cry, and wouldn’t go to the potty. He is 22 months and just started potty training, but he didn’t have any success with the hard plastic seat. But as soon as we started using the Soft Cars potty seat we had instant success. The seat is soft on little bottoms and the opening is great even for the smallest bottoms. My son is 32 1/2 inches tall and only weighs 23 pounds. Definately would recommend this seat for any other moms who are potty training their child. Best $12 I ever spent!

Georgette Newell, AL

A little disappointed

My son loves anything Cars or Trains, so when he recently started showing some interest in the toilet, I thought it might be time to get a kiddie size seat in preparation. I ordered this Cars seat because of the Cars theme, of course, the inexpensive price, and because it had overall good reviews. It was easy to assemble, but when I put it on our oval-shaped toilet seat, it is apparent that it is not going to stay in place as it slides way back on the seat. We also have a round toilet seat upstairs and it still slides about two-inches backward and forward on that seat. I think that is going to deter my son from using it, but so far he is not actually interested enough in the toilet to try sitting on it. I am not sure if we are going to be able to use it when he is ready, so I am pretty disappointed. Also, I accidentally ordered TWO of the damn things, so now I will be stuck with two seats I cannot use which kind of kills the point of purchasing an inexpensive seat. Oh well, lesson learned!

Karina Port Wing, WI

Perfect especially for boys!!

My son just turned 2 in September and I decided that now I needed to start looking at introducing him to the potty. I had bought a fancy potty but my son just wanted to sit on the “big potty”. The one I bought could transition to the toilet but when I put him on it right away I saw a potential problem. If he would’ve gone, he would’ve gone right over the guard. I looked around stores and all of them were like that! So I turned to Amazon and found this one and am so glad I did! We are still in the introducing phase but I just love this and so does my son. The guard is perfect height and I don’t have to worry about messes on the floor. The padding is also great and my son doesn’t mind sitting on the potty for a while. I can’t say much for the cleaning part because my son isn’t totally training yet but the seat part just pops right off so I’m not worried. I turned around and bought another one so we have one in each bathroom. I love this product!!

Zelda Conneautville, PA

Great incentive for my Minnie loving 2yo to use the …

Great incentive for my Minnie loving 2yo to use the big potty when she wasn’t such a big fan of the little one anymore. It fits perfectly on our toilet and the cushiness is nice for her little bottom too.

Cleo El Toro, CA

No splash/spray from my boy!

We had a Sesame Street potty seat from when I potty trained our daughter 3 years ago, but it didn’t seem like it would block any spray from my son. He just turned two and has expressed a lot of interest in using the potty (he’s gone a number of times in the last week!). He loves this seat and says “Go peepee on the Winnie the Pooh potty!” (or “Go peepee on the McQueen potty,” since we have a different one in our bathroom downstairs). No spray/splashing problems, easy to clean/wipe up. This mommy is happy!

Angelia Hansford, WV

Good seat!

This seat is OK. IT has the high pee deflector that IS removeable. The opening is the average 5×6.5in. Do not get the brand that looks very similar but is NOT made by First Year. That product does not have the same deflector. The seat sits in place pretty well with just the ring that extends ‘into’ the toilet but shifts a little less with the 4 foam tabs to place on the underside of the plastic ring (between the ring and your attached toilet seat).It’s more cumbersome to carry around (eg diaper bag) because the back design protrudes up and out, adding more length it. Overall, it’s a great ring, especially if you need deflection.

Mayra Milford, ME

A good potty seat

I am using this for my 18-month old son and it works well. The cushion part does tend to slip out easily but then I slip it back in just as easily. I don’t have a problem cleaning it like some reviews have mentioned.

Dona Holland, KY

Great seat!

My son really looks forward to using this seat.It did not slip like other reviewers claimed. Maybe they didn’t use the non slip pads.I fits my elongated seat just fine.

Melisa Greene, IA

quite a few accidents!!

well. it’s cute and all but my daughter is 2 1/2 and almost fully trained but the opening is a bit small causing a few accidents here and there.I wouldn’t recommend it or buy another one of these.

Judith Mc Louth, KS

Cute, decently made potty seat

This is a good potty seat with a cute design. My son loved it for a while.HOWEVER, don’t forget to put the non-slip stickers on the bottom! I forgot… The potty seat slid around on the toilet seat and it scared him. To my dismay, he now soley uses his potty chair.I’m keeping this seat around for the day that he wants to use our actual toilet. It’s nicely padded and made for easy cleaning.

Adeline Timnath, CO

Love it..durable!

I bought this seat for my little girl to start potty training. It’s cushiony enough and the two side handles are useful for the baby to hold on.It’s also easy for my 20 months old daughter to put on the toilet herself! I take it with me anywhere since my daughter is in potty training. It’s light to carry and fits in the back of the stroller however it’s big to fit in a diaper bag, would prefer a foldable seat to carry around.Would definitely recommend it.

Margarita Woodside, DE

Works but can scare timid new trainers

This works well. She sat on it right away, however, she is timid and sensitive. As she was attempting to get off, the seat slid out from under her and fell off and she tipped back into the toilet.Good idea, the seat is the right sized for her but the inner ring that keeps it snug on toilets, needs to be longer and a little wider.She loves the design and the handles, but I have to be right there keeping it still in order for her to even THINK about sitting down now.

Carissa Daleville, MS


I have been using this for my little girl for over a year now. We took the splash guard off so no review for that.

Britney De Land, IL

take off the guard!

We simply took of the red piece of my opinion, it is hazardous! Apart from that it works fine

Latanya Casscoe, AR

Great for home and on the go when potty training

I have two of these seats and my son loves them. I bought a second to keep in the car to have while we are out and about when he has to go. It’s super light weight and easy to carry around for this purpose (I have mine in a plastic reusable shopping bag). I also love how it comes apart so you can wash it as needed. And the best feature is the pee guard up front that prevents accidents with bad aim while your little guy is going pee pee. Seat works great for us! It does not come with a potty hook if you want to store hanging under the sink or on the side of your toilet tank, but you can buy the hook separate on here for around two bucks.

Angelica Osceola, IA

Can split at seams

This is a nice seat — so comfy my 18-mo-old can use and stable enough that the 3yo also loves it. The handles offer added security for early potty use. We bought two of these to have on eat each toilet. However, the less-used one recently split at the seams! Sadly it’s past the return date.The two-piece design is terrific for trapping urine in the little grooves and also the cushy ring often slips off when this is hung up in the bathroom since you have to hang it by one of the little handles.My parents bought theMommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seatand I think it’s much comfier, much easier to clean AND it’s only $10. Oh, and it also has a hook that makes it super easy for the child to hang it up after use. I’d recommend that one instead.

Althea Perry, IA